Top 10 Best Events Mobile Apps in India in 2022

Top 10 Events Mobile Apps in India in 2022

Mobile event apps have proven revolutionary in the world of event planning, and you may consider using one in your next event strategy.

There are a plethora of excellent possibilities for mobile event app developers. However, not every app builder will suit every company, so do your homework before committing.


What is the definition of an event app?

It is a planning and administration tool that aims to improve attendees’ and planners’ experiences. This is accomplished by consolidating all or part of the event management process and guest involvement into a single platform – smartphones.

These apps are a technology trend that started a few years ago and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

Event applications are now available for a comprehensive set of events. These apps are used in several firms, from conferences and trade exhibits to universities and entertainment events.

Furthermore, these apps have improved and innovated across the board since their first release. These apps are made to take care of every aspect of the event planning process with networking, content absorption, and audience interaction solutions.

These apps help everyone who uses them since they provide increased convenience for guests and improved management efficiency for planners.


What is the cost of an event app?

Several criteria determine the price of an app. The cost of these solutions might range from zero to thousands of dollars.

This price range is determined by the number of guests you’ll be hosting, the level of customization you desire, the number of applications you’ll be creating and if they’ll be reusable. The story of tech support you’ll need from the app developer.

A few app builders offer fully customized a-la-carte options, while most have several pricing tiers. While a few mobile event apps disclose prices on their websites, the most majority require to request a custom quote in order to get pricing for the right app for your event.

Let’s look at some of the best providers in the sector, organized by speciality.

With an event app, organizers have a chance to provide attendees with an interactive alternative to the programme book and to connect with them more directly. Purchasing this app is a substantial investment that should be carefully considered in cost, benefits, and efficacy. Let’s look at seven reasons why an event app is essential for your next gathering: –

  1. There will be no more printing

Printed programmes and abstract books are used at many events. The use of printed media for an event might bring several difficulties for the event planner: What should you do if your program’s schedule changes? What is the best way to manage resources? How many units to print? Using an event app instead of paper means that programme changes may be made quickly and conveyed to participants. Cutting back on printing is suitable for both the budget and the environment.

  1. The entire programme, plus more

Attendees will have the opportunity to look over additional multimedia resources like presentation slides and videos and access and navigate the whole programme. Finding a session, an exhibitor booth, or a speaker bio is now easier than ever. The venue is simple to explore with several floor plan views and clear indicators.

  1. Increase interaction

It allows people to interact. Attendees can not only stay up to date, but they can also set a personal schedule, sync it across many devices, and receive notifications when a presentation is ready to begin. Attendees can use the app to participate in live polls and comment on presenters, increasing engagement and interest.

  1. Maintain a sense of community by staying connected.

As a planner, you may stay in touch with your audience and participate in continuous discussions. Before, during, and after the event, you can tell guests about interactive sessions, news, and publications, to name a few things. You can deliver notifications to all users at any time with an event app.

  1. Boost sponsorship revenue

 Your event is a means for sponsors to obtain exposure to a specific target audience. Because the app can be loaded and utilized before, during, and after the event, it provides a new and more direct avenue for sponsors to reach that target demographic for a longer length of time.

  1. Event analytics in real-time

This application gives you information like nothing else. This information may be used to make changes to your event as it goes on and plan for the next one, resulting in a better experience and return on investment.

  1. Keep up with the demands of the audience

Attendees today want to be more involved and participate. This is possible with the help of an app. It allows delegates to connect, collaborate, and interact with one another during the event, enhancing their overall experience.

Event applications are slowly but steadily establishing industry standards, with clear pros for both users and organizers.



