Shradha Sharma- Success story of an excellent Storyteller

There is no hiding to the fact that Shradha Sharma, the founder and chief editor of YourStory has made people believe that once the entrepreneur gets success, there’s doubt that they get to celebrate their journey a lot.

 With March being the month dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women entrepreneurs, today we bring our readers the success story of Shradha Sharma. With the fact that every entrepreneur has a struggle story to narrate, Shradha Sharma is no exception.

Before we begin with the success story of Shradha, we want to inform our readers about her venture. Shradha, the founder of YourStory owns a venture in which she narrates the success stories of entrepreneurs just like her. Recently, Shradha was also listed as one of the top reads at CNBC.

It was not even a decade ago that Shradha Sharma finally decided to quit her high paying job and bright career to start her venture of storytelling. Our readers would be thrilled to know that today’s world one of the most renown storyteller has her roots in Bihar- one of the most suppressed and backwards states in India for women. Therefore, life was never easy for her, but it was her strong will and determination which got her into India’s top college, St. Stephens and later pursued an MBA from MICA. Later, she landed a job in CNBC after working with Times of India in past. Her years with CNBC allowed her to interact with entrepreneurs from all over the world. This led to her realization that the world is missing a platform where entrepreneurs can narrate their success stories and this was how YourStory was born.

Once, Shradha founded YourStory, she was very sure of the fact that she has signed up for many sleepless nights and days full of struggle. There were times when she faced many rejections and some people also treated her differently once she left CNBC. During her struggle journey of YourStory, her mother also died, but Shradha is a lady with controlled emotions. Therefore, her emotions could not distract her from her goal.

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Finally, after years of hard work, her struggling journey had started to bear fruits of success and finally in today’s date she is known as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs and world’s one of the best storytellers. It was Shradha who proved the world that even after fighting a lot of suppression in a state like Bihar, where girls going to school were also considered against the social norms could taste her success all because of her strong determination and hard work.

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