Introduction to iOS14 and the new Mac!!

Yesterday, 22nd of June, Apple announced the introduction of a new software to enhance its iPhones, iPads, Apple television, Apple watch and Macs. To this it was also added that the future Macs including the one launching this year will not use chips made of Intel but would rather use Apple chips as this transmission will allow the firm to offer faster performance on its laptops and desktops.

Apart from all, the company even introduced to the latest version of the iPhone software, the iOS14. A redesigned home screen, new lightweight software programs named as the “App clips” and the ability to set a default browser app or mail app are the updates which are included in the latest software.

The software announcement was done via pre-recorded video filmed in the Apple’s campus itself. Because of the ongoing havoc situation of coronavirus pandemic, Apple conducted its World Wide Developers Conference remotely. Hence the company is not organizing any in-person or face-to-face conference with the 6 thousand developers it has accumulated in California’s San Jose but rather sending them videos and setting up calls.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple addressed the ongoing situation of protest against racial discrimination and to this how the company is participating in it through its 100 million dollars program for the fight against racial injustice. Followed by which he introduced the Apple employees and asked them to present the new features of the software.

About iOS 14


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  • Earlier, iPhone’s home screen was the only place where the users could include apps but now users have the allowance to drag a widget onto the home screen. In addition to that, new widgets can also be added from the gallery which shows the one they have installed already. A widget has also been introduced by the company that uses AI that is Artificial Intelligence to predict the data the user wants to see.
  • App organization is indeed needed and iOS 14 has included that need in its one of the coolest feature, the App Library. Using this, the user can see similar apps for example from Apple Arcade one can see all the games and one can also delete entire pages of apps with the magic of just one tap.
  • Apple already offers the much needed feature of picture-in-picture in it iPad but with the arrival of the new software it will be available to the iPhone users as well to enjoy.
  • Siri, the USP of Apple is redesigned in this update as now the Siri interface possess 20 times more facts than it had earlier.
  • For the very first time incoming calls can also be displayed as banner notification as in Android.
  • In some cities like New York and San Francisco, Apple will add cycling maps. With this to add content about attractions and restaurants into the Apple’s Maps App through guides of partners including Zagat.
  • A new notification feature to inform the iPhone user about if any app is using its camera or microphone has also been added

The public beta of the new iOS will be released in July but the developers can download it in this week.

About Mac Update


mac scaled
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As mentioned earlier, Apple designed chips will be used in the future Macs and leaving the Intel chips which the Macs were using since he last 15 years. Currently Apple uses the Apple chips in its other gadgets (iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Apple Watches) and so far has already shipped over 2 billion Chips.  The ability to run both iPhone and iPad will be possessed by Macs with Apple’s own chips in it. Apple’s own chips have been particularly designed for Mac so that it uses less power and offer more performance.

To run the new Mac, Adobe and Microsoft are updating their software including Photoshop & Excel. Through a new feature called Rosetta 2, backwards compatibility with Intel-based features will be provided to the users willing to use the apps that have not been updated. To enable software makers to run Linux as an app inside McOS, the software will also support virtual machines.

Apple chips are already compatible to company’s own professional apps like Final Cut Pro. With the available Apple chips to the software developers Apple will make a version of the Mac Mini.these updated Macs will be shipped by the end of 2020 and company also plans for the transition to take place within 2 years.

The Apple Newiezz

  • App Clips & App Store

The company introduced ‘App Clips’, a new lightweight software which of less than 10 megabytes. To pay through Apple Pay, users just have to sign into Apple Clip by using Apple’s sign-in method. At a participating business, users can scan a QR code or can just tap an NFC file to pull up the App Clip.

Privacy changes have been added in the app store. To summarize an app’s privacy policy, the firm has introduced a new “nutrition label” which will be available on the App Store pages.

  • Translation App

Apple adds another feature by it Translate app to make conversations easy for people with 2 different languages.

  • iPad OS 14

iPad user interface update has been given to the Apple developed iPad apps with side & tool bars. In the newest version of the software, Siri feature is available as a little button on the bottom right. The search feature has also been redesigned on the Mac desktop which gives it a look of a search function.

Pencil, the iPad stylus has also been through new improvements as it can now be used for inputting text all over the surface through the feature called Apple calls Scribble.

  • Apple CarPlay

The software which allows the user to pair the iPhone with a supported head unit so that the iPhone can be controlled even while driving. The updated version will be able to start and unlock the cars from the phone itself. BMW-5 series will be supporting this feature. An iMessage will be enough for key sharing.

  • AirPods

The new version AirPods will have the capability to switch from iPhone to computer whenever it is needed automatically without turning on the Bluetooth. With addition to that it will also support virtual surround sound by measuring ones head or device is moving or not.

  • macOS Big Sur

Additional widget features, new system sounds and new notification center (which can be accessed by clicking on the time and it includes toggles & widgets for sound as well as wireless and brightness connectivity) is what the Big Sur includes apart from the technology transition.

This was not just it Apple is also working on its Apple Watch, Apple Tv & Apple HomeKit as well

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