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Top 10 Best Furniture Companies in India in 2022

Top 10 Best Furniture Companies in India in 2022

Regardless of where you might be in the world, nothing is like home. We need to modify our homes to suit our needs, providing maximum comfort and peace.

You can stay as comfortable as possible with furniture that shows off the aesthetic of your house with various furniture companies. It’s essential to choose the right furniture when planning to decorate or renovate your home.

To make your home look beautiful and make it more convenient and comfortable, we’ve chosen the most beautiful and trustworthy furniture brands in India. Tradition, culture, heritage, and handicrafts have contributed to the beauty of Indian art. A large customer base across the globe and extensive experience in woodcraft and furniture make it a world leader.



Top Online Brands For Cane, Rattan & Wicker Furniture | LBB

A piece of furniture is a piece of portable equipment used for people to perform various activities such as sitting, eating, and sleeping (such as beds, chairs, and hammocks). As well as serving such as a surface above the ground for work and storing objects, furniture also serves as an object holding mechanism (e.g., tables, desks). It is considered a form of decorative art that furniture is a product of design. The function of furniture can also include its symbolic or religious significance. Materials such as wood, plastic, and metal can construct it. Woodworking joints can be used to create furniture, and they often reflect local cultures.

People have used natural objects like furniture from the beginning of human civilization, including tree stumps, rocks, and moss. Using wood, stone, and animal bones, people have built and carved their furniture since 30,000 years ago, according to archaeological findings. A Venus figurine depicting the goddess on a throne was discovered in Russia, illustrating early furniture from this period. Furniture made from stone can be found in the homes of Skara Brae in Scotland, including cabinets, dressers, and beds. The early dynastic period of Ancient Egypt was the era of complex construction techniques such as joinery. The wooden pieces made during this period included stools and tables decorated with valuable metals and ivory.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the design of furniture continued to evolve, with thrones and klinai, multipurpose couches that served as seating, eating, and sleeping areas. Traditionally, the furniture of the Middle Ages was heavy, oak, and ornamental. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, furniture design expanded in Italy. An opulent style was associated with the Baroque in both Southern and Northern Europe in the seventeenth century. Revivalism is most commonly associated with the nineteenth century. It is generally accepted that the first three-quarters of the twentieth century marked the advent of Modernism. The return to natural shapes and textures is one of the unique outcomes of post-modern furniture design.


List of the Top 10 Furniture Companies in India

India's largest furniture brand Godrej Interio opens its 6th store in  Kolkata1. Godrej Interior

Godrej has been synonymous with quality for almost a century and is a well-known brand throughout India. Established in 1923, the brand is part of the Godrej Group (parent company). Godrej has several retail outlets and an online store in India, with Mumbai is the company’s headquarters. Godrej has a lot to offer whatever type of furniture you need for your homes, offices, or public spaces, and the quality exceeds all expectations.

This is one of Godrej’s most delicate pieces of furniture, the Interior Queen MDF Bed. Pre laminated particleboard of E1 grade is used for its strength and durability. Its dual storage space lets you keep your belongings safe without taking up too much room in the bedroom. Your bedrooms will look even better with the geometrical design on their headboard.

The Godrej Interior range of products:

  • Closets
  • Home Furnishings
  • Furniture for the office includes chairs, study tables, computer tables, etc.
  • Furniture for Dining Rooms
  • Bedding


Why Durian Sofas are the best in the market - Durian
2. Durian

There are many popular interior furnishing companies in India, but Durian is one of the most popular. The company has 33 outlets across India and was founded by Ritesh Mohta. In addition to tables and mirrors, Durian also offers beds, dressing tables, side tables, and other furniture. The material used in making these products is extremely high quality and produces a very premium look in your homes.

This Matte Upholstered Single Seater Sofa from Durian Ralph is a gorgeous addition to any living room. The cushion is upholstered in a soft fabric and crafted with polyester foam. In addition to plywood and solid wood, the frame is designed to be extremely durable and robust. You should choose this sofa if you’re in the market for a one-seat sofa for your living room.

