Decisive Market Insights and Strategic Market Research Are Doing Digital & Cyber Frauds by Manipulating People.

Decisive Market Insights and Strategic Market Research Are Doing Digital & Cyber Frauds by Manipulating People.

Decisive Market Insights and Strategic Market Research fraud companies are operated by Sunil Kumar Chabra and the business is included as an LLP in the Indian state of Orissa. By their operations and activities, it’s clear that these companies are doing fraud and scamming people online.

They have no operations going on and instead of helping people, Decisive Market Insights & Strategic Market Research are trying to cheat their clients and the digital market industry by manipulating them about their service.

Why cyber crime groups are some of the world's most effective startups

Since the pandemic has ended, incidences of cyber fraud have risen substantially.

Cyber fraud is a broad phrase used to describe crimes carried out by online hackers. Crimes are done to obtain confidential information about a person or business illegally and use it for financial benefit.

Most of the time, businesses fabricate their infrastructure, business models, revenue projections, business licenses, business certificates, and other documents that could attest to their legitimacy.

Who are Decisive Market Insights & Strategic Market Research?

Founded on December 17, 2020, Strategic Market Research Llp is a limited liability partnership. It is listed with the Cuttack Registrar of Companies. It owes a donation of Rs. 100,000 in total.

The database for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website reveals that Strategic Market Research LLP, with CIN/LLPIN number AAV-1282, is an active corporation. The business and MCA have been together since December 17, 2020. She is rated NA and enrolled in the business course. The firm has Rs 0 in paid-up capital and Rs 0 in share capital as of its Companies Registry registration.

Ajmani Rohit and Ajmani Rubi are two directors or members of the management team for the organization. It shows that no fees are associated with the company and no documentation is available for download.

Decisive Market Insights & Strategic Market Research Are The Perfect Examples Of Level Of Digital & Cyber Frauds Running In Odisha - Inventiva

The other business, Decisive Markets Insights Llp, was incorporated on February 4, 2020. In addition to the statements of accounts, there is little information accessible regarding the financial statements, and solvency is not applicable. The same individuals who run Strategic Market Insights LLP also own the business.

Further examination reveals that both websites feature identical content that they charge unsuspecting visitors a premium amount for. Other than that, their website provides comparable “About Us” information.

The businesses stated that their website addresses were in New York. However, the corporation does not have any foreign directors.

The US, UK, and India all share the same contact information for both businesses. The business is located in the same place except for that. Further research revealed that the UK and US firm contact numbers were false and that Sunil Kumar (+918260836500) was the owner of the Indian number.

The IP address used to create the domain is the same for both businesses.

The businesses provide the same services, namely those related to industry analysis. Maybe a business had already been established when it was blacklisted for fraud, which prompted the formation of a second business with a comparable product line.

However, the existence of a fictitious contact number that is not registered in the name of the owner raises concerns about the company.

Other than that, when a firm works online, a lack of active social media presence can be a huge red signal. Both businesses concentrate on web search analytics. Other social media platforms, though, have different reach. The legitimacy of the websites appears to be questioned in this.

Any trustworthy company would have social media accounts with a fair number of followers.

According to authoritative market sources, it has worked with prestigious brands like Google and Sony. However, there have been no online reports of such a partnership. 

Given that both businesses offer the same spectrum of services, why would a big corporation team up with a market analysis industry for a similar need?

Despite the assertions that the clients are respectable individuals from top corporations, people’s identities have not been made public. One may refer to this as customer review fraud. Whether “Decisive Market Insights” and “Strategic Market Research LLP” are legitimate might get determined from this.

The businesses have said in their privacy policies that they respect the rights of their clients and want to maintain the privacy of their data. If so, it should be unfair for the business to list the names of well-known businesses that have collaborated with them, even though this is unconfirmed.

Decisive Market Insights was established on February 4th, 2020, and is a contribution requirement totaling INR 1,00,000. This obligation is fulfilled by a corporation based on performance goals.

The Sedition Law: Time to erase the blot on Indian democracy | ORF

According to Indian law, any corporation that doesn’t fulfill the full contribution duty is subject to imprisonment, a fine, or both.

This could point to a finding that the business has not paid its taxes. As a result, they established a new business under a different name but using the same brand line. Can a business be regarded as legal or fraudulent if it is not subject to the taxation system of the Indian government?

Millions of evaluations for brands may be found online despite the companies’ claims to have worked with well-known brands globally. Two years of business activity, none have been attached to either company.

This demonstrates that businesses are mismanaging operations and duping unsuspecting clients on behalf of the search sectors.

Strong actions should be taken against these kinds of frauds also people have to be more careful before trusting any digital platforms.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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