Dr. Sharda Ayurveda- Recommends Veg Food Items You Need To Include In Your Diet For Healthy Bones

Building healthy bones is in our hands and is of utmost importance for us to take care of it. Nutrition and lifestyle habits help you build stronger bones and maintain them as you age. Bones require some special nutrients to stay strong and healthy in which Calcium and vitamin D are the most essential ones. Bones not only help you move and stay upright rather they also help protect delicate internal organs of the body. All the essential minerals are incorporated into bones during childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. By the age of 30, the body achieves the peak bone mass and by the age of 40, the important structures begin to lose mass as the body stops replacing the old bones due to aging. Healthier and stronger the bones, more happy pain-free life. To keep the bones strong enough one should add on the healthiest diet that provides nutrition and nurture to the bones. As often said- 

 “What goes inside our stomach and the activities performed by us throughout the years have an impact on bone health”

So a variety of rich healthy diets and workouts is an important factor when it comes to bone health. 

Here is a list of food items that you need to add to your diet daily for healthy and strong bones.

  1. DAIRY PRODUCTS– We have often heard in our childhood that drinking milk makes the bones stronger and we were sometimes forced by our parents to have milk twice a day so there is a reason why dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese always come up in everyone’s mind when we talk about bone health as they are rich and loaded with Calcium and Calcium is the most essential ingredient for bone health and its structure. It is your personal choice of choosing full- or nonfat dairy products but the amount of calcium remains the same. Our body does not produce calcium on its own so it is essential to consume through a balanced diet. 
  2. SESAME SEEDS– Sesame seeds are a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin E is a plant protein that is easy to digest. It acts as a natural anti-oxidant. 

On average 3, tsp. of Sesame seeds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc i.e. the essential minerals for bones growth and strength. Sesame oil is safe for massaging babies and children as it strengthens the bones, muscles, and joints. 

  1. NUTS– Nuts are loaded with calcium, fats, proteins and they also offer the other nutrients that are mandatory for bone health i.e. magnesium and phosphorus. Where magnesium helps in absorbing the calcium and helps to retain in bones, phosphorus is a key component of bones i.e. major part of the phosphorus is found in bones and teeth. Nuts prevent osteoporosis when taken daily empty stomach. A handful of nuts every day promotes healthy bones. 

  2. JAGGERY– Jaggery is an easily available ingredient. It is loaded with immense benefits. It not only boosts immunity but also controls blood pressure and is the richest source of Iron. Its consumption with milk strengthens the bones and prevents bone and joint diseases like arthritis. It treats any inflammation seen in joints and bone diseases. Jaggery with ginger works wonderfully in reducing body pains. Hence it is a very important and beneficial ingredient to maintain bone strength. 

  3. SPINACH- Green leafy vegetable Spinach is one of the best vegetables to eat to achieve the goal to strengthen the bones. Spinach is a good component of Vitamins in it and it also improves bones strength of body, boosts immunity to fight other diseases. Daily intake of Spinach is a complete plan and vitamin source of muscles and bones. Routine consumption of Spinach never leads to osteoporosis and joint disorders. Vegetables like Cabbage and Peas are also highly rich in calcium. 

  4. FORTIFIED FOODS– Fortified food like breakfast which includes cereals, Orange juice, bread provides calcium and Vitamin D to the body. These foods are beneficial for persons who are lactose-intolerant i.e. can’t consume milk in any form may be due to allergy or any other disorder. 

  5. COW’S GHEE– Cow’s ghee is known for ages for its immense health and beauty benefits. It helps to balance Vatadosha in the body and provides enough lubrication to joints of the body. In Ayurveda Cow’s ghee is considered as (Amrita) for the body. It strengthens the bones and makes them strong.  



Healthy bones promote a healthy lifestyle. It is completely in our hands to make our bones grow stronger and healthier and that can be done with a calcium-rich diet followed by exercises. 


Author Bio:

Dr. Mukesh Sharda BAMS, Ph.D., is a renowned Ayurvedic rheumatologist-CEO and Founder of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda practicing for more than 15+ years and successfully treated more than 50k+ patients worldwide for all chronic diseases.

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