Top 10 Best Productivity Mobile Apps in India in 2022

Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps in India in 2022


There is no need to be unproductive. Smart apps, tech tools, and services can improve productivity in various ways, including improving team collaboration, optimizing corporate operations, and increasing personal efficiency and effectiveness.

Today, productivity apps are a must-have. There’s an app for that. Whether you wish to improve your note-taking or speak more effectively, handle tasks, projects, documents, and collaborate more efficiently, or live and work smarter in general, there’s an app for that.

But where do you begin with so many productivity tools to pick from? We’ve highlighted the most excellent apps and tools in their respective industries to assist you.

A mobile productivity app allows users of smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices to complete daily chores.

These productivity apps are designed to help mobile device users be more productive wherever they are by providing access to tasks like note-taking, email, calendaring, to-do list and reminder apps, as well as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Touch-based devices benefit from mobile productivity apps. More software companies are making desktop productivity tools available as mobile apps, thanks to developments in app development that have made it easier for users to view and edit files on their devices. For example, Microsoft’s Office suite is accessible as a free app download for most iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Still, full functionality, such as saving documents to OneDrive or SharePoint, requires an Office 365 subscription.

Mobile productivity apps also include cloud storage and file-sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Users may save documents, photographs, and videos in the cloud, synchronize that stuff across several devices, and quickly share it with others using these apps.


What good is productivity software if you don’t know what it’s for?

If you’re wondering how productivity software might benefit a team, consider the following scenarios:

Project planning: Users may establish project schedules, add and assign tasks, and obtain an overview of progress with a single glance utilizing productivity tools. Automation and integrations also allow for improved project management and all data storage in one location.

Task time tracking: Employees and management may see how much time they spend on different tasks. Employees may use it to track and improve their productivity, while managers can guarantee that everyone completes assignments on time.

Centralized communication: By adopting a single platform that houses all professional interactions, you can avoid endless back-and-forth emails and chats.

Notifications and reminders: Never miss a deadline again with productivity apps that send push notifications to your phone or email when a deadline is approaching or has passed. Users can change their notification preferences at any time. Some users only have one notification to motivate them to complete activities, while others require many.


Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps 2022 in India are: 


1. Brosix


Brosix is an all-in-one instant messaging solution that improves team communication and productivity while lowering overhead and ensuring data security.

Brosix provides you with a private Team Network to manage practically all aspects of your internal communication and cooperation.

You may provide users access to the platform, assign numerous administrators, and define individual data security permissions from the Web Control Panel. Establish a personalized, collaborative space dedicated to your organization, control who may communicate with whom, who has access to certain services, and from which apps users can access the network.

You receive one-on-one texting, group chats, phone and video calls, and a complete conversation history that you can search by topic or date. Each Brosix Network is fully encrypted and has peer-to-peer channels and the ability to integrate anti-virus and malware software.

If one wants to send texts to a select group of people, share your screen, provide desktop access, send files with no upload limitations, and start dynamic whiteboard presentations. Effective teamwork and communication are always just a few clicks away. It’s also a good idea to use this software to keep track of employee performance and any problems that teams may face.

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Brosix works with Zapier and Integrated to let you automate your workflow across all of your favourite apps and services.

Brosix Costs: Up to three people are accessible on the Team Network; unlimited accounts and collaboration tools are $4 per month, and limitless control is $6 per month.


2. Twist


Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Web

Twist is a team chat tool created to help distant teams overcome obstacles to productive communication and collaboration. Twist divides team communication into topic-specific channels and threads, ensuring that you never miss a meaningful discussion. The threads are arranged into an inbox, which you may browse just like an email inbox. View your messages and look through your conversation logs. Direct messages, customizable notifications, and integrations with other productivity applications like Todoist are also included.

Pricing with a twist: Limitless users, one month of messaging history, and five integrations are free; complete message history, file storage, and integrations are $6 per month per user.


3. Franz


Available on: macOS, Windows, Linux

It’s inefficient to have too many messages in too many places. Franz solves this problem by centralizing all of your instant messages in one place. Franz works with various private and business messaging apps, allowing you to handle multiple communication channels and all of your alerts more easily and effectively. Franz syncs with multiple apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, GroupMe, Office 365, and Discord.