Top 10 Events Mobile Application in India in 2022


1. Whova


Whova is an all-in-one event management solution that saves time for event planners by making events current and trendy, attracting and engaging attendees, and attracting and engaging attendees. Whova’s platform includes an award-winning event app, simple online registration, effective event marketing, and time-saving event administration capabilities for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

For five years in a row, Whova has earned the ‘Oscar’ of Event Technology. American Express, US Bank, HSBC, PwC, Oracle, Hilton, Lego, IKEA, L’Oreal, Honda, American Heart Association, Harvard University, Rockefeller Foundation, and many others are among Whova’s customers in over 100 countries. Conferences, trade exhibitions, expos, summits, conventions, business meetings, corporate events, association events, and community gatherings are just a few of the types of events that Whova can assist with.

Whova is a mobile event management app that uses big data analytics and mining technology to help event attendees navigate their events with mobile brochures and facilitate networking among all event attendees based on their professional profiles, automatically generated from relevant professional information gathered from across the internet. It is targeted at a broad range of events, including business and gatherings, trade exhibitions and expos, conferences, performances, workshops, Meetup (website), and more. Whova is available on both the iOS and Android platforms as of February 2014. However, the interface for both platforms can be customized by the organizers. As a result, the organizer’s choices will heavily influence the user interface.

Access to the customized interfaces of special events usually requires email verification. Users can then access critical elements, such as event information, GPS guidance, and the possibility of contacting the organizers or other participants once they’ve logged in.

Whova added social sign-in/up options in February 2014, allowing users to access Whova using their social accounts, and a messaging function in March 2014, allowing event attendees to send e-messages to other persons of interest.

Brochure for the Event: By default, the event brochure portion is viewable to all event attendees. Users will have constant access to the plan and logistics. On the other hand, organizers can pick what additional information to provide, like indoor maps, more information links, live streaming, or GPS assistance.

Networking: All users will be given a profile page when they first sign up, including a list of their professional accomplishments derived from publicly available information on the internet. Users can view each other’s profiles and interact utilizing the messaging tool by using the discover feature. Nondisclosure guidelines apply to messages sent through the app. The receiver will not see any information, like email addresses or phone numbers.

Even if you don’t attend any programs, you may use the Whova app to digitize and manage business cards you’ve received. Unlike other business card scanner programmes like CamCard, CardMunch, ScanBizCards, or Scannable, you can learn a lot about your contacts’ experiences, passions, and interests with this one. Whova’s business card scanning tool now supports English, Chinese, and Korean business cards.


2. EventMobi


EventMobi’s end-to-end management platform makes planning, promoting, monetizing, and delivering engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences simple. Since 2009, 10,000+ event planners in 72 countries have used the EventMobi platform, which includes a website, registration, an award-winning event app, and the Virtual Space and fully managed online event production.

Their technology has been used by many like Facebook, Lush, Stanley Black & Decker, Bose, TD Bank, IEEE, AMTA, and Smithbucklin for virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings and conferences. Their management platform streamlines your workflow to spend less time managing technology and more time creating engaging event experiences for attendees if one is hosting one event or hundreds.


3. Socio


For a customer base including Microsoft, Google, Lessonly, Stanford University, the National Speakers Association, and many more in 70+ countries, Socio’s end-to-end event platform supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Socio’s integrated virtual software and live event app include registration, ticketing, timetables, streaming, video rooms, games, chat, surveys, sponsorship, networking, lead retrieval, live display, analytics, email, and more.

Event hosts, sponsors, and guests all rave about how fun Socio events are. The all-in-one platform can support audiences ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands and is fully and easily customizable, right down to the icons. It is presently part of Webex. Socio is used in thousands of events worldwide and facilitates millions of daily interactions. They are establishing a team that accomplishes fantastic work while having a great time doing it as we expand. If one wants to be challenged every day, have a huge influence, and help shape the future of live events, this is the app to choose.



4. Hopin


Hopin is a place where online and hybrid events can be held. Hopin’s all-in-one platform is the first to most closely replicate an in-person event online. Its flexible, scalable, and engaging event experience is the first to recreate an in-person event online most closely. “Hopin is a favourite of ours.” —Global Compact of the United Nations Each Hopin event has a fundamental feature: the Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo areas – each of which provides a unique and personal engagement for your attendees, sponsors, speakers, and vendors via live video. Hopin is now our go-to app for everything.

