Top 10 Best Marketing Tools In India 2022

Top 10 Best Marketing Tools In India 2022


Companies employ marketing tactics to produce and sell their products and services. The term ‘tools’ refers to approaches, tactics, and materials in this context.

To increase sales, the great majority of firms employ various marketing strategies, including advertising, direct mail, and market research.

Companies have access to a variety of marketing tools. Some are designed to increase sales, while others collect user data.

It’s critical to understand which tools are ideal for your company. To put it another way, you need to know what tools you’ll need to attain your significant goals and objectives. The majority of the time, consumers utilize many marketing techniques simultaneously.

Different kinds of marketing tools


The following are some marketing tools and an explanation of what they are and why firms use them.

  • Advertisements in classifieds

Classified advertisements, sometimes known as classified ads, effectively generate leads. The term ‘leads’ refers to potential consumers in this context.


People can be directed to a particular website or webpage (the term can be one or two words, for example, ‘web page’). They can also draw in those who are looking for further information.


  • Use of social media

Social media is a marketing tactic used to build an interactive online interaction with customers in Internet marketing. Your goal isn’t to steal consumer information, for example.


Popular social media marketing tactics include blogging, publishing, sharing, and tweeting. Media sharing, pinning, bookmarking, and commenting are all popular on social networking networks.


The term “internet marketing” refers to marketing that takes place solely online. Internet marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. You may improve your SEO in several ways. You should register a reliable and straightforward domain name relevant to your website, business, or keywords among the first steps.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques to increase a website’s search engine exposure.


  • Surveys 

Surveys may be used to determine new items to develop and improve or upgrade current ones. In this context, ‘goods’ refers to ‘products.’


Surveys are also beneficial for evaluating your own and your competitors’ products. A survey may be used to ask a representative sample of customers what they like about your goods and those of your rivals.


A survey can be carried out in person, over the phone, via traditional mail, or online.


When asked to name their most important marketing tools, most marketing professionals say surveys.


  • Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

Google Analytics is highly valuable if you operate an online business or if your organization has a website. It provides you with an analysis of the visitors’ countries of origin. It also shows you what kind of visitors you have and which material on your site is the most popular.


Google Analytics may also be used to calculate visitor conversions. This information will assist you in establishing conversion targets.


Organic CTR (organic click-through rate) is a strategy to boost your website traffic using Google Analytics. Using A/B testing, you may improve page names and descriptions and evaluate how they perform.



  • Mail 

Direct mail, often known as direct mail marketing, is a type of marketing that deliberately addresses potential clients. Traditionally, the letters have been referred to as mailshots.’ Since the birth of the Internet and emails, we’ve had’ mailshots’.


This leads us to current email marketing solutions, which many marketers believe are still more successful than other forms of digital marketing.


  • Monitoring software for the media

These marketing tools scour the Internet for relevant talks about your company, product, or brand. Social networking sites, forums, blogs, and videos, for example, are all scanned by these programmes.


  • Programs that reward customers

The possibility that previous consumers will return is referred to as customer loyalty. In other words, how frequently do customers come back for more? Customer loyalty is not the same as brand loyalty.


Customer loyalty programmes are one of the most frequent marketing tactics that many small businesses neglect. It’s a shame.


Getting an existing consumer to buy your items is cheaper and takes far less time than getting new customers. According to specific statistics, acquiring a new client costs seven times more than retaining an existing one.


  • Automation tools 

Automation tools are marketing solutions that may help you save a lot of time. Marketers may save time by automating routine operations such as transferring files and emails to spreadsheets.


You can make applet chains with some tools. Simply put, conditional statements or ‘if this, then that’ comments. One of these services is IFTTT (If This Then That). Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, Google Drive, and Gmail are all supported.


There are several marketing options at your disposal. When you read about them, they all sound amazing. Many of these are incredible! However, exercise caution. Only a handful of these will be required. Selectively.




Here are the Top 10 Marketing Tools In India 2022:


1. Google Drawings



In 2021, you could be thinking of conducting a lot of marketing for your company. Those marketing campaigns begin with a strategy that lays out all of the actions to be completed, the tactics to be implemented, potential problems, timetables, resources needed, and the budget.


Project planning is traditionally done on a whiteboard or in a notebook. Collaboration, sharing, and documentation become more challenging. Google Drawings is a tool that will streamline your planning process.


Google Drawings may assist you in creating a visual strategy for your project, which is preferable to a written plan since it is easier to remember. Google Drawings may help digital marketers organize their thoughts and creative tactics. You can sketch on Google Drawings in the same way you can on paper.


Here are some examples of how Google doodles can assist marketers:

  •  Create website wireframes.
  • Workflows for projects
  • To generate content or marketing ideas, use a mind map.
  • Make infographics or other types of visualizations.
  • You may work with other team members, exchange references via hyperlinks, modify drawings, upload images, and talk with the rest of the team.

You can get access to it for free if you have a Google account. Go to Google Drawings and start planning your marketing strategy for 2021. 


2. Trello


After you’ve planned your project, you’ll need to execute it, which is where a project management tool comes in handy. In both in-house and digital marketing, marketing teams conduct diverse programmes and manage multiple sectors.


Another challenge that marketing teams have is working in silos and being ignorant of other team members’ sales promotions or client retention strategies. It may remain the most pressing worry in 2021 since teams will continue to operate remotely, as they do now. A project management platform like Trello, on the other hand, may help break down barriers and encourage transparency, keeping everyone in the loop.


Trello is a software product that makes it easier for marketers, marketing managers, and project managers to work more efficiently. It allows the team to be more organized and communicate more effectively. I’ve been using Asana for years, but I prefer Trello because of its comprehensive capabilities that make project management simple.