Product Line from Durian:

  • Sofas made of leather
  • Mattresses
  • Sets of dinnerware
  • Couches


USHA Furniture Corner Mount Wall Shelves Zigzag Shape Rack- Purely  Laminated - Walnut(Brown) - Buy USHA Furniture Corner Mount Wall Shelves  Zigzag Shape Rack- Purely Laminated - Walnut(Brown) Online at Best Prices
3. Usha

Having been established in 1983, Usha Shriram is a brand found in almost every Indian household. They make furniture of exceptional quality that will last for many years to come. For your living room or as a spare room, its Folding Sofa Cum Bed is a fantastic option. EPE Foam is used to make the sofa, and it is extremely soft and comfortable. It keeps your house looking neater and utilizes space in your house since this is a folding bed and sofa. In spills, the jute cover can be removed and washed. It is available in a variety of sizes for the user’s convenience.

Usha Shriram’s More Products:

  • Appliances by Kitchen Cabinets
  • Lighting with LEDs
  • Wearing a mask
  • Cookware Sets


Furniture retailer Pepperfry raises Rs 250 crore
4. Pepperfry

Pepperfry, an online marketplace for furniture in India, has revolutionized the furniture buying experience. From its Mumbai headquarters, the company operates across the nation. Known for its modern furniture pieces that look and feel top-of-the-line, Pepperfry offers a variety of amazing pieces. This brand has captured the millennial generation’s attention for very good reasons.

Anyone who has a minimalist aesthetic will love the Pepperfry Casada Book Shelf. Engineered wood is used to construct this table, and it looks fantastic in a living room. This shelf’s muted white colour adds an attractive appearance to your interiors and enhances them even more. It will do its magic on any dark wall!

More Products from Pepperfry:

  • Loungers & Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Cabinetry
  • Beds


Wipro Furniture Alivio Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Home-Office Chair with  Synchro Tilt Mechanism,Adjustable Armrest,Cushion Lumbar,Durable Nylon  Frame,BIFMA & Green Certified,Premium Fabric (Cinnamon Red) :
5. Wipro

In addition to IT, Wipro deals with lighting, furniture, home appliances, and many other sectors today. Brands like this are very popular in India and have loyal followings. Mumbai-based Mohammad Premji (father of Azim Premji) founded the company in 1945.

An engineered wood finish gives the Wipro Office Desk its glossy, rich appearance. Additionally, it features several storage compartments. If you work from home or need a sleek study table, this one can be the perfect option for you! In addition to safeguarding the table, Clear-Rubio Mono Coat enhances its durability.

Wipro Products:

  • Office Chairs
  • Work Desks
  • Sofas


Ikea The Mega Furniture Brand Is Now Delivering To Pune | WhatsHot Pune
6. Ikea

Furniture is preassembled by Ikea and sold to customers around the world. Ikea was founded in 1942 and is today among the leading furniture retailers. There are numerous options to choose from at Ikea, whether you are looking for classic, old-school designs or something more contemporary.

Made of particleboard, ABS plastic, foil, and fibreboard, the Ikea Kullen Matte Chest Drawer has a matte finish. Furniture with a modern style is most suitable for use as a bedside table. This table is painted in soothing white colour and weighs approximately 10 pounds. Check out more options from Ikea if you need a new addition to your bedroom.

More Products from Ikea:

  • Home Decor
  • Home Furnishing
  • Storage & Organizers
  • Kitchen & Dining Products


Amazon Brand - Solimo Sienna Solid Sheesham Wood Contemporary Coffee Table  (Teak Finish) : Furniture
7. Solimo

The Solimo brand is an Amazon sub-brand that sells electronics, appliances, and furniture. The high quality of its products has made it very famous in recent years, and its products are very popular. In this Solimo Alen L Shaped Sofa Set, you’ll find a super plush and comfortable sofa combined with a chaise lounge. Contemporary homes will benefit from its value and lightweight. You can also keep your sofa looking new by removing and washing the cover fabric.