Franz Pricing: Three services are free; six services are $3.99 per month.



4. Google Drive


Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web

Cloud-based communication and collaboration systems are an excellent approach to boosting personal and professional productivity. Google Drive is currently one of the greatest. You receive free document creation and management, collaboration, and 15GB storage, in addition to file sharing and syncing. It’s also compatible with almost any app on the market.

Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and more, then share the link to interact with others in real-time. Its drag-and-drop interface makes moving files around a breeze. Google Drive syncs across all of your devices, allowing you to access material from your phone’s web browser or mobile app.

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. Google Drive, which was first released on April 24, 2012, allows users to store files in the cloud (on Google’s servers), sync files across devices, and share files. In addition to a web interface, Google Drive includes Windows and macOS PCs, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The Google Docs Editors office package includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which allow you to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more. After creating and editing, Google Docs files are saved to Google Drive.

It offers 15 GB of free Google Drive storage to clients. Premium subscriptions for 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB of storage are also available on Google One. When uploading, files can be up to 750 GB in size. Individual files and folders can change their privacy settings, such as allowing sharing with other users or making material public. Users can search for photographs by describing their appearance and using natural language to identify specific files, such as “find my budget spreadsheet from last December.”

The website and Android app offer a Backups feature that reveals which Android devices have data backed up to the service. A revamped computer version released in July 2017 allows users to back up specific folders on their computer. A tool called Quick Access can intelligently guess which files users will need.

Google Workspace, Google’s monthly subscription solution for businesses and organizations that functioned as G Suite until October 2020, includes Google Drive as a core component. Drive has unlimited storage, extensive file audit reports, better administration controls, and improved team communication tools as part of some Google Workspace services.

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Various media members heavily attacked the privacy policy of Google Drive upon the service’s launch. Because Google has a single set of Terms of Service and Privacy Policies that apply to all of its services, the language in the agreements grants Google broad rights to reproduce, exploit, and create derivative works using data kept on Google Drive.

While the policies clearly state that users maintain their intellectual property rights, privacy groups are concerned that the licences give Google the ability to utilize the information and data to tailor the advertising and other services it offers. Other members of the media, on the other hand, noted that the agreements were no worse than those of competing cloud storage services, but that the competition’s agreements use “more artful language,” and that Google requires the rights to “move files around on its servers, cache your data, or make image thumbnails.”

Google Drive had over one billion active users as of July 2018 and over one million organizational paying users as of September 2015. There were almost two trillion files stored on the service as of May 2017.


Google Drive pricing: 15GB of storage is free; 100GB of storage is $2 per month.


5. Dropbox


Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

Dropbox, popular document management and storage service, is Google Drive’s primary rival. You receive the same essential functionality as Drive but fewer tools that could help your team collaborate more effectively. Keep all of your documents, images, and data in one place. Assign responsibilities, post comments, and get access to your data from anywhere.

Dropbox’s user interface is drag-and-drop, as the name implies. You may also drag and drop almost anything, including your complete computer. While Dropbox software for Linux, the main disadvantage is that you only receive 2GB of free storage.

Dropbox is cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software service provided by Dropbox, Inc., an American corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Dropbox was created as a startup company in 2007 by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, with funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator.

Dropbox has been dubbed one of the most valuable firms in the United States and the globe, with a valuation of over US$10 billion and one of Y Combinator’s most successful investments to date. On the other hand, Dropbox has faced criticism and sparked debate over problems such as security breaches and privacy concerns.

Since 2014, Dropbox has been restricted in China. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 2017 “Protecting Your Data From Government Requests” study gave it a five-star rating.

Dropbox pricing: 2GB of storage is free; 2TB storage is $11.99 per month.


6. HelloSign


Available on: iOS, Android, Web

It’s a nuisance to sign documents, especially when they require printing, scanning, uploading, and sending. HelloSign takes care of everything for you.

