The Use of Innovation and How It Is Changing the World In Front

We are living in an era where one has to maintain its pace with the rapid developments happening around. If one fails to cope up with the existing developments then it will get really hard for them to prove their mettle in terms of rapid digitization or innovations. When one just introduced oneself to a recent trend in technology, the very next moment one can easily find an update to an existing one. So adopting the technology the way it comes becomes imperative. Innovation in today’s world is changing things in a wide variety of ways. It is helping in making life less cumbersome and efficient.

We are very privileged to live in a generation where both technology, as well as science with their assistance, have made our lives a lot simpler and on the contrary interconnected too.

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According to our needs, we are developing new methodologies that can serve us most appropriately without making us struggle to get our job done.

Innovations are happening in the field of science, technologies, medical equipment, and surgeries, etc. Various patents are getting filled and the number is increasing. The patent is another formal word for the unique idea thought or implemented by a person or an organization. This is resulting in creating a smart future for everybody.

A study conducted by the popular MNC McKinsey states that future success is dependent on innovation.

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To support this there are set of innovations stated below which tells that innovation is changing the world.

Advent of internet

The Internet has changed our world drastically and is continuing to create an inevitable impact on ourselves. We have made ourselves so confined to the internet world that we cannot think about our existence without it. The Internet has a major role to play in all domains i.e. education, offices, railways, billing, payments, air travels, etc. The list is endless.


Mobile phones are another big invention which over the period, has become a virtual necessity. Markets are flooded with a wide range of devices. Mobile phones are no more privileged access to the rich now, everybody can have access to such phones as there is a wide range of mobiles at different affordable prices.

Self- driving cars

Self-driving cars are no more a distant dream now. In terms of automobile innovation, we have come a long way now. One doesn’t need to worry about the fact of whether one knows how to drive a car or not. By devoting minimum day for practice we can travel easily on wheels.

Big brands like Tesla, Google, GM, Uber, Ford, and Apple are developing their self-driving cars, and are getting tested in major cities in different parts of the world.

Agriculture Sector

The agriculture sector which constitutes a major portion of the economy in any country has been immensely powered by innovation. By deploying various agricultural equipment i.e. by installing water pumps, solar pumps, and panels, providing well-equipped tractors and other machines.

Innovation has become a new pump

Innovation in the Work

Innovation has a large role to play in today’s world. One’s survival is completely dependent on the new inventions as it eases their tasks. Who doesn’t want a smooth and easy life? Everybody wants it. So this could only be possible through innovations. And how these innovations can be implemented in our daily lives is a thing to watch for. The world has undergone the most dramatic changes in the past in continuing to undergo in present to make a better future.

Innovating new ideas is the key element for the functioning of any company. Aided with technological growth, it’s not just the intellectuals who can think out of the box ideas.  Anyone can innovate. And if the company can do it right, there are no bounds to what the limits of success can be. The core elements for new ideas of innovation lie in a few fundamental steps. Motivation and Challenge can be the major segments for the novel ideas that help in improving the company. Here are some ways that your company can encourage innovation.

Infusing Creativity into the New Workplace—It's Easier than You Think - HR Daily Advisor

  1. Ask your employees to get along

Not just on highly organized sales growth meetings and for assisting during the times of audit should the employees stay together and help each other out. Even on a casual workday, insist on group communication based on simple topics that are related to the company. For example, if their total productivity comes down due to fatigue, even vague ideas could hit the button for innovation. This works well if you have an arranged space during lunch or break time.

  1. Give them space and time
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When you allow your recruits to be engulfed in their reasoning, there is a much bigger chance that they will come up with new ideas for any monotonous work. With their own time to look at new perspectives, they get an idea of how to be more efficient. More efficiency is also a way of innovation. Taking time to do one project with accuracy and precision instead of being assigned with a multitude of projects and losing focus on all of them is a better way that can lead to innovative thinking.

  1. Lend, not just your ear, to what they have to say.

The office is not always inclusive only to extroverts. It also includes very talented introverts. Some introverts (or just tactful extroverts ) in the office may have brilliant ideas to share. You might be paying attention to it, but it only makes them more uncomfortable. How to identify them? Psychology provides the answer. When staring at a person makes them feel watched and anxious, try this instead. Notice their body language and how subtly it changes. It could be a momentary enthusiasm or parting of lips for a few moments to say something. If you notice it, then you might as well have a perfect chance of getting a bunch of smart ideas. 

  1. Allot Different types of work for some time

Sometimes, when you pile up a mundane work over the other, the new style of thinking is utterly lost. The brain gets used to the given job and does not ask any questions.  If an employee is asked to do balance sheets, it is a simple matter of keeping accounts for his/ her division. When the work, accounting for multiple balance sheets gets loaded up, the employee tends to look at the repetitive part rather than the view which could storm up creative concepts.

