Raj Kundra was arrested in connection with an adult film racket in 2021

Businessman Raj Kundra has been allegedly arrested as the key conspirator of an adult film-making racket. Actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra was held guilty by the Mumbai Crime Branch, alleging he was creating pornographic films and publishing them online on social media apps. Being in controversy is nothing new for the renowned businessman as he’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons—the Case related to February when the police had busted him with similar complaints. Kundra has been previously booked under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act.

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Let’s Delve Into Some Key Highlights of the Allegation-

On Monday, the 45-year old Kundra had been declared as the chief conspirator of publishing pornographic films. Following complaints of model Poonam Pandey, the police department started covering the illegal activities’ roots. The commissioner stated that several complaints had been received against the party in February, and after investigation, sufficient evidence has been deployed. He has been deemed guilty against sections 420(cheating), 34(common intention), 292, and 293 displaying indecent and obscene content online under various acts. According to the Act, India has been declared as the grey area of the law as it is neither prohibited nor legally channelized. Along with him, eleven more members are set to be involved in this horrendous activity.

The Case revolved around allegedly forcing women to shoot porn movies. Actresses were quick-witted by the people running the racket and were notified about the gazing stardom they would get by instilling in the industry. Mumbai, the City of Dreams, as they say, it, soon turned out to be a disastrous nightmare for the aspirants as they were coercively compelled to expose themselves. If they didn’t consent to the proposal, then the people involved would hold the bill’s footprint induced by the shooting preparations.

Raj Kundra’s Involvement in the Secretly Run Adult Filmmaking Racket-

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First things First, Raj Kundra has conspired to be the mastermind of many such illegal activities, whether it’s his involvement in betting and gambling cricket matches, or propelling women for seductive interviews. Post his arrest, shocking revelations went viral on social media. Inundated clip interviews of actress and model Sagarika Shona Suman explicitly popped up where she claims that Raj Kundra has illegally abrogated her. The latter had offered him a significant role in his produced web series in August 2020.

According to the police probe, the prominent role in the racket was sceptical and executed under Raj Kundra. Figuring out how the story unlatched was exacting hidden details about the producers and the broadcasters of the porn clips. The racket wasn’t only communicated through the domestic scenes, as broadcasters were incorporated outside India. The UK agency was found to be the main ascendancy and came under the examination of Mumbai police. What followed was the corporate connection between Kundra and the production house’s executive, Umesh Kamat. The insights of the case ought to get divulged by leaked WhatsApp chats.

The adult filmmaking racket has been prevalent and ballooning in India since the lockdown began. Not only renowned people in business but celebrities are dragging into the elusive trap of exploitation. In search of glory and recognition, actors and actresses are thrown into the malady, while the producers fill their pockets with growing vogue.

In the whole scenario, Raj Kundra has fabricated a mockery of his comments on porn. In 2012, he had tweeted about prostitution and pornography, asking the synopsis behind the legality of paying someone to have sex on camera! Furthermore, he said that there is no difference between the two if someone is allegedly doing it. It seems like he hasn’t given virtue to his word. Pretentious!

According to reports, Raj Kundra is set to be conducted under police prosecution until the anticipatory bail application gets cleared.

How have the Rich Businessmen overblown the aspirations of upcoming actors?

For ages, the film industry has envisaged some of the heroic names in its history. The unprecedented wisdom has upheaved their recognition as a role model for many struggling to cope with the rejection pressure. The attraction of Fame and money has resonated with young and inspiring talents to opt for this industry. However, some might have succeeded extraordinarily and gained eminent popularity; others have been enervated with a stockpile of troubles. In today’s scenario, the covid-19 pandemic has destroyed the hopes of millions of talented upcoming bonkers who were dreaming of ravishing on the biggest stage. Everything seems mesmerizing on the top of the ladder, but what we don’t know is the discretionary activities happening behind the scenes.

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While the OTT platform has unleashed exceptional actors, it has subsided the underline cracks of the industry. Wealthy producers and business people have come up with an ideology of manipulating the desperation of actors and actresses and compelling them to enact intimate scenes of web series. A bizarre bubble of exploitation across the film industry has demolished the strikingly fantastic dynamism. The inauguration of the web series platform has incepted mischievous opportunities to the businessmen for establishing and empowering their illegal conduct on the promising candidates. India’s mainstream OTT platforms have become more confined to censor content as these filming apps became extremely popular during the lockdown, with the subscriber base doubling.

What are the provisions on Pornographic Content in India, and why it’s Attained Significance in this Case?

Pornography is legally Barred in India. In other words, anyone indulging in the creation or publication of pornographic content should be punishable for three years, or a penalty fee would be charged under the Information Technology Act. While viewing cyber pornography is legalized in India, it’s substantially misused and misguided. Recent instances of offenders getting caught for transmitting scandal videos have highlighted some of the provisions on forwarding pornographic content. Transmitting it or inquisitively using it on digital media is considered an offensive remark in India. However, the culture and the regulation of the act is ignored by producers, broadcasters and watchers in India. They continue on destroying it by sharing the content on apps, websites and social media.

This Case has gained Significance due to the interoperability of a large scale business being conducted by secretive people across the industry. We don’t know how many such rackets might be executed on a daily basis and how severely the glowing career paths turn into a profoundly regretting mistake. The argument that arises is why there hasn’t been any strict action against these heroic and vengeful businessmen. If we don’t want to end the sparkling light of the exquisite OTT platforms, then such rackets need to be revoked imminently.

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