India’s Top 10 Video Analytics Companies

India’s Top 10 Video Analytics Companies

Industry 4.0’s new branch of video analytics has changed how surveillance, privacy, and security were perceived and used in the past. They have grown in prominence in both the public and private sectors because they protect people and their assets. The development of video analytics and related techniques had made it possible to identify and stop hostile activity before it got something to do any harm.

Video analytics have aided in interpreting the footage to create effective algorithms that produce intelligent data aiding in decision-making processes, as opposed to the loose, unorganised set of data that video footages of video surveillance systems were.

By identifying patterns and producing outputs, they have been able to considerably reduce the weaknesses of security systems. Video analytics are now widely used in all industries. The best Indian firms for video analytics will be examined in this post.

Top Indian Companies for Video Analytics

  • AllGoVision
  • CronJ
  • Videonetics
  • Safepro
  • Livedarshan
  • Active Total Security Systems
  • Kotai Electronics
  • Axis Communication
  • Avigilon
  • Aventura

Many businesses now use video analytics daily. It makes the security system stronger than before by ensuring that any irregular activity or intruders are identified and detected. The top video analytics businesses in India are as follows:


Allgovision Video Analytics

AllGoVision, which is renowned for its intelligent video analytics solution system, is always changing how different types of video surveillance are conducted. They have a vast network that spans 30 nations, including the UK, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Korea. Bengaluru is where the company is headquartered. AllGoVision includes more than 50 basic and advanced capabilities that are very effective when it comes to traffic surveillance and building surveillance, with its application extending to practically all surveillance techniques.

They have been able to effectively concentrate on in-depth research and product creation because of their advantage over in-house image processing capabilities and skilled engineers. They now have their services connected with a variety of video management systems (VMS), including those from Milestone, Genetec, Honeywell EBI, HUS, DVM, Wavestore, etc.

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Cronj Video Analytics

This company, which provides video analytics solutions for video surveillance systems, is situated in Bengaluru. The algorithm is capable of discovering all kinds of discrepancies that are connected to persons, things, and vehicles thanks to their integrated smart security systems. They produce alarms that can be interpreted as indications to stop any additional damage or unpleasant outcomes based on the patterns they have found.

With a focus on manufacturing, government programmes, healthcare, transportation and traffic security, retail, banking and finance, city surveillance, picture text recognition, mining industries, and licence plate recognition, the company has expanded its reach to several industries. They’ve also extended their services to other nations. UAE, the USA, and the Netherlands are a few among them.



Dr Tinku Acharya established Videonetics, which has its headquarters in Kolkata. They offer cutting-edge security solutions to their client’s thanks to their effective video management software, which is coupled with AI tools and deep video analytics. They provide cloud-based services for traffic control, comprehensive facial detection, and recognition. Along with recognised patents from the US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Israel, and other countries, their work has received widespread acclaim.


The organisation has been closely collaborating with AI and video analytics for over a decade now, with a vision to transform cameras and other visual systems into autonomous preventive, decision support systems, life-saving gadgets, and analytical tools. They have a sizable consumer base that is dispersed throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. They carefully study and analyse the video material to get pertinent information.

The visual system interventions and innovations that Safepro has implemented include Face Recognition, Time Attendance System, Opticsense Process Automation, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Anti-camera Tampering, Gesture Detection, etc.


Livedarshan uses video analytics technology to monitor building sites and develops clever fixes for anomalies involving both people and things. In addition to their specialised software for construction monitoring, they have joined with VideoCalls, an Israeli company, to offer surveillance services to several Indian telecommunications companies. They are also knowledgeable in areas like building surveillance, border security, and corporate intelligence.

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Active Total Security Systems


ATSS is a Chennai-based provider of video analytics services that uses automation to assist in resolving client problems. R Nanda Kumar created it back in 2003. Both residential and commercial consumers can use their services. Through the use of CCTV video analytics, numerous features, such as people and objects, can be recognised in the video footage. Beyond simply fixing the problem, they are renowned for their effective and reliable client service. Some of its clients include Axis Bank, DABC, Giros, Agaram Technologies, etc.

Kotai Electronics

Kotai Electronics has a wide range of customers in the UK, USA, Bangladesh, and India, and with the aid of its video analytics capabilities, has established benchmarks for effective traffic control systems. They have been effective in keeping their research focused and RoI rising every year by staying up to date with the most recent developments in AI and video analytics.

Their Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) assists in monitoring the number of vehicles on the road, their specifics, and a thorough analysis of the regions of the route that are becoming crowded. Their predictive capabilities can also drastically lower the number of accidents. Furthermore, their automated data updating will make it simple to find offenders and impose fines.

Axis Communication

axis communication

Axis Communications offers intelligent security solutions and specialises in network videos, IP video surveillance, security cameras, and IP cameras. There are many video analytics products available for it, including the open analytics development platform Axis Camera Application Platform. Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP), developed by the firm, is compatible with the majority of Axis cameras. Users can customise the platform to match their specific security and business demands by adding analytics and other apps. Users are able to be proactive in their surveillance thanks to these apps. By only transmitting and capturing video that is pertinent to them, clients can reduce their usage of bandwidth and storage thanks to the apps’ full scalability.

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In 2018, Motorola Solutions bought the business. Avigilon is a business that specialises in network video management, video analytics, surveillance cameras, access control systems, and related hardware and software. The video content analytics market offers its appearance search and unusual motion detection technologies in addition to its video management software, Avigilon Control Center (ACC). The software includes self-learning video content analytics and advanced video search. The company also offers video content analytics appliances, which update outdated security camera systems by bringing superior Avigilon self-learning video content analytics to any associated video stream.



Aventura provides IP and analogue solutions for enterprise-level digital video surveillance systems, cognitive analytics, cameras, fibre, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) accessories, hardware, and software. Aventura may interact with a variety of systems, including those for access control, intrusion detection, dispatch, analytics, command and control, and unattended ground sensors. Aventura is committed to delivering enhanced video analytics solutions so that companies can improve customer service and boost efficiency. Although this Intelligent Video Analytics tool is ready to use right out of the box, the user’s needs can be met by customising it. In order to ensure that everything is in order, it also enables users to establish numerous overlapping detecting zones and lines.


Video analytics has become more pervasive in the lives of people than ever before because of the amazing developments in the fields of deep learning algorithms and machine learning. Many human errors that used to cost businesses dearly have been corrected by it. Video content analysis has rightfully taken the lead in helping to sift through the sea of information and extract pertinent information.

Video analytics do, bring up issues related to data security, privacy, and personal safety. It is crucial to steer these ground-breaking and new technologies in the appropriate direction to maintain the delicate balance between security and privacy. It is anticipated that the number of video analytics businesses and their applications will continue to rise in the future, given the rise of AI and Industry 4.0 in India.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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