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Apple is taking 0 card payments and refused to store card information of Indian Users due to new policies

Why Apple has taken this move?

Apple is no longer accepting debit and credit card payments.

According to the upcoming regulations of The Reserve Bank Of India [RBI], starting June 1, the company cannot consider credit and debit payments for subscriptions available on the app store or additional apple services. The company will only support UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE [UPI] and net banking.

As the company has decided to refuse card payments, What’s the use of storing card information?

The company has refused to store the card information of Indian users. To afford subscriptions and purchases, apple users have to fill their Apple wallets with sufficient balance using UNIFIED PAYMENT SERVICES. One will not find any debit or credit card options on Apple’s page.

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Why is Apple not accepting cards?

Credit and Debit cards have always played an essential role in making transactions easier. They are so easy to carry.  They have made our life much easier.
Where the problem lies then?

The Reserve Bank Of India issued the concerned guidelines back in 2020. It has two aspects Card storage and Tokenization. Tokenization is a process of replacing the Primary Account Number [PAN] with a surrogate value called a token. RBI announced June 30, 2021, as the deadline for its compliance. However, the Central Bank extended the deadline to Dec 31, 2021.

It again got extended to June 30, 2022. The reason included requests by industry stakeholders. Apple has not updated this news on its page yet.

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The users can find it surprising as most of them used credit and debit card methods to complete the payment transactions.

Apple is a successful company, having a global reach. Every person likes to have an iPhone. It might get challenging for people after this change in payment method.

According to Mr. Suresh K Goel, Former DG, ICCR, apple should reconsider the decision. There are a lot of companies that do not accept card payments across the globe, but apple taking this move can create chaos.

According to him, this news can put users in a complex situation. The company can experience a change in its business operations.

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What is the concept of Tokenization?

The Reserve Bank Of India issued new regulations for Tokenization considering payments. The bank issued a directive under Sec 10[2].

Tokenization will replace the card information with a code called a ”token”. Initially, this service will take place through smartphones and tablets. 

What is the Card payment system now?

If you order food from Zomato or book a vehicle, you have to fill in the details of your card. The risk of fraud will get minimized through this Tokenization system.

The users have to accept the payment methods provided by Apple.


One cannot find any debit and credit card options on Apple’s website. A user either uses Unified payment methods [UPI] or Net Banking. 

To link your UPI to your Apple ID, follow the given steps.

Go to settings.

Click on Apple ID.

Click on the Payment option.

Select UPI.

Fill in your UPI Id.

Moreover, one needs to ensure enough balance in their Apple ID for further subscriptions and purchases.

There is no use of credit and debit cards in Apple stores. Every apple user should have access to UPI and internet banking. Every user should get the details and the current status of their balances from their respective banks. Those who don’t have the service should get it from their respective banks. It might get difficult and laborious for apple users to get the news. There is more to come.

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Apple Inc. is an American technology company.
It offers consumer electronics and software. The product range includes Air Pods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Home Pod, etc. Apple Inc. describes itself as a company that ”designs, manufactures and markets communication and media services, personal computers and portable digital music players.
A positive concern of users has helped Apple to achieve this position. It is one of the most victorious companies in the world.

Steve Job and Steve Wozniak established this company. Tim Cook is the current Chief Executive Officer.

iPhone is one of the excellent products of Apple.


About the iPhone:
The iPhone is a collection of mobiles designed and marketed by Apple inc. The first iPhone was made public in 2007. All iPhones run on a mobile operating system which is called iOS. Apple relaunch versions of iOS every year, each having more successful features.
The iPhone has generated enormous profits for Apple, making it one of the most reputed companies.
iPhones are generally known for their advanced 8-megapixel camera that captures 1080p.

It fits in as it is one of the reasons behind the flourishing success of the company. Apple has so far become a game-changer. It is globally accepted as 900 million people possess an iPhone worldwide.


THE APPROACH: Think Different:-

“Think different” sets an iPhone apart. It is for the people who think differently, who see the world from a different point of view.

The Tech that works:-

What an iPhone brings to the table is the technology that is seamless and integrated.

The privacy is safe:-

When it comes to an iPhone the data is safe. Once you get in you are safe. You stay safe. It makes sure that no one takes your data unless you explicitly give them permission to do so.

Apple has too much to offer.

COST: It has resulted that all of the components that make up the iPhone cost is approx. $490.50 per phone. 
Apple has created a job footprint of nearly 2.4 million jobs across the U.S. The users need to keep their internet banking apps updated. The credit and debit cards will not play any role in the functioning of the payments now. Apple has been manufacturing all its products and selling them all over the world. 

edited and proofread by nikita sharma




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