Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

Although Xiaomi started as an affordable brand, its ambitions have taken it into the premium market.

Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

The Mi series was the first to focus on this issue, and the Mi 11 Ultra was the first to show results. Nevertheless, partnering with Leica made the whole proposition much more serious. 


It was limited to China, but the Xiaomi 12S Ultra showed its potential. With the Xiaomi 13 Pro in India, you can test Leica’s expertise on a Xiaomi phone in 2023. 


If you mention premium, Samsung, Google, and Apple are the first names that come to mind. The Xiaomi 13 Pro allows Xiaomi to break its mid-range brand image and attract attention. 


The Mi 11 Ultra’s ceramic finish lends the Xiaomi 13 Pro a premium feel. Although it weighs 209 grams, the overall weight distribution makes the phone feel manageable, even in black and white. 


The camera module must be handled carefully because there is a lot of technology under the panel. Besides QHD+ resolution, the giant of a screen offers 120Hz adaptive LTPO 3.0 with a curved E6 AMOLED panel. 


The Xiaomi phone has a screen with a peak brightness of 1900 nits. The colours are vibrant and punchy, and the high-quality panel uses AMOLED technology for an impressive display. Future updates will improve screen refresh rates. 

Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

The Xiaomi 13 Pro didn’t have any obtrusive curves, which we often find an issue with screens. Premium devices should have flagship hardware, and Xiaomi gives you plenty. 


For buyers in India, the Xiaomi 13 Pro only comes with the 12GB + 256GB option, which is reasonable given the price. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip runs on the latest Android operating system versions. 


This flagship phone uses the same chipset that offers excellent performance. There were no stutters reported, and gaming at the highest settings was a breeze. While charging, we only observed heating after a short period of use.


Next, its main attraction is the Xiaomi 13 Pro’s Leica co-engineered cameras. Leica is not just a logo used by Xiaomi for their phones. They have gone beyond colour tuning.


To allow the phone to be equipped with Leica’s 1-inch sensor and other versatile portrait lenses, Sony worked closely with the Leica team in Germany. 


It was evident from the resulting images that a lot of work went into creating visuals so that you could merely convey a message.


With the primary camera and the ultra-wide and telephoto sensors, you can capture excellent details in the black-and-white mode via the portrait lens. 


One-inch sensors put much effort, even in low light, to throw light into the subject without destroying details. 


With the 12S Ultra last year, Xiaomi showed the industry how far it could grow with its camera. Now, with the 13 Pro, Xiaomi has its best camera yet.


Xiaomi stands up to the likes of the Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The smartphone, despite its camera tech, still needs to be rugged.

Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

Having a 4820mAh battery and 120W wired, and 50W wireless charging makes that easy. Despite all the power, you do not experience any battery anxiety, which is helped by the phone’s fast charging speeds.


Xiaomi thrives on hardware, but the software is equally essential for a premium device. The MIUI is available on all Xiaomi devices, starting at 12,000 to 80,000 rupees. 


Ultimately, the company’s strategy for supporting high-end devices such as the Xiaomi 13 Pro is what matters. You will receive OS updates and security patches for three years. 


Despite only being Apple’s flagship brand, the promises here sound reasonable. Even so, when it comes to Android 13, as soon as Android 14 is official, we’re sceptical. 

Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

The MIUI 14 offers the first taste of Android 13 on a Xiaomi phone, and there are a lot of positive changes. Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other apps are still pre-loaded. That’s good because you can uninstall them. 


Nevertheless, you still get notifications for apps on the phone that cost Rs 80,000, which makes no sense. In the months ahead, Xiaomi claims MIUI 14 will become leaner and more privacy-focused, and we look forward to seeing those changes shortly.


There is also no IP rating on the global variant of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which is another significant difference. In Europe, Xiaomi’s product has a much higher price tag (Rs 1.13 lakh), as they have yet to get the certification, although the company claims the product is equally durable. 


We are excited to see Xiaomi’s premium journey begin with the 13 Pro and its partnership with Leica. It has the looks and the brains to compete with the best device on the market.


Leica co-engineered lenses to complement the new 1-inch camera sensor, which uses the latest chip. Even the pricing will have you talking. There is a fantastic battery life, a display with superior colours and performance, and even a pretty affordable price. 

Check Out These Things Before Buying Xiaomi 13 Pro

A brand must ensure an efficient software cycle to reduce bloatware, ensure that support will last for many years, and assure buyers that it will retain customers. 


Xiaomi says it will find buyers who fit its preferences with this phone. It is worth your time and money to try the Xiaomi 13 Pro if you are on a budget and want a compelling package.

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