  1. Give Credits to valuable ideas but do not ridicule the impractical ones.

When an innovative idea is presented, praise, and compliment the person who produced it. But Caution: it could be of anyone else’s too. If so, make sure you congratulate the other person as well. It encourages colleagues to bring in more ideas, and work on them. At the same time, if a vain idea is presented make sure not to ridicule it. It belittles them in front of their co-workers and it might be possible that they are never going to present a notion to you again!

  1. Keep sticky notes at the desks all the time

The pressure of having a sticky to-do -work notes is stressing. However, it helps you view the big picture and the way of organizing them concerning time. New notions can be written as soon as the idea pops into mind and can be elaborately detailed later. It is in human nature to compare their work with the world. If one has more sticky notes on their desk, they could use some help. This is a way of getting people to work harder faster and together as well.

  1. Be a kind leader to your fellow members

Once you are put in the position of in charge, it is natural that others may or may not like it. The attitude you have to show them is Kindness. This might look simple but is hard to follow. By being kind you can persuade a person, even the one who would want your leadership position, to share their ideas without a second thought. Sometimes, you will also get your petty work done promptly for free! Isn’t that cool?

  1. Accept the failure.

If an implemented idea fails, accept the criticism. Step up and own the mistake. Identify where you failed in the idea. One or two tweaks in the correct idea could change the entire result. This positive attitude will inspire other people to work for the cause and it will end up pushing your team way more than you expect.

  1. Do not put yourself into one perspective

So far, the DO’s will work pretty well. This is an inevitable “do not” that should be worked upon. When you have a broad mentality you will be able to accept various suggestions into account without neglecting even the smaller ones. At the end of the day, you’ll have different clashing ideas. Challenging and even wrong ones will be in the stack too. You can sit and sort it out. Or try them out and see if it works based on the requirements. It might bring positive results. It is better than having no ideas and staying in the same stagnant level.

Try out all or at least some of these in your workplace and see the magic of productivity increase multifold in the workplace. Innovation is not always about brainy ideas. Sometimes, it is how you obtain it from an employee and implement them in a viable way for the better utilization of resources that are available on the company.

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The routine work is long gone now

Six Lessons From Corporations With The Best Innovation Culture

Well following the same routine every day can be quite boring eventually leading to a decrease in one’s output & efficiency. Opting for the 9 to 5 job every day, spending eight to nine hours by doing the same type of work each day makes it difficult not to get bored by a life where each day is the same as the one lived the previous day. Although we hate it when we just finished a task and another one crept into our list, with a close deadline, there is one thing we hate even more. And that is monotony, one of the declared enemies of happiness at work.

Steps can be taken both at the personal and corporate levels to reduce boredom and monotony at the workplace, some of the methods have been discussed here.

At the corporate level:-

How to Foster Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace - Human Spaces

  • Open refreshing zones:-

The company can take innovative measures like make leisure zone, restrooms, gaming zones, cafeteria inside the office building. Opening restrooms, gaming zones, the cafeteria can help the employees to refresh, re-energize themselves, allowing them to get rid of their boredom. Thus increasing their work efficiency.

  • Give incentives:-

Incentives should be given to the employees to ensure that they do their work more precisely and efficiently. These incentives will keep the employees engaged in their work and keep them away from boredom. An incentive like a bonus, paid holidays, paid trips, etc can be given.

  • Trips & holidays:-

Giving employees sponsored trips and holidays will help them to relax and destress themselves. So when they come back they can work more efficiently.

  • Happiness:-

The employer needs to ensure that everyone at the workplace is happy by the work given to them as happiness keeps the boredom away thus increasing the productivity of the employees eventually increasing the Firm’s profits.

  • Innovating the workplace:-

It can be done by taking suggestions from the employees about the changes they want to see in the workplace, processing their ideas, and implementing them. Keep on innovating at the workplace leads to a decrease in monotony and boredom thus increasing worker efficiency.

  • Human ergonomics:-

While designing the workplace human ergonomics should be kept in mind. The workplace should be properly lit, well ventilated, and properly spaced, to increase the efficiency of the worker. If the Workplace is properly lit, well ventilated, and properly spaced the worker can concentrate more on his work.

  • Use of technology:-

The use of the latest technology should be promoted in the workplace. As this will Use creative ideas to do the meeting, basically change the conventional way of holding a meeting. Use the technology to innovate the meetings

At a personal level:-

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

  • Enjoy your work:-

The basic solution to kill monotonous work & boredom at the workplace is trying to enjoy your hectic schedule & work as it will not leave you with enough time to get bored or frustrated.

