The “inevitable” third wave of Corona: Is it for real, or merely a made-up myth?

The third wave of Covid-19 has already done immense destruction to the entire planet. However, we are all aware of the initial phase that led to great havoc and reckoning of the planet along with impacting the lives of people. People have glimpsed all sorts of major crises during the period of the last two years, which proved to be devastating. It led to several sorts of decline in the lives of people ranging from economic to social development. 

People were sort of locked in their houses during the entire period to stay safe and avoid any chances of interaction with the virus. It has managed to deplete the world economy at a significant level and managed to disrupt the families of the people who died adding to the despair.

Covid-19 prior waves lead to immense destruction.

The Coronavirus pandemic has yet not ended and is still on its way to cause more destruction. According to several reports, the coronavirus pandemic has been the most effective and influential on the major recession since the very Great Depression all over the world. Gradually even when we come out of this situation and are free from Covid-19, if ever possible, the budget deficit of every country is probably going to widen. The expense presently being done on healthcare and emergency economic packages will lead to economic depression in the near future. The rate of borrowing would increase at a significant pace in a matter of time.

World Health Organisation reports the existence of the third wave in India.

Strong likelihood' of more dangerous Covid variants, warn WHO experts | World News - Hindustan Times

The initial two waves of Covid have evidently done extreme damage to the entire globe. However, the third wave is also reported to have arrived in several areas and regions of the world. The World Health Organization recently announced the third wave of Coronavirus to enter India during the period of August and October 2021. The next few months are predicted to be extremely critical and serious for the entire planet.

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WHO has warned each and every country and mentioned the fact that the world is at the very advanced level of the third wave of the Covid-19 virus. Initially reported in India, the third wave is being completely driven by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. It is a serious and critical warning for India. The Union Health Minister of India has also mentioned and reported a decline in the rate of fall in the Covid-19 cases. This situation is destructive and can cause extreme disfigurement to the entire world. The major regions of concern in India include Maharashtra, Kerala, and the North East.

The third wave might be extremely severe: Niti Aayog member, BK Paul.

BK Paul, the Niti Aayog member of health, recently mentioned that despite the preparedness of India, the situation of Covid-19 could lead to extreme destruction and vandalization. India is still not completely immune against the virus through the vaccination drives are being implemented. All these factors lead to the existence of dangers and hazards of being caught by Covid-19 critically in the third wave as well. According to the government officials of India, the vaccination process and drive in India is going at a fast pace, but the upcoming few months will prove to be extremely dangerous and threatening.

Has the third wave has already begun in India?

According to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Physicist of the University of Hyderabad, Dr. Vipin Srivastava, the third wave of Covid-19 has already entered India. It has been said to arrive on July 4th, 2021, as the records represent. The reports are based on the glimpse of Covid trends on July 4th, which was extremely similar to those in the first week of February which was actually the beginning phase of the second wave.

The existence of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is still under research and study. However the national curve in India recently e displayed a decline in the Covid cases from 4.14 lakh to 2.6 lakh, which is highly contradicting. The present can be hampered if not handled with care and responsibility. Further, there have been instances like the recent happenings of decline in the lowering of death rates or Covid cases continue to be consistent the condition could turn out to be worse. If things don’t go smoothly the prediction of July 2021 turning into February 2021 in terms of severity might come true. 

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How to know if the third wave has entered or not?

Boost paediatric infra for 3rd wave: NCPCR to govt | India News,The Indian Express

On the off chance, if there is an overflow of cases and death rates in India during this time period the condition would be termed as the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. We must consider all the precautions and keep up with social distancing along with wearing proper masks, in order to avoid any interaction with the third wave. There are several states who have yet not recovered from the second wave itself and are not at all prepared to face the third. There are high chances of extreme losses and ruination of psychological, economical, and social balance if the third wave proves to be as severe and threatening as the second.

Will the third wave have lesser impacts than the second?

There is no basis to predict or foresee the severity of the third wave. There have been reports and news about the third wave being stronger but it is yet not approved. According to several studies, it is also expected that each and every wave that comes forth would be relatively less impactful than the prior. The damages that are expected by the third wave are lower than the second. However, it could not be proved due to a lack of evidence and several contradictory reports. 

Also, now that a major part of the population is vaccinated the impact is considered or is at least, expected to be lower. Vaccines have proven to be highly efficient and beneficial in fighting against the virus. The initial phases were more drastic because of the fact that people were not at all immune to the virus. However, when the waves come consequently after each other there is a sort of immunity formed in the human beings against a specific disease or virus which they have to fight against. This reduces the susceptibility of humans against the virus making them competent enough.

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However, this logic and strategy of the further waves being weaker than the prior turned upside down when considered the condition of India. The losses in the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic were significantly higher than the first wave which contradicts the theory and Idea.

Is it possible to avoid the third wave of Covid-19?

Third wave

The possibility of avoiding the third wave is quite low as it has probably already entered the country and other portions of the world. There are possible chances of restricting the level of hardship that it brings to the people by following up with the proper precautions and considering social distancing as a major practice. According to the Principal Scientific Advisor, Vijay Raghavan, the third wave is not at all inevitable but could be avoided at a significant level by following strong measures.

Increase in poverty and losses of lives during the initial two waves

It has also become a reason for increased poverty all over the globe. The people of the informal sectors have indicated a considerable downfall in the earnings and revenues. The younger section of the society or the students have lost their only hope for a better future in the present times. Classes have shifted online which are not as effective as offline ones. The level of knowledge and understanding in students is predicted to go low in the coming years. There are several children who have become orphans during this period as they lost their parents and have almost no elderly support left for their present and future.


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