How The Lockdown Imposed Due To Coronavirus Is Benefiting The People And The World?

Everyone in the world is talking about the bad and the drastic effects of the coronavirus and the lockdown, that how this lockdown is having a bad influence on the global economy and on the various industries all around the world , how many people are dying across the world, how people are getting anxieties and stress because being locked down in their houses for so long, etc. and of course these factors are important to be highlighted as people should be get informed about what is happening around them and how this virus is sweeping out the happiness and resources from the world.

But every coin has two sides and yes! The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown caused by this also has two sides one is negative and the other is positive. Now while reading this article you will get to know that how the lockdown is benefiting the people and the world.

Coronavirus: The world in lockdown in maps and charts - BBC News

People are developing new skills and becoming self sufficient in lockdown:

Due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19, people are spending more and more time with their family people who are workaholic do not get enough time for their personal lives and they are not able to spend the time with their family and friends due to work and the business meetings, now because of the lockdown people are spending time with each other and also investing their time in developing or enhancing their skills like cooking, home decorations, dance, music, games etc.

People have also become self sufficient and dependent in terms of doing their basic work. In today’s world more than half of the people are addicted or dependent on their maids and servants for the household works like cleaning, cooking and what not, because of this lockdown people are locked in their house and no servant and maids are available during this time which has made them self dependent for the household work people are now cleaning and cooking on their own.

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Learn New Skills During Lockdown | Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions | University of Chester

This is also developing a sense of respect in the hearts of the people for their maids and servants who work in their house that they do a lot of things for us, I mean it is not easy to clean someone else’s dirt and leftover utensils.

Increase in the quality of environment and people adapting cleanliness:

Talking about India, it is ranked among the bottom five countries on the environment performance index. But during this lockdown the environment and the pollution has decreased in India sky has become blue and there is a huge drop in the air pollution, according to the Air Quality Index, India’s air pollution rank has decreased to 93 this month as compared to 161 in march 2019.

This has all happened because the industries, factories, schools, and offices are close if we talk about water bodies they have become 40% clean than it was before. People are forced to stay inside their home because of which there is less crowd on streets and less traffic on the roads resulting much more pure air and no noise pollution.    

People in India has become sensitive about cleanliness and sanitization, as India is the only country to organize a cleanliness drive that is “swachh bharat abhiyan” because of people having a habit of just throwing things on the streets and still people in remote areas in the country don’t use washrooms for dumping their waste and washing hands, the lockdown and the virus have taught the people how to stay clean and wash hands in every one hour, which is a big thing because the government is trying to teach these things since ages and now, finally a virus came and taught them in months.

 Digitalization a new trend in croronavirus crisis:

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Time to pursue a hobby, learn new skills: Top firms advise employees amid coronavirus lockdown - BusinessToday

In this situation of global pandemic countries like Russia, America, France, India and more are now moving towards making their countries more digitally empowered, as in time like these using technologies and digital platforms are much easier, feasible and efficient. In today’s situation schools, offices, medical facilities, banking, groceries, etc. are now made available online and digitally to avoid people going outside and doing all this as this increases the chance of getting infected.

Technological empowerment is resulting in growth of people because it seems to provide better services at the door steps, digitalization provides better access to education, healthcare, and banking facilities. This has also increased the requirement of people from digital and technical field resulting in the employment  generation of the people associated with tech and digital world.

  • Digitalization changed the people’s mindset towards their work-

Work from home has become a new trend itself, for people the definition of work and job earlier was the office and 9 to 5 job, daily going to office early in the morning and then coming home after all the work is done. What here I mean to say is that for a human being work was restricted to home and office, but because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 the old custom of doing work from office has been transformed to work from home, most of the IT, banking, education, healthcare based companies are following the method of work from home.

Content digitization strategy: Four factors to consider - Apex Covantage

 Work from home  is beneficial for both the company and the employees as it is more efficient for an employee to work without going outside his/her home it saves cost and time of travelling and it is more safer now a days. Companies have this advantage of carrying out their operation without any disturbance in this lockdown also. Through video conferencing and new technologies the employees and the boss stay connected all the time for better results and effective work.

  • Digitalization changed the method of education in country-
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Online and digital platforms have also transformed the learning and teaching method all across the world. Earlier the education and learning for students was just restricted to the classrooms of schools and colleges but now after the lockdown online education is something which is boosting and has changes the method of teaching and learning.

Through high quality video conferencing apps teachers are able to conduct the classes of the students even in this situation also, so that the future of the children doesn’t hamper. Students are given online assignment and revision tests. Online education has made it more feasible and safe for the students to gather knowledge without any threat.


There is no doubt about it that the situation and the crisis the whole world is stuck in between is painful, stressful, and threatening where the virus is attacking the people all around the world and also it is attacking the economy at a global level. But you know we should always try to find some silver lining in every situation, what if there is a lockdown and we all are locked inside our shelters, but we are at least alive and with our family.

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