Top 10 Best Direct Selling Companies In India 2022

Top 10 Best Direct Selling Companies In India 2022

Top worldwide brands and smaller entrepreneurial enterprises use direct selling to offer products and services to consumers. Companies sell a wide range of products and services, including jewellery, cookware, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, housewares, energy, and insurance, among others.

In a significant manner, direct selling varies from traditional retail. It’s not only about putting exceptional products and services into customers’ hands.

Consultants for direct selling work independently but are affiliated with a firm that uses the channel, allowing them to manage their business on their terms. Prospective consumers form strong personal relationships with consultants, primarily through face-to-face discussions and demonstrations. Direct selling is a go-to-market technique that may be more effective for many organizations and product lines than traditional advertising or getting premium shelf space in this age of social networking. Get Best Certifications from Certlibrary to boost your career.

People get into direct selling because they like a company’s products or services and want to get them at a reduced price. Some people opt to advertise these products to their friends, family, and others to profit from their sales. The most successful consultants may seek to grow their firm by forming a direct sales network.

Eighty-nine per cent of direct sellers choose to work part-time, providing flexibility and work-life balance to busy parents, caregivers, military spouses, veterans, and others.



An Independent Salesforce

Because of how clients offer items and services, direct selling stands apart among retail channels. Rather than depending on traditional retail shops or internet marketplaces, direct selling enterprises maintain a salesforce of millions of independent workers who contributed to the economy. Independent employees are also used by real estate, insurance, travel, technology organizations, and well-known brands to offer products and services to customers. Independent work is beneficial to those who pursue it and the economy and society.

Independent direct selling consultants work for themselves and earn commissions on sales. They establish their hours, develop their marketing strategies, decide whether to form a sales team and mentor those on it and determine how to serve their consumers.
Working for oneself appeals to millions of independent direct salespeople. The obvious benefit is the opportunity to start, grow, and run their own company. Direct selling appeals to many people, including parents with young children, students, caretakers, retirees, military spouses, and many more, because it allows them to determine their working hours.

Because direct selling isn’t dependent on overhead like real estate, buildings, and equipment, or traditional advertising, which may cost so much, most direct selling enterprises have start-up costs of a few hundred dollars or less.


Different types of direct selling


The following are examples of direct selling techniques:

  • Person-to-person sales: Setting up one-on-one meetings with customers to provide presentations, demonstrate new items, or schedule product trials or fittings.
  • Door-to-door sales: Approaching homes and businesses by appointment or unannounced to leave catalogues and offer items or product demonstrations
  • In-home presentations: Planning parties and at-home gatherings to present items (commonly referred to as a ‘party plan’)
  • Online shopping: Creating customer networks and offering online ordering through websites and email lists.
  • Venue sales: Setting up booths or kiosks at events to generate new leads and advertise and sell products
  • Network marketing: Network marketing entails enlisting the help of other sellers to ‘duplicate’ your product sales function in exchange for a share of their sales revenue and the expansion of your product’s reach.



Tips for direct selling

Prioritize connection building over sales: Your initial goal should persuade your consumers to give you their time and attention. To develop new relationships, follow up with new prospects as soon as feasible.

Have thorough knowledge: Know your items and believe in their ability to meet the needs of your customers. Salespeople who are passionate about their products are more likely to close deals. Support your excitement by learning everything you can about the things you’re selling.

Keep detailed records of your customers: A comprehensive client database aids in the growth and tracking of your networks, as well as provides a valuable source of data that can influence sales.

Maintain meticulous customer records: A complete client database aids in the development and tracking of your networks and provides a vital source of data that can affect sales. Use your database to regularly contact your customers and send them marketing materials like e-newsletters and event or product updates.

Prepare the environment in which you’ll be selling: Arrive early for your party or event and prepare your product display, presentation space, and seating arrangement attentively. Choose a layout that encourages your customers to look at you instead of at each other. Consider how to reduce the number of distractions in the room. For example, request that your host or hostess close any doors allowing noise or outside activities.

Develop your connections: Your network marketing methods are critical to the success of your company. Collaborate with your direct marketing colleagues to build solid, mutually beneficial relations. Regularly check in with, or speak with your coworkers to share your selling strategies and keep them engaged.

Improve your selling abilities: Conversation, listening, and a well-developed communication style will help you form long-term client relationships and construct a profitable business.



The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) is an autonomous, self-regulatory group for the direct selling business in India, founded in 1996. The Association serves as a conduit between the industry and government policy-making organizations, advancing the cause of the direct selling business in India.

IDSA works to establish and promote a suitable environment for the direct selling industry’s growth in India, partnering with business and government through advising and consultative initiatives.

IDSA catalyzes change by collaborating closely with the government on policy concerns, increasing efficiency, and establishing the credibility, clarity, and confidence that Direct Selling requires.


Five Reasons to Start a Direct Sales Company


  • Opportunity for Entrepreneurship

The main advantage of starting a direct selling business is that it allows you to be your boss. He must build a business plan and set goals based exclusively on his own personal aspirations as an independent consultant. Unlike beginning a business from the ground up, many direct selling companies already have a name.