  • Music:-

Music helps people to concentrate better and get rid of tension. It decreases stress levels and can put you in a great mood that allows you to fight monotony at work. Therefore music is a powerful source to keep one away from boredom. Listening to music while working as it refreshes your mind, thus enabling you to get rid of your boredom at work.

  • Take breaks:-

Take a break at regular interval to refresh and relaxes your mind at work. Taking a break at regular interval increase one’s work efficiency also relieves one from stress and boredom.

  • Personalize your workplace:-

One should personalize their workplace as it gives them a sense of belonging. By this, they can concentrate on their work properly thus increasing their efficiency.

  • Travel:-

One should spend some time exploring new locations, travel to a new destination, plan a short trip with friends and family, to a nearby destination is a good way to relax and refresh yourself  If this isn’t possible one can travel within the city as well. Instead of spending a weekend by sleeping for long durations, head out and explore new restaurants, parks, malls, and theatres which you haven’t visited yet. 

  • Keep your mind busy:-

One gets bored easily when he isn’t working. So keep your mind busy by doing some kind of work and activities. e.g.:- one can read books of their preferences in free time.

  • Research new idea:-

Utilize your extra time by researching new ideas. As it gives one upper hand of being on top of your field’s discoveries and advancements, use this information to build something of your own that is a new project, a new framework, or a new product. Since research is time-consuming and quite interesting it will not keep boredom and frustration away from you. Thus allowing you to work more efficiently.

  • Explore yourself:-
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In your free time at work find ways to improve yourself. Join online courses to strengthen your resume.

  • Involvement in your work:-

Try to think of a new angle of solving a current task, figure out a completely different way of doing the thing that is going creative. Since it will keep the mind busy you will not get bored easily and will be able to tackle your monotony of work more efficiently.

Monotony and boredom are a source of negative energy which brings down one’s energy and will to do work since these factors have a direct effect on a firm’s profit so it should be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Monotony and boredom at the workplace can be eradicated to a certain extent by the above mention solution. Also, innovative ideas and methods should be deployed to kill monotonous work routines. It is the new view line of work which helps in the whole work and understanding.

Channel A New Outlook – Up Your Workplace Creativity – JJR Marketing, Inc

Innovation at the workplace not only kills monotony at the workplace but also increases productivity among the employees and thus benefiting the company to a larger extent. Innovation is a pathway to unprecedented experience and commences a journey to a new world too.

How do you celebrate innovation at work?

The importance of promoting creativity within the workplace | Training Journal

Everything good needs to be celebrated. So does innovation. At work, this needs to be done at an even larger scale than what we used to have as kids. Everyone is grown up and mature which robs the opportunity of celebration as a whole. You are an essential part of the company. You need to be celebrated, especially after an innovative idea. Here are some ways to celebrate innovation in your company.

Target Rewards with consistency

Now that you have been a part of an innovative project, you are celebrated now. It fades away with time. To obtain more efficiency, firstly, Targets should be set. The target could be associated with the company’s immediate needs. Whatever the target is, a reward has to be provided. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their work? The rewards could be points for bonuses or weekend hampers that will encourage the workers to innovate more. Just because of the timely rewards the whole productivity of the company is likely to rise. It improves the mentality of the workers, making their workplace fun.

Acknowledge effort

After the idea has set sail, the effort put forth must be appreciated. Sure, the rewards are satisfying. But no matter what the reward is, it does not equal to the heartfelt words of the senior and fellow workers.  Appreciate enough with true words and mean them. The ultimate satisfaction is the acknowledgment of effort. The glint of pride in the other person’s eyes is what one must aim for when appreciating the effort.

Call for a toast.

Plan and organize the surprise parties for the ingenious ideas. If there’s a budget constraint, small gifts and meaningful would suffice. If you wish to surprise a person, you could have your gift customized. If nothing at all is possible, write a note and leave it on their desk and watch their face brighten up. This is a great way of developing an intra-personal relationship.

The joy of free time

The best way to appreciate someone is to give them free time. This does not mean an extended break or lunch hours. It just sets the target and if the work is done, they’re free to spend time on their own. In other words, this is called the Flexibility of working hours. It is one of the best incentives that could be achieved for all co-workers. If this method working is allowed, automatically innovative ideas will flow through. Everyone is always satisfied with little extra free time.

Give recognition

It is in human nature to seek validation for every work that’s been done. Recognition among the co-workers could improve the person’s self-esteem in a great way. Everyone else strives to earn that recognition. It promotes healthy competition among the workers and provides an incentive for others to do the same.

Wrapping it up

5 Ways to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace - HR Payroll Systems

The above mentioned are just a few ways among thousands. Let your creativity flow for positive things that should be celebrated. If you stand as a pillar of support for your colleagues, you will be supported when you need it. Just as they say, what you give will come back to you. 

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