New Statement by Prime Minister in 2022: Did They Die for Me? Shocked the nation

Did they die for me: Says the Prime Minister Narendra Modi 

Are you sure that you live in a democratic nation, given that the current politicians are just concerned with money and power? While it was once believed that better days were approaching, we all know that this was not the case. 

Leaders who sat back and folded their hands instead of campaigning to earn votes have created the impression that they are flying high while the general public is still suffering due to their actions.  

While some feel that the country’s Prime Minister’s disparaging words about its inhabitants would lead to better times in the future, no one can predict what the future will bring for sure. 

After meeting with Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik to discuss the farmers’ plight, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended up fighting with the governor and asserting, in an arrogant tone, that the farmers died for him.    

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Satya Pal Malik said that within five minutes of their encounter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi grew conceited. At the conclusion of their meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the governor of Meghalaya, Satya Pal Malik, “Did they die for me?” To which the governor responded, “Of course, if you are the king and leader.” Satya Pal Malik and Prime Minister Narendra Modi then got into a fight. 

Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, a group of farmers protesting agricultural restrictions, was responsible for the deaths of 22 farmers. 

Additionally, Satya Pal Singh was directed to do the same thing. Governor Satya Pal Singh’s statements have elicited no formal reaction from the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), at least as of now. He said that Prime Minister Modi’s character defects include egoism, hardness, and disregard to the needs of the people. 

It is a serious topic that has a significant influence on democratic institutions. Whenever leaders find themselves in need of a respite, they turn to their supporters for assistance. They are just concerned about money and power at this point.

The reason is because the government is unconcerned with the well-being of its citizens. When an outbreak caused job losses and firm closures as well as a return to normality for inhabitants in one region, the government responded by increasing GST beginning in the new year to make up for the money that was lost. 

According to The Hindu, Prime Minister Modi said in Meerut that the BJP administration has promoted “real” sports competitions. 

The government’s selfishness and insensitivity to the needs of the country’s citizens are to blame for the country’s economic decline. Despite the fact that employment has decreased and businesses are not working well, the GST has been increased, which is a direct outcome of the country’s economic slump. 

While the Prime Minister seeks to communicate with the public, he ignores the people’s voices and the challenges that they are dealing with. Despite the fact that kids are unable to return to school or college, famous tourist spots are jam-packed with visitors. It seems that having a good time is more important than studying.

Online education is only beneficial to the government and educational institutions, not to the students who are enrolled in it. Students are being charged the entire amount, and the government is getting the whole amount of tax, as well as more tax as a result of this. 

According to the new GST regulations, which take effect on January 1, what will be more expensive and less expensive in 2022 would be more expensive and less expensive? 

However, despite the tariffs and the Prime Minister’s assertion that the farmers died for him, there is little consensus on the matter. Satya Pal Malik pointed out that the Prime Minister sends a letter of condolence whenever anybody, even a dog, dies, but does not do so for those who supplied us with food but died as a result of government regulations. 

In the wake of so many deaths, why were agricultural safety regulations reinstated? Is it all part of a ruse to get sympathy votes ahead of the next election? 

For the purpose of demonstrating how much the government cares about its citizens and how concerned it is about their well-being. Given that Prime Minister Modi is the leader of state, it is plausible that this statement is an assault on him, but he also has a duty to care for every single Indian citizen, regardless of their political affiliation. 

The attitude of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the deaths of farmers is revealed by Satyapal Malik in an exclusive interview. 

Modi prioritises factories and toilets in Independence Day speech | Financial Times

The army, which provides protection, and the farmers, who give food, are the two most important pillars of national security. While they are in pain, the government is solely concerned with its own objectives for power, riches, and political strategy rather than the welfare of the people. 

In light of our contemporary political leaders’ disrespect for the people who pay their salaries and the fact that they are referred to as “public servants,” it is difficult to maintain that we are still living in a democratic nation. Even still, explaining why one should choose to be a public servant rather than a despot running a campaign and making phoney promises is difficult. 


The statement that was said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “Did they died for me” was a very rude statement because Prime Minister who is the ruler of the country and he is saying this type of statement is truly unexpected. As farmers and army officers are also known as protectors of the country and we should respect them because in future if farmers deny to supply the vegetables, fruits, etc.

Then what will the country do what the country citizens will eat? This is totally unexpected statement as what other nations or countries will think, that Country’s Prime Minister doesn’t even care about his people. At this time Prime Minister is only focusing collecting funds and taxes and not paying attention towards the main issues that is going within the country. 


Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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