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Goldman Sachs Implements Strategic Streamlining: 250 Jobs Slated For Reduction In New Wave Of Layoffs

In reaction to a stagnating transaction marketplace, Goldman Sachs, one of the globe’s largest investment banks, is planning another round of layoffs. The move comes as the company grapples with the banking industry’s persistent problems.

According to a source around 250 roles at various levels of seniority, including partners as well as managing directors, will be affected. At the end of March, Goldman had 45,400 employees.

The move came after Goldman cut around 3,200 jobs in the first quarter, its largest wave of cuts after the financial crisis of 2008.

It also laid off roughly 500 people last year. According to a second source, the bank has kept its financial resources tight this year.

Investment firms have been hard impacted by a slowdown in negotiating as the FR rapidly hiked interest rates to manage inflation and the Ukraine crisis clouded the economic picture.

Mergers and acquisitions reached the lowest levels witnessed in over a decade during the first quarter of 2023. Morgan Stanley (MS.N) is expected to cut approximately 3,000 positions in its second quarter.

It is the second wave in the last six months, a person familiar with the matter said earlier this month. Lazard Ltd will likewise cut 10% of its personnel.

Goldman Sachs wants to solve these difficulties by increasing efficiency and profitability. As part of its approach, the bank intends to reduce employment, refrain from replacing departed employees, and cut other expenses.

The goal is to improve the efficiency ratio by decreasing costs. Banks view less effective ratios as a sign of greater profitability.

The bank has established a medium-term aim of 60 percent efficiency, up from 68.7 percent at the end of March. The proposal also includes a $600 million payroll reduction goal.

Global acquisitions and mergers plummeted to their weakest levels in over a decade in the initial period of 2023. IPO volumes fell to their lowest point since 2019.

It also highlights the considerable challenges that investment banks face in the face of slowed dealmaking and geopolitical uncertainty. In February of this year, the investment banking business announced plans to cut approximately $1 billion in expenses.

In the meantime, the largest US bank, JPMorgan Chase, plans to lay off 500 workers this week. Employees from several departments are expected to be affected by the layoffs.

According to sources, JPMorgan’s upcoming layoffs will affect staff in critical areas such as consumer banking, commercial lending, asset and wealth oversight, and also technology and operations. However, the corporation has yet to issue an official comment regarding the imminent job cuts.

Despite the macroeconomic concerns, experts remain quite bullish on the GS stock. GS has a Strong Buy average rating on TipRanks, with 13 Buys with two Hold ratings.

Furthermore, a price of $407.67 suggests a 23.2% increase from current levels.

It was reported in December that Goldman Sachs is finalizing plans to cut over 400 retail banking roles. In addition to restoring a strategy of firing from one to five percent of its lowest-performing employees on an annual basis.

Goldman Sachs has had a rough patch in recent months. Navigating a strategy adjustment amid a bigger dealmaking drought has prompted some top workers to consider reporting to the board regarding CEO David Solomon.

As if that wasn’t enough, Goldman Sachs’ leadership had another cross to carry on Tuesday which is the departure of two of the firm’s high-profile partners.

Both Fred Baba, among Goldman’s youngest collaborators, along with Dina Powell McCormick, a previous member of the government who oversaw the bank’s sovereignty business and sustainability initiatives, is rumored to be leaving the firm.

Baba was regarded as a rising star at the firm and on Wall Street as he progressed through the ranks of the bank’s rates unit.

The 34-year-old’s impact, however, extended beyond trade, as Baba garnered a public reputation after drafting an internal message that went viral on his experience as a Black man in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

Now, slightly over six months after achieving a partner position, Baba is apparently on his way out. He has offers from competing non-bank trading outfits, including Jane Street, according to sources.

Powell McCormick has been with Goldman since 2007, except for a brief spell as a deputy national security advisor for strategy under President Donald Trump.

She’ll be joining Byron Trott and Gregg Lemkau, both Goldman alums, at BDT & MSD Partners as VC and president of the worldwide customer service.

The departures come after a challenging period for Goldman Sachs that has witnessed a change in tactics, a reorganization, bonus disappointment, and layoffs.

Meanwhile, partner exits were to be anticipated, and were welcomed for a period David Solomon sought to reduce the organization to restore some of its prestige.

However, Baba’s departure so soon after being invited into the restricted group seemed surprising, especially given Goldman’s overall success in trading.

Add to it the possibility of landing at a company like Jane Street, which has competed with, and beaten, Goldman at their own game. It is understandable why his departure would raise eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Powell McCormick’s exit demonstrates how previous relationships can become a pain in the financial institution’s side by poaching elite people from Goldman following their leave. So the issue is, has Goldman Sachs’ cooperation shed some of its lustrs?

A newly appointed partner leaving the financial institution would have been unheard of even five years ago. However, as Goldman attempts to right its ship amid a dealmaking dryness, it may not appear to be as radical a step.

Goldman Sachs stock slumped 1.7% on Wednesday after a series of rumors indicated that the financial institution is planning to slash roughly 250 workers in the next weeks due to the sluggish deal market.

Because of growing inflation, Goldman Sachs predicts that the BoC will raise interest rates again this year. Their analysis is based on recent inflation statistics.

It shows a sustained rise in the basic cost of goods and an unexpected increase in housing prices. Markets have priced in approximately 34bps of raises by October.

Although Goldman Sachs believes that several hikes, or those above 25bps, are possible if inflationary fears persist. Considering this, Goldman Sachs is not anticipating a rate hike at the Bank of China’s June meeting, given the bank’s concentration on gathering evidence.

If uncertainties persist, they anticipate the market raising front-end rates in the US along with Canada, supporting some CAD surpasses on crosses.

Sonendo, Inc. a premier dental technology business and the creator of the GentleWave® System, announced today that management will attend the Goldman Sachs yearly Global Healthcare Conference.

A member of Goldman’s leading London inflationary traders, Joaquin del Soto, quit on Wednesday. According to multiple accounts, del Soto resigned to pursue other opportunities, albeit it is unclear where.

He is said to have been one of Goldman’s top income drivers on the inflation desk and was promoted to MD in 2019. Del Soto’s apparent departure came as Goldman is reportedly considering reducing some MDs, but he was presumably not one of those MDs.

The organization will now report its Second Quarterly 2023 financial results in a press release at about 7:30 a.m. (ET) on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. The news release will be posted on the firm’s website,

On the above-mentioned date, at 9:30 a.m. (ET), a conference call will be held to discuss the firm’s financial results, outlook, and other related items. The public will be able to participate in the call.

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