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Tanvi Johri- the Pad Woman

Who could have ever thought that women could be free from the unwanted skin rashes and infections caused by using conventional sanitary pads? Well, the answer to this question is, it was Tanvi Johri who thought this and finally introduced a brand, now very famous- Carmesi (all-natural sanitary napkins). Today in our women’s edition, we want to appreciate and honour the mastermind behind this successful venture- Tanvi Johri

Tanvi Johri- Founder of Carmesi

Tanvi Johri, the founder of Carmesi, the all-natural sanitary napkins is a Chemistry Honours student from Hindu College, Delhi University. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of India who is yet to step into her 30s. These days with so many documentaries and movies coming up about the periods or menstruation, Tanvi had also taken an initiative to educate women about their wellness and hygiene. Carmesi- a natural sanitary napkin brand in today’s world is one of the most preferred choices of sanitary napkin among women. 

The story about the Red Hot Idea of Carmesi

Just like every other woman, Tanvi was also troubled with the rashes and skin infection caused by using the usual sanitary napkins. However, it was finally a few years later that she decided to manufacture a softer variety o sanitary napkin and thus came up with “Elize”. Although, this was also a sanitary pad made from synthetic materials, still made from little skin-friendly elements. Each packing came with a set of 30 pads and a disposal bag for each. The cost of this packet was INR 1,299. 

Later within 11 months after the launch if Elize, Tanvi Johri finally came up with the finest variety of sanitary napkin which is made from 100% natural material (body and environment-friendly). It was then, that Tanvi decided to change the name of her brand to “Carmesi”. 

What makes Carmesi Pads 100% safe?

Given the fact that the price of these Cramesi all-natural napkins being 2.5 times more than the cost of regular synthetic sanitary napkins, it had built an excellent consumer base within a short period of time. This is only because of the ingredients from which this pad is manufactured are all 100% natural. These pads are made using bamboo fibre and corn starch. 

The Carmise pads are not only picked and loved by women belonging to upper-class families but, according to the sales, it has been reported that the majority of buyers are from the Tier-II cities. In today’s date, Carmise by Tanvi Johri has managed to donate $500,000 in angel funding and in the education of women for their health and wellness. 

We believe that entrepreneurs like Tanvi Johri are very dedicated and determined to make a difference in society. She is an epitome of strength and hard work for all the upcoming entrepreneurs. 



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