Will There Be No Cure, No Vaccine Of Coronavirus? The World Must Learn To Live With Covid-19

Will this coronavirus infection be able to get a cure? When this coronavirus will end? Is there a vaccination for coronavirus? When will the coronavirus lockdown end? There are hundreds of other questions related to the cure and vaccine of coronavirus, but the answers to such questions are still to be found. Every day thousands of people are tested positive for coronavirus and till now 4,029,543 people all across the world have been found infected by COVID-19, though there are people who are recovering day by day, but the spread of the coronavirus is still unstoppable. 

Recently in South Korea, it has been observed that the patients who got recovered from the coronavirus have re-tested positive, it has been reported by the health officials of South Korea that 163 people who recovered from COVID-19 have been re-infected by it. The same situations have been seen in China and Japan, where some coronavirus patients tested positive after seeming to recover. Now a question that arises here is that why and how these people who have recovered from the coronavirus are getting infected again?

with delta variant dominant, covid-19 simulator sees surge in deaths – harvard gazette

This is a matter of great concern to the whole world because the patients who got recovered and healthy from the virus are testing positive and are getting reinfected by it, especially in countries like South Korea and China where the authorities almost bought the outbreak under control. This is a matter of concern, because if such situations are arriving then there are possibilities that the virus is reactivating itself in the body after some time, because as a general rule viruses are difficult to handle and cure especially when it is communicable and are in an infectious outbreak as they mutate very rapidly, which means they keep on changing their physical and genetic nature.

The novel coronavirus has also been found mutating, with varying rates. It means that even if recovered coronavirus patients are developing antibodies for one variety of SARS-CoV-2 the virus from which COVID-19 is caused, it doesn’t mean that the antibodies developed for the first time will protect them from second time they get the infection. Also, if the recovered patients are getting infected again with the same virus then it’s a huge threat to the whole world, as they might become silent carriers of the infection, which means without any symptoms they would be carrying the virus inside their body.

What are the antibodies?

An antibody, or immunoglobulin is a protein found in the blood as a part of the body’s immune response to an infection caused by viruses or bacteria, it basically provides immunity to our body to fight against the virus or disease that we have suffered earlier. When a person is recovering from a virus, their body produces antibodies. Antibodies are important because they can prevent a person from being reinfected with the same virus, as the body already knows how to fight the disease.

Do antibodies work in response to Coronavirus? 

oral and intranasal covid-19 vaccines show promising results in hamster model

The reinfection of coronavirus in the recovered patients has raised a serious question that whether the antibodies produced by these patients help them to prevent the reinfection with the same virus or not, well currently there is no such evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 has antibodies and are protected from a second infection.

It is believed that some of the recovered patients have developed antibodies to the infection but in a very light amount that might protect them for a month or two but after some time, there are chances that they might get reinfected with the coronavirus because it has not been confirmed yet that whether people who have been exposed to the coronavirus will be immune for life or not. As, antibodies do immune a person in response to the infection, but antibodies are by no means a guarantee that a person is protected for life.

After all of this, one thing is clear that people who all are recovering and those who have recovered might get infected again with the time, and if this all is happening then it means that the people who are getting infected by the coronavirus are not developing antibodies. As in a report WHO has also cautioned against the notion, saying there is no evidence that having antibodies to the new coronavirus guarantees protection from re-infection, and till now there is no such evidence that the people are developing antibodies in response to COVID-19.

We must learn to live with the coronavirus:

india's covid-19 crisis: what happens next and how long will it last? | new scientist

There is evidently no cure to coronavirus, it is a disease from which a human body can get infected again and again whenever it comes in contact with its virus, so maybe it is impossible to end coronavirus infection and we have to learn to live with it just like we have learned to live with cold and flu. As stated above the human body doesn’t develop antibodies and active immunity for the coronavirus just like the common cold and whenever we come in contact with the virus-carrying cold we get infected because antibodies don’t work and develop immunity against the common cold. 

No vaccine, no cure for the coronavirus: 

Further, if we talk about the vaccination and cure to COVID-19, scientists and medical researchers from all over the world are trying their best to find a cure to the coronavirus and discover a vaccine as soon as possible, but unfortunately, all the money, time, and efforts are going waste because as mentioned before the coronavirus reactivates itself within a human body and the antibodies also becomes useless for the second time. Then making a vaccine is also useless.

A vaccine is nothing but it’s a diluted form of virus or bacteria that is injected inside the body to train the system so that it recognizes and combat the virus or bacteria. By injecting the diluted form of virus into the body the immune system can safely learn to recognize them as hostile invaders, produce antibodies, and remember them for the future. If the bacteria or virus reappears, the immune system will recognize the virus immediately and attack aggressively well before the disease can spread and cause sickness.

coronavirus threat: visitors requested to postpone trip to manipur

Talking about the coronavirus, it has been observed that the virus of coronavirus reactivates itself again and again in the body of the recovered people just like the common cold and doesn’t develop antibodies in response to the disease. And as mentioned before coronavirus is a type of virus that keeps on changing its nature, and a person can get infected by it again and again.

Viruses with such nature can’t be cured through vaccination, because the vaccine will have no impact on the virus which has such a recurring nature. for example- if we talk about poison, if a person dilutes a small amount of poison in water and starts drinking it regularly for 10 days then 11th day when he will drink the actual poison, it will not have any impact on him, because his body has got used to of drinking poison in a certain amount regularly. 

Similarly, a vaccine will not have any effect on the coronavirus, because when the body will get infected by the virus again and again after some time, and then a certain diluted form of the virus is injected in the body to cure the heavy amount of virus it will have zero effect on it. 

Also, antibodies act as an active agent in building up the immunity and antibodies are developed naturally, and vaccination is an indirect method of and making the immunity strong in response to any virus and bacteria. And in this case, active immunity is not working in response to the coronavirus so how can we expect that the virus will get cured by the vaccine which gives a passive immunity. Now making a vaccination for such a virus has become very challenging for the medical researchers and scientists as the coronavirus seems to have no end.


So, now we should start learning live with it like we have got used to of cold we must get used to of the coronavirus by taking various safety measures, as this infection is unstoppable and can’t be eradicated

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