The Path of Hardwork and Diligence- The Story of 2 Entrepreneur Brothers

The Path of Hardwork and Diligence- The Story of 2 Entrepreneur Brothers

Work ethic and intelligent work are the values that this generation adheres to, and it is through these ideals, we pave our way into the future to reflect on our dreams. Such is the story of the Behl brothers, who carved out a name for themselves in the marketing world.

The Path of Hardwork and Diligence- The Story of 2 Entrepreneur Brothers

The two brothers Mohit and Nitish Behl, born and brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab, are a true testament to the principles, and their story deserves telling. The brothers have been into digital marketing for ten years now, and they started their company JMD Digital Inc. in 2018. The siblings, though different individuals, shared a common dream of doing something huge in life that made a difference.

They had their hardships, as life wasn’t easy for them; they worked a salaried job for 20K in their 10th grade and later pursued Computer Engineering, making them just like the masters of the digital world. The brothers are also well versed with programming skills like java, C++, android and other technologies.  Their story is a heartwarming one as they have worked very hard to get where they are today.

They worked many jobs in search of a way to develop their ideas. They could successfully drive almost 20-25 million traffic towards their website and saved all the money as they know the worth of every single penny earned.

According to them, the perseverance they had to put into their lives only gave them exposure and the opportunity to work with other people. They realised how important exposure and collaborating with others is. The brothers constantly worked, day in and day out, came up with ideas and got to where they are today.

Even after their recent success, they continue to work hard for the dream they once had each day. They believe in taking small steps and executing their plans. They are an excellent example of how you come from, your past, and anything else becomes insignificant when you blend hard work and talent. The rationale for this is that the Behl brothers are from the small town of Lohian in Jalandhar Punjab.

They started simple, were diligent, and are now providing digital marketing services for every platform we can think of, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They proudly state that they work for giving growth to their clients.

Everyone needs a goal for and that they are willing to move mountains for. The siblings have found their way up as they were pragmatic and valued their abilities while making improvements and seizing any opportunities that came their way. They made technical innovation their speciality, using their talents to create a blueprint to conquer. It also demonstrates the importance of discipline and being mindful of your abilities because this allows you to realise your true potential and the heights you will reach with them. They are an array of hope for all aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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