More Products from Amazon Solimo:

  • Linen & Bedding
  • Organizers & Storage Containers
  • Appliances
  • Personal Care
  • Grocery


Dews Furniture Sheesham Wood 6 Seater Standard Sofa Set for Living Room | 6  Seater Sofa (3+2+1) Teak Wood Sofa Set Furniture | Sofa with Cushions for  Home Guest Room Office |Solid

8. Dews

Founded in 1990, Dews is a furniture company in India. They have a wide selection of furniture options for you to choose from. With its new Wooden Wall Shelf, you can keep your keys organized and beautify your interiors. Solid MDF wood is used to construct this piece and has five key knobs.

More Products from Dews:

  • Dining Chairs
  • Study Tables
  • Sofas
  • Wall Shelves
  • Corner Tables


Small Changes. Big Difference. - Urban Ladder

9. Urban Ladder

As one of India’s most popular furniture and decor companies, Urban Ladder was founded in 2012. Ashish Goel founded the company with Rajiv Srivatsa, and its headquarters is in Bangalore. As a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, Urban Ladder boasts top-quality products that have won customers’ trust and loyalty.

A fine piece of furniture, the Urban Ladder Claire Coffee Table is a nice addition to your living room. Teak wood is used in the construction, and a glass top is affixed to the top. Display it whenever you entertain guests.

More Products from Urban Ladder:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • TV Units
  • Loungers & Recliners


Indigo Interiors

10. Indigo Interiors

Indigo Interiors brings value to your interiors by making high-quality furniture. Indigo Interiors Sheesham Wood Wine Rack is perfect for those who love wine. Sheesham wood is used to make the rack, as it is both strong and durable. In addition to allowing you to store several bottles and glasses, it also lets you make better use of the space you have.

More Products from Indigo Interiors:

  • Furniture for the home bar
  • Trolleys
  • TV Cabinets
  • Bedside Tables
  • Sofas
  • Wall Shelves
  • Bathroom Accessories


Uses of Furniture:

4 Ways to Use Colorful Furniture to Brighten a Space | Joybird

  • To Provide Security:

To create a sense of familiarity at our residence, we all need material things. It’s easy to entertain the entire family with a simple assemblage of well-lit furniture, and it creates the illusion that family life is going on as usual. Another piece of furniture that preserves the continuity of family life is an extension dining table that has traditionally been the centre of family celebrations.

  • Comfort:

When choosing furniture, comfort is the most important factor. The comfort of furniture and furnishings greatly affects the livability of a home. There are certain standard measurements used to measure ready-made furniture. The seat depth of a standard easy chair is 22 to 24 inches, and the seat height is 17 inches in front and a bit lower in the back. There are 19 inches of depth in an occasional chair and 18 inches of height. Above the seat are the armrests of the chair. Seat backs range in height from 17 to 19 inches.

It is also possible to procure furniture that is custom-made and doesn’t meet standard measurements. The features of comfort should always be considered when purchasing such items. For example, the back of a seated individual’s knees should be reached by the back of a chair. If desired, the chair back should be comfortable and even support the head, slant well and be of a reasonable height. Kids’ furniture should fit their body dimensions. It’s possible to lengthen the legs of some furniture as the child grows. As the child grows, the furniture becomes more useful.

  • Expressiveness:

The theme of the room limits furniture selection. For example, a cottage style is informal, comfortable, and simple, and its furniture should reflect this characteristic. All these elements contribute to creating the mood or expression desired, such as the type of wood, the shape, the style, and the colour.

  • Style:

It is not uncommon for furniture to be purchased based on its style. Styles can be categorized into period/cottage, modern/abstract, and contemporary. When deciding between a period or cottage style, specific pieces of furniture representing a particular era or style are required, such as pieces representing the Moghul period or a British style. In selecting furniture styles, it is important to keep the construction style of the house in mind as well.