This pre-existing goodwill can help him gain access to new opportunities. Instead of investing time creating a brand, he merely must sell existing well-known things. According to Marketing91, direct selling also means larger profit margins for both the salesperson and the firm that sells items.


  • There are no educational requirements.

The direct sales business has no educational or professional requirements, making it an excellent fit for students, recent college graduates, long-term stay-at-home parents, and people with little or no employment experience. Furthermore, a person who does not have a college diploma or even high school graduation will not be turned down for this type of business opportunity. In this sector, the sole need for success is the desire to achieve whatever goals one sets for herself.


  • Social Aspects

Working in the direct selling industry necessitates interacting with many people. This job feature makes it a fantastic way to meet and connect with new people from all walks of life, allowing an independent consultant to earn money while meeting new friends. Hosting in-person Tupperware parties, for example, is a pleasant way to earn some money while interacting with friends and other visitors.


  • Flexible Scheduling

Direct selling business is possibly the most adaptable of all jobs. Because of the nature of the job, a person who pursues it can work whenever he wants. Whether he wants to work typical full-time hours or merely sell products on weekends, either option is suitable, depending solely on his personal objectives.


  • Aspects of Finance

There is a lot of money to be made in the direct selling industry. On the other hand, the quantity earned is up to each person and varies greatly from one to the next. The amount of money an independent consultant can earn is limitless because they can work as many or as few hours as they want. According to EDSA, initial fees might be low, enabling a person to jumpstart a profession if money is needed right away.


The Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India in 2022 are listed below.

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited


Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an Indian best direct company founded in Chennai in 2013. It is a direct selling firm that provides a wide selection of lifestyle items to clients, all of which are certified by the Ministry of AYUSH.

They are the first direct selling company to offer the most FMCG category products at competitive prices, even with traditional, with over 200 products in our portfolio almost covering every segment with a unique offer of free coupons.
Their goal realizes the dreams of everyone affiliated with the company. Because of growing dominance in the direct selling business, Mi Lifestyle Marketing network of registered distributors and consumers receives particular perks and chances.

This executive team has 19 years of direct selling expertise in India. This company is a FICCI and FDSA affiliate member and has a yearly revenue of 1500 crores. Milifestyle is a meber of FDSA.





2. Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Keva Industries, founded in 2009, is a prominent direct selling company that specializes in high-quality wellness, food, personal care, colour cosmetics, home care, FMCG, animal and agriculture products. With over 400 products in its inventory, the company practically covers every market segment with a one-of-a-kind Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, is positioned as one of India’s most trusted brand names and conglomerates in the healthcare sector, with a dominant network footprint contouring as one of the emerging Natural Healthcare companies since its inception, backed by a strong track record of innovation. It is a genuine business opportunity that adheres to India’s Direct Selling Standards.

Numerous nationally and globally praised certificates, approvals, and honours have been bestowed upon it. Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd is continually looking for methods to benefit the community and is committed to doing so through its vast and well-organized infrastructure, as well as its robust marketing and distribution model.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd and its products for services or sales and marketing plan must be presented relatively by the distributor.


3. Amway

Amway is an American firm that sells a range of products through a multi-level marketing strategy, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care areas.

The company’s portfolio includes over 200 products that practically cover every market area, as well as a one-of-a-kind offer of free products. Even with traditional products, Amway provides most FMCG category products at affordable pricing. The corporation has made a hefty profit of 9.5 billion dollars (2015). Amway is a member of IDSA.

All Amway India distributors receive free and limitless training to help them expand their businesses. There are around 140 products in five categories available from the company. There are products in nutrition and wellness, beauty, personal care, home care, and fantastic value. All Amway India goods are made in India, except the Beauty line and a few products in the Nutrition and Wellness category. Amway India has 500 full-time employees and employs 2,000 people through its contract manufacturer locations. Over 650,000 active independent Amway business owners have benefited from the company’s income-generating prospects.



4. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started operations in 2004 and is now a prominent direct selling firm focusing on world-class wellness products, has grown into a leading direct selling firm. Vestige continues to expand at a breathtaking pace year after year. The expansion rate speaks volumes about the product quality, marketing strategy, and management team responsible for creating such a successful long-term system.

It is constantly extending its product portfolio to bring unique wellness items every year, all of which are created in state-of-the-art GMP and Halal-certified production facilities. Vestige is a direct selling company ISO 9001-2015 certified and believes in offering world-class service to all of its customers. With over 3000+ online and offline sales locations across India, many abroad offices, and several distribution centres, it has created a vast network of distributors that is constantly growing every year.

Vestige is ranked number 30 on Direct Selling News’ Global 100 list of the top direct selling companies in the world for 2020. Vestige is the first and only Indian enterprise to get this honour.

With the slogan of spreading Wellth, i.e. spreading wealth through wellbeing, it has continued to enrich the lives of everyone who is a member of the firm and those who believe in its healthcare and wellness goods.

