Sendinblue Review: Is this Email Marketing Service good for you?

Sendinblue is based on the cloud service that is SaaS(Software as a Service). SaaS provides the end-users with software applications (here software application is Sendinblue) and benefits the user with the application’s services. Sendinblue is a potential quick fix to relationship marketing.

The company marked its presence in 2012 and was established by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma.

It made a significant impact by delivering cloud service solutions through e-mail marketing, using different kinds of social media platforms to endorse, such as Facebook ads, message marketing(SMS). Besides this, by automating the marketing too, which refers to efficient marketing on different platforms by sending repetitive reminders and messages to promote and thus establishing good, genuine long term customer relationships. The company has its branches spread globally:

  • Paris, France
  • Delhi, India
  • Seattle, United States
  • Berlin, Germany

Its headquarters is situated in Paris, where its customer service teams, marketing product teams, technical teams are present.

About The Product:

The main goal of the Sendinblue is to make people’s businesses connect with its customer and has a firm belief in creating excellent and genuine rapport as well as connections with their clients(or customers).

Key features of the product include:


It fulfills the requirements of those involved in business and helps them grow their project or company. It adapts according to their needs.


It enables the budding businesses to make their impact efficiently and securely just the way big companies are making their worth and word count. Professionalism is maintained and helps enterprises to conquer the market with the right tools and strategic operations present in it. Thus, making the work less worrisome and thereby focusing on generating good customer relations for future growth.


Privacy and data security are the key issues that are prevailing, and everybody is more concerned about infringement of data, customers always want a reliable source to depend upon with whom they are sharing their resources.

Neither clients wish to their personal information to leak or come into the hands to the third party, nor do businesses want to lose their customer base as for them too, the privacy of data is the key and utmost priority. Here, Sendinblue makes your job easy with their stronghold on the confidentiality of data by ensuring that proper rules and regulations are being followed.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Let’s discuss are key highlights of this product and what how they can advantage or be dis-advantageous in helping people grow their business. With advantages on one side, we need to look into the disadvantage of the product as well.


  • No matter what kind of business you support or handle, Sendinblue has a solution for everybody. Whether you own an agency or enterprise, plan to begin a start-up. Sendinblue is for everyone ranging from being available for e-commerce giants, marketer to even NGO or public sector. It has made everybody’s life more productive and secure.
  • Software is user-friendly that is easy to understand and use.
  • It helps to automate your campaigns.
  • It helps in establishing good customer relations and, thus, attracting large customers for businesses, which allows their businesses to grow by making a customer base.
  • It enables the business to reach larger audiences in one go by delivering messages to people automatically in the form of SMS, e-mails, newspaper, etc.
  • Provides with the best support staff who are readily available in your service.


  • Not every service of theirs is free of cost. There are different pricing for every need.
  • They have a limited set of templates.
  • Less versatile templates mostly contain basic templates only.
  • At times setting up an account can become confusing.


There are different services provided by them, and each service has a different price except one which is free of cost.

The pricing is dependent upon different features and user demands and services that are provided by them. They come in various categories; they are:

  • Free(Rs 0 per month): It has unlimited contacts.
  • Lite(Rs 1535 per month) includes: in addition to all free features, it has no daily limit on sending messages.
  • Essential(Rs 2343 per month): Best suited for growing businesses.
  • Premium(Rs 3960 per month): This is the most popular one as it provides solutions to market problems.
  • Enterprise: It is for those who need an upper hand to excel

For more information and you may refer to their portals and get first-hand details regarding the services being provided by them.

Review Conclusion :

Certainly, e-mail marketing services provided by Sendinblue are excellent as you can automate your messages with the help of it and make a widespread impact by reaching out to a broad spectrum of audiences in one go. It automating e-mail services helps you to advertise in an innovative way of reaching out to the broader public in a creative manner.

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