Consider these Elements to Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker Tournaments

Micro stakes poker games are one of the most exciting territories to be in online poker.  They are filled with new, recreational, and transitioning poker players who are driven by a singular motive, win real money. However, let not the excitement get the best of you because crushing micro stakes poker tournaments online is a tricky deal and involves a deep understanding of various elements of the game.

When you start playing online poker for real money, the prime motive should be to attack your opponent’s game by asserting your presence and dominance at the table right from the start. Here’s a list of some clear-cut strategies and moves that you should apply during various stages of the game and against a different kind of players.

Demeanour in a Game of Micro Stakes Poker

Micro stakes poker tournaments often witness an enormous cesspool of players, some who apply shocking strategies and are willing to lay it all on the table to win the pot. However, desperate measures are often based on a fluctuating range of emotions whereas poker is all about concealing your expressions and being cold-blooded on the table.

That may sound rude but a game of online poker, no matter which stakes you play for is about cut- throat competition and you cannot let your emotions take over you. So, give your feelings of anxiety and frustration or remorse from previous losses a decent break because we shall unfold a new chapter hereon with few solid elements to consider that won’t fail you.

Table Selection

Table selection is key to playing profitable online poker tournaments. Make sure you are sitting on a table with players no better than you so that you can identify them at the earliest and capitalize on your their weakness. In any case, you spot pros at the table, we suggest you switch tables immediately.

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Patience is Crucial

Patience is a virtue you will have to stick to with shunned eyes when you pick micro stakes online poker tournament. Unlike cash games, micro stakes poker tournaments last for hours at a stretch with five minutes break every 30 minutes or so, Also, expect a huge number of players in micro stakes tournaments wherein you will have to navigate your way through to the ‘bubble’ and ‘in the money’ all the while maintaining your cool for longer periods of time.

Game Structure

Online poker tournaments feature different game formats and structures. Most micro-stakes poker tournaments feature turbo blind levels which means, unlike regular online poker games where blind levels rise in approx. 10 minutes, in turbo poker tournaments, blind levels rise every 2-3 minutes which means you can’t afford to skip hands and sit tight until a good hand comes by.

Also, micro stakes poker tournaments feature short stacks which means if you skip a level, your short stack size turns even shorter which means you won’t be able to play your best game anymore.

Keep it Simple

Micro stakes poker tournaments often see basic players who are obsessed with the hands they have. So, there’s no point testing your opponents with fancy tricks and strategies at this stage, as you might get called at any point of time. Simply get your basics right, be concerned about your opponent’s range along with yours, play in position and value bet your hands to the max when the cards fall in your favor.

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So, what’s next? How about entertaining yourself with a brand new edition of India’s biggest online micro poker tournament series? Read on to know all about it.

PokerBaazi launching the latest edition of IMPS  INR2 Crore GTD

India’s popular online poker room, PokerBaazi is back with a fresh edition of the Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS) once again that goes live exclusively from 21st September-4th October on and is aimed at the micro/low stakes with 100+ opportunities to score big this time and compete for ultimate glory.

Here’s what you can enjoy and collect from the IMPS.

  • Prize pool in LAKHS, direct buy-ins ranging from INR 100 onwards.
  • Jam packed schedule loaded with 120+ poker tournaments, 2 Crore prize pool guaranteed.
  • Each online poker tournament in IMPS offers a guarantee at least 300x the size of the buy-ins
  • Join qualifiers/satellites for just Rs 1.
  • Prime time special poker tournaments offering more than 500x value.
  • Tickets will also be given away through social media contests on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Play the2LAC GTD for a buy-in of just INR 200 every day at 8:30 PM.
  • Join India’s 1st ever 50LAC Main Event for a buy-in of just INR 1000!
  • Additional 20 LAC prizes in leaderboards for top performers
  • Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the Mini Main Event, Main Event 7 the Highroller.

So, this time around, play all your cards to your strength and bring home some glitz, glory, pride, and bag full of winnings as you strike the felts for glory in online poker.

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