The rate of expansion speaks volumes about the quality of the products, the marketing strategy, and the management team that has created such a lucrative and long-term system. Vestige is member of IDSA.sell


5. Modicare

The primary principle of the Modi group of industries has remained unwaveringly consistent since its inception: to improve, engage, and empower people’s lives. The Modicare Foundation was founded in 1996; it was based on the same idea.
The Modi family’s incredible legacy includes a strong habit of giving back to the people while changing their lives for a better, more secure future.

Modicare, India’s first direct selling company and a prominent player in the market, is motivated to empower people’s inner dreamers. Their tale is told through the eyes of leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who cared greatly about giving people the freedom to dream and the means to realize those dreams. They’ve helped people from all walks of life dream bigger by teaching them, discovering their potential, and providing a platform for them to rediscover their true selves and grow into great entrepreneurs.

Modicare has provided people financial freedom and allowed them to reclaim their confidence and realize their full potential.




6. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products, established in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a privately held multi-level marketing firm that produces and sells aloe vera-based drinks, bee-derived cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and personal care products. CEO Rex Maughan launched the company in 1978.

The company’s collection of over 150 products practically covers every market sector, with a unique offer of free products. Even with conventional, Forever provides most FMCG category products at competitive costs.

In 2010, Forever Living Products reported having over 4,000 employees, a network of 9.3 million distributors, and $1.7 billion in revenue after acquiring Aloe Vera of America in the 1990s.



7. IMC

IMC is an Indian direct selling organization with many associates and a multi-level marketing concept that eliminates the intermediary. IMC is a company that specializes in health and nutrition and personal care goods.

In the year 2007, Dr Ashok Bhatia and Mr Satyan Bhatia, two passionate persons, decided to begin on a quest to make the world a better place. A world of good health, riches, and ease. In pursuit of this goal, they founded IMC, a direct selling business that sells organic Ayurvedic proprietary herbal, health, beauty, and personal care products.

Over the years, the organization has made tremendous progress toward generating financial independence for individuals through its rigorous marketing approach and a healthier world with its finest organic products.

As a proud member of FICCI, the Company strives to provide the best services possible for the advancement of society and the world. The Company has been recognized and acknowledged several times for its efforts to create a sustainable and satisfying environment all around. IMC has become a trusted household name in India, with thousands of happy employees and millions of thrilled clients. It is actively expanding its horizons by establishing its presence in other world regions.

IMC established the concept of AloeVeda, which is a combination of the goodness of Aloe Vera and the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda because it focuses on showcasing India’s heritage while also improving health and offering easy livelihood to everyone. IMC has created a range of ground-breaking goods based on this notion to restore everyone’s faith in nature and its revitalizing abilities. IMC has come a long way in enriching the lives of millions of people through years of sheer dedication and hard work, and it hopes to continue on this quest towards a flourishing world.


8. Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. is a multi-level marketing company that creates and sells dietary supplements worldwide. Mark R. Hughes launched the company in 1980, and it now employs over 9,900 employees worldwide. It is based in Los Angeles, California, with corporate offices in the Cayman Islands. It has a network of nearly 4.5 million independent distributors and members and works in 94 countries. Since March 2020, John O. Agwunobi has served as the company’s chief executive officer and executive chairman.

Herbalife is a member of IDSA.



9. Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

Asclepius Wellness is a direct selling enterprise based in India. This is a firm formed by business people to sell health products. They build dynamic entrepreneurs at Asclepius Wellness by promoting high-quality wellness products.

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited was established on October 7, 2014. It is a non-government organization registered with the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 5,000,000 and authorized share capital of Rs. 5,000,000. Other wholesale [Includes specialist wholesale not included in any of the other categories and wholesale in a wide range of items without any particular specialization.]

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited’s most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on December 24, 2020. According to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records, its most recent balance statement was issued on March 31, 2020, according to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records.

Scientific formulations, green ingredients, and sophisticated production procedures create Company Products. Asclepius Wellness disseminates information and education to help consumers make healthy decisions.



10. Atomy India

Atomy’s brand is poised to gain speed and expansion as the global market becomes increasingly globalized and united into a single market. Atomy began opening global branch offices after its founding in 2009, commencing with Atomy USA in 2010, then Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand.

Atomy’s policy of producing high-quality goods for the masses, combined with its unwavering efforts in international markets, helped the company achieve an incredible feat: winning multiple Export Tower Awards. In 2018, Atomy intended to create branch offices in Australia, Vietnam, and Indonesia and develop the Chinese market, which is the world’s largest direct sales market, in 2019. Atomy is devoted to achieving its goal of becoming a global distribution hub, as it always has been. Since its inception, Atomy’s goal has never been to compete with other network marketing organizations.

They compete with mass merchandisers like supermarkets, department stores, home shopping, and internet merchants to restructure and redefine the way people buy things. Henceforth, Atomy will rewrite the history of Network Marketing.

Atomy will lead the industry in reshaping recognition and reputation based on a foundation of values.


Atomy’s Culture is based on the following principles:

1. Principle-Centred Culture

2. Accompanied Growth Culture

3. Culture Exchange


Atomy’s goal isn’t just customer satisfaction; it’s also business success. A company that values the human spirit! They believe that treating people with respect is the most important thing. Make your aspirations come true by living a beautiful life with Atomy.

Edited and published by Ashlyn Joy

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