Hopin is a video teleconferencing and online conference-hosting platform developed by Hopin. The corporation is valued at $7.95 billion as of September 2021. It is an entirely small firm with no physical location. Since its inception in 2020, the platform has held over 80 thousand events collaborating with businesses like the United Nations, NATO, and Unilever. Poshmark, American Express, The Financial Times, and others are with the company’s 100,000 customers. Meeting attendees can use the platform to network in new ways online, exchange virtual business cards, and obtain a summary of their contacts after the event.



5. SpotMe


SpotMe is a B2B event marketing platform that provides the tools and products to create extraordinary customer relationships. Planners can effortlessly produce hybrid, virtual, and on-site events, digital experiences, and event applications that their audiences love, from live to on-demand. Planners have the tools to create a healthy community on and off the floor, from breakout sessions to customized agendas to two-way communication and gamification. SpotMe offers 250+ global companies branded enterprise solutions across web, iOS, and Android and a no-code building platform, support, and professional services.


6. Airmeet


Run standout hybrid events, webinars, conferences, fairs, and meet-ups that focus on connections and engagement. Airmeet empowers you to easily manage and monetize your events while putting your audience at the forefront by allowing you to channel organic dialogue and engagement throughout one’s event. Every month, Airmeet hosts thousands of events around the world, including Walmart, Volvo, Accenture, HackerRank, and the University of Toronto.


7. Eventee

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Eventee is the easiest to use and set up event applications in many situations. Eventee helps with on-site event management, attendee engagement, and overall experience enhancement, whether an event is virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Utilize Eventee’s features, such as live polling and questions, live streaming, workshop bookings, newsfeed, networking, partners, custom integrations, and custom branding.


8. PheedLoop


PheedLoop is an end-to-end event management and engagement platform for on-site, virtual, and hybrid events. PheedLoop can handle anything from on-site check-in, floor plans, automated surveys, native video networking, exhibitor/sponsor monetization systems to native streaming, virtual exhibit halls, badge printing, registration, synchronized speaker/exhibitor portals, and quick mobile apps. PheedLoop is the ultimate simplified event management system, and it’s used by events ranging in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people. PheedLoop’s business, association, academic, and government customers include Shopify, IBM, and the Government of Canada.



9. Swapcard


Swapcard, founded in 2013, is an AI-powered matchmaking platform that hosts successful in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. B2B matchmaking is made more accessible with AI, matching users with the most relevant people based on their profile, interests, and unique event journeys. Swapcard provides valuable user experiences for all types of events, including live exhibitor dashboards to track ROI, real-time programmes, audience engagement elements, and video calling possibilities. At the Software and Technology Awards, Swapcard was named Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Engagement & Connectivity Platform 2020.



10. InEvent


InEvent is a team of event planners and audiovisual experts committed to pushing the boundaries of webinars and technology. Their platform allows outstanding experiences for enterprise organizations by delivering a white-label solution to conduct virtual and hybrid conferences, training, and webinars through software, hardware, and dedicated 24/7 customer care. The InEvent integrated platform powers engaging and immersive experiences with online streaming, live interaction, frictionless registration, vibrant networking, aggressive promotional mechanization, custom website or mobile applications, real-time analytics, high-powered beacons, and 100+ other features. More than 50,000 events and webinars with over 2 million attendees and 60 million streaming minutes have been successfully supplied by them around the world.

Whether it’s a webinar, a virtual hands-on meeting, or a month-long event, their adaptive solution can make it happen. The most widely used event management software is InEvent. InEvent is the solution if the company needs a platform for B2B events, video-driven conferences, or any other virtual or hybrid experience.

Edited and proofread by Ashlyn

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