  • Beauty:

Beauty is inherent in every individual. Items used in a household should have some aesthetic value. If you choose between two similar pieces of furniture, the piece’s beauty will influence your decision. Simple and plain things are better choices when choosing furniture in the long run. Choosing beautiful furniture should be based on simplicity. In addition to being beautiful simple furniture items are also functional, easily maintained, and can fit into any corner.

  • Utility:

We buy furniture to use it in some way. A piece of furniture that isn’t useful shouldn’t be placed in a home, regardless of how beautiful or sentimental it may be. Indian urban households are more prone to this problem because of the limited space and the need for flats with the bare minimum area. For this reason, every room’s furniture requirements need to be carefully planned and evaluated. It is crucial to calculate their utility and analyze their function before making the final purchase. Furniture that serves two purposes is sometimes more valuable.

  • Balance and scale:

Furniture and accessories should not be purchased based merely on their fashion value, without considering their size, proportions, and relationship to one another, as well as the space in the room that they will occupy. In addition to the actual dimensions of furniture, the way it is designed can sometimes have subtle effects on its scale and proportions. A settee with a cane seat and an open back, for instance, can occupy a great deal of space while giving the impression of lightness-out of scale with a heavy armchair with a squat back.

  • Construction:

The durability and satisfactory performance of well-built furniture make it an asset. For that reason, a good piece of furniture will provide many years of service and satisfaction. It is important to understand every piece of furniture in terms of its construction. Consumers and decorators should thoroughly examine a piece of furniture and learn about it. A purchaser should examine each piece from the bottom, back, inside, and front.

  • Firmness and rigidity:

If you are going to use a piece of furniture, test its firmness and rigidity while sitting or lying down on it. If you use furniture, check its firmness and rigidity while it is under load. How well furniture is anchored will determine its firmness. It is advisable to glue and assemble the legs and frame and use steel clips, screws, and dowels. Putting furniture to use should not cause the joints to break or make noise.

  • Increased cultural interests:

The furniture in your home will reflect your interests in music, art, theatre, great-book clubs, and church study groups as your participation in community cultural activities grows. You will need furniture to increase your chances of acquiring materials such as books, records, music, musical instruments, crafts, and pictures.


History of Indian Furniture

A Guide to India's 25 Most Antique Furniture Stores | AD India

How does your furniture look? Have different styles and trends influenced it? A fine example of the blending of various artistic styles is India’s furniture made and used.

India is one of the largest countries in the world, full of diverse people and cultures, but historically, furniture wasn’t something that many of these cultures valued. India’s history is littered with examples of people living without furniture. The 14th-century Vijayanagar Empire in Southern India had some furniture-making traditions, but most furniture was ceremonial, such as royal thrones.

Most people in India did not have things like tables, desks, dressers, or chairs that we would consider furniture. They sat on the floor most of the time, even sleeping and eating on the floor. They only had a few low chairs and cushions for support.

The European powers began conquering parts of India around the 1500s. It was Portugal in the late 1600s, China in the late 17th century, the Dutch in the 18th century, and England in the 19th century. There was a settlement, and businesses were built. European settlers wanted furniture similar to what they had at home, so they employed Indian carpenters to make furniture at home using Indian materials and European designs. In the end, European and Indian designs combined to create furniture that was distinctly their own.

By using their skills in woodcarving and inlay, Indian craftsmen were able to create distinctive furniture with very decorative qualities by applying small pieces of precious materials to wood surfaces in a way that allows them to lie flush, thereby achieving a smooth, flat surface. Wood, which is plentiful in India, made most furniture. Wood types included rosewood, teak, acacia, ebony, and shisham (native to the Himalayas and sometimes called North Indian rosewood). There were also exotic materials like ivory from elephant tusks.



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Local tradition and culture influenced woodwork ornamental to palaces, temples, public houses, and works of art. Using wood in the home has increased lately, as people use wood to decorate, furnish cupboards, and so on. The Indian furniture market has grown from its infancy to now and is expected to continue to grow in the future. The following article details the top 10 furniture brands in India in 2022.

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