Upload a photo of your signature, draw it directly on your device, or let the app produce one for you with HelloSign. Any document can be rapidly enhanced with signature fields, then signed and sent. HelloSign works with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce to speed up your workflows. A Gmail extension allows you to sign documents directly from your inbox. You can also create templates to save time when creating documents.

Pricing for HelloSign is as follows: Each month, you get three signed documents for free; $15 per month gets you limitless documents and one template.


7. SwiftScan


Available on: iOS, Android

Scanning documents with your smartphone is a breeze. However, not all camera scanning applications are created equal. For example, Kaspersky researchers discovered harmful malware in Camscanner’s Android app in 2019.

SwiftScan, formerly Scanbot, is worth considering because of its stringent security standards. It does not save any of your personal information on its servers. In the cloud, it does not do optical character recognition. If you have an iPhone, the iOS version of the app encrypts your PDFs.

It’s also quite user-friendly and comes with many file management features. When you first open the app, you can select to deploy the camera or start scanning from your library immediately. You may modify documents, add filters to your scans, and save them locally or to one of 17 cloud providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud.

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SwiftScan Costs: Free with in-app upgrades; Pro from $99.99


8. Trello


Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web

Trello is a project management programme with a web-based Kanban board. While Kanban boards are most commonly linked with software development, Trello can organize almost everything, including vacation planning, wedding planning, and productivity tracking.

You may add cards to your board once it’s set up – to do, doing, and done is an easy way to get started, though there are plenty of templates to match your needs — The information you’re tracking, such as the tasks in your workflow, is stored on cards. To add comments, deadlines, or specific files, open the cards. Then, as you go, drag them across the board. With polls and interfaces with programmes like Google Drive and Slack, Trello’s power-ups allow you to tailor your processes.

Trello is derived from the term “trellis,” the project’s code name in its early stages. Fog Creek founder Joel Spolsky announced Trello during a TechCrunch event. The programme was designated one of “The 7 Coolest Startups You Haven’t Heard of Yet” by Wired magazine in September 2011. “It makes project collaboration straightforward and even pleasant,” according to Lifehacker.

In 2014, Index Ventures and Spark Capital put $10.3 million into the company. Trello has sold 22 per cent of its shares to investors before its acquisition, with the remaining shares held by founders Michael Pryor and Joel Spolsky. Trello claimed in May 2016 that it has over 1.1 million daily active users and 14 million total signups.

Atlassian announced its intention to buy Trello for $425 million on January 9, 2017. The total cost of the acquisition was $360 million in cash and $65 million in stock and options.

Butler, a business that invented a “Power-Up” for automating tasks within a Trello board, was acquired by Trello Enterprise in December 2018.

Trello surpassed the 35 million user mark in March 2019 and the 50 million mark in October 2019.

Trello Pricing: Infinite boards, cards, members, storage, and 10GB attachments are all free; $10 per user per month gets you unlimited power-ups and different views.


9. Proofhub


 Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

Proofhub is a project management programme that eliminates various project tracking and execution tools. You can keep track of tasks, manage work schedules, and have side dialogues from one location.

Proofhub offers a variety of views, including timelines, tables, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts, so your team can keep track of everything in the best way possible. To stay on top of your schedule, use a native calendar to establish recurring tasks and automatic reminders. Proofhub even breaks down how team members spend their time to stay on track and finish projects on time. You may collaborate on files in real-time with file sharing and proofing.

Proofhub Limitless users, 40 projects, and 15 GB storage are available for $45 per month; unlimited projects and 100GB storage are public for $150 per month.




 Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web is a cloud-based project management and collaboration application that allows you to create unique workflows to manage tasks and projects. Begin by selecting one of Monday’s pre-made templates or starting your own. Duties, deadlines, team members, and any other pertinent project information should all be included. You may visualize work using numerous layouts, such as Gantt, Kanban, lists, tables, and timelines, to keep track of it all in a style that suits your team. may be connected to various programmes that you’re likely already using, including Dropbox, Zoom, Google Drive, and Outlook. Pricing: Free for two users; from $10 user/month for Gantt charts and integrations

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