At Synclarity, we use Trello to keep track of project requirements, manage work and project status, and better understand marketing workflow and procedures.


The following are some of the ways Trello might help you: 

  • Create an editorial calendar to keep track of content production, editing, and publication. 
  • Get a high-level overview of marketing objectives, existing initiatives, and the team’s plans.
  •  To organize a meeting or a webinar.
  •  Regardless matter the size of your team, Trello is free to use. The free edition gives you ten boards per team, infinite cards, and unlimited lists. It would help if you had a premium subscription for other boards or larger file attachments, starting at $9.99.


Create a Trello account and utilize these ready-to-use marketing templates to efficiently plan your marketing campaign. 


3. Google Analytics


One thing that the year 2020 showed us is that predicting the future is difficult. We think, however, that predictive analytics can help you forecast the result of your marketing activities. While predictive analytics is a more complex topic, Google Analytics is a tool that can help you.


A lot of offline commerce has shifted to online retailers in 2020, necessitating digital analytics tools like Google Analytics to determine ROI. Marketers rely on Google Analytics to learn about their customers’ preferences and gain insight into improving their user experiences.


Google has released new Google Analytics, which will provide you with sharper insights to help you optimize your marketing decisions and increase your ROI. The new Analytics can automatically alert you to significant patterns in your data using Google’s powerful machine learning algorithms, such as items witnessing increased demand due to new client wants. It can even assist you in anticipating future activities from your consumers.


Marketers may profit from Google Analytics in the following ways:

  • Sources and Volume of Traffic
  • User Behaviour Provides valuable information about the devices and platforms that consumers utilize.
  • Customers’ Profiles
  • Customer acquisition, conversion, and retention are all part of the customer lifecycle.
  • Goals should be measured Revenue and Completion


Google Analytics is a free application with extensive capabilities, such as predictive metrics. Start using Google Analytics’ insights to improve your marketing efforts and raise your company’s ROI.


4. SendFox


Only 1.84 per cent to 5.31 per cent of visitors to your website convert on average. It’s critical to figure out how to convert the other 95% of visitors that leave your site.


Email marketing is critical for nurturing and persuading visitors to convert. The acquisition of leads is the initial step in allowing this complete user conversion process.


SendFox is a superb email marketing solution that strikes the right balance between ease of use and pricing. Email marketing is critical for nurturing and persuading visitors to convert. The acquisition of leads is the initial step in allowing this complete user conversion process.


There are a few things in SendtFox that make life easier for marketers: 

  • RSS integration allows you to deliver your most recent blog entries to your followers.
  • Send an unlimited number of emails
  • To collect leads on your website, use custom landing pages and forms.
  • To expand and nurture your email list, use email automation.


SendFox is free for up to 1000 contacts, but a lifetime subscription costs $49. Start using email marketing to grow your subscriber base, cultivate your prospects, and build your business. 


5. Unbounce 


Any ad or email campaign’s landing page is critical to its success. If your landing page has a high bounce rate and a low lead generation rate, you’re missing out on many development opportunities.


The audience may be leaving your page for various reasons: it has too much or too little content; it most likely lacks the crucial information that the audience is looking for.


Making modifications to your live website may feel daunting, but creating landing pages is a simple solution. Unbounce is a straightforward tool that allows you to create landing pages without knowing how to code.


Unbounce can assist marketers in the following ways:

  • Landing pages and conversion marketing systems may help you increase conversions.
  • Integrates with analytics, CRM, and email platforms effortlessly.
  • Unbounce is free for the first 14 days; after that, you may select from various options starting at $80 per month, depending on your needs. You can get started with Unbounce and launch your campaign with simply a few clicks. Allowing a shortage of designers and developers to disrupt your marketing goals is a mistake.



6. HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Successful marketers recognize the importance of customer relationship management in their company. When businesses cultivate connections with their customers, they increase customer loyalty and retention. CRM methods may also help with the conversion of leads into customers.


Hubspot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and CRM software that guides you through the marketing funnel to help you accomplish your company’s objectives and establish customer loyalty.


HubSpot offers marketers the following benefits:

  • Find, engage, and nurture leads with this all-in-one inbound marketing platform.
  • HubSpot CRM is a customer relationship management system that may help your company develop.
  • Using the CMS Hub, you can build incredible customer experiences.


Hubspot is available for $45 per month. Contact us to learn more about the HubSpot tools that best suit your needs. With Hubspot, you can start gathering leads and converting them into clients right now. 

7. Crello 


You must publish material regularly to market on social media. It may help you reach a broad targeted audience and raise brand recognition if done correctly.


The most significant issue is that marketers cannot create content on social media due to a lack of designers. In today’s fast-paced social media landscape, delays make your content obsolete. The same is valid for marketing items like brochures and even banners.


Marketers may leverage technologies like Crello to reduce their reliance on designers regarding content production. It allows you to create social network posts with ease, even if you have no design experience. This accessible platform provides marketers with hundreds of professional templates to pick from and free stock photos, allowing them to create content exactly how they want it, whenever they want it.


Crello may be utilized by social media and digital marketers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Posts on social media
  • Adding visual appeal to your website
  • Infographics and banners for your blog
  • Advertisements on Social Media
  • Marketing materials in print


Crello is free to use, but if you create a lot of content, you may upgrade to the premium edition for $9.99 per month.


Crello helps you provide content designs and launch campaigns on schedule so that you can become a great marketer.


8. InVideo 


In 2021, people will view 100 minutes of web videos every day. Video marketing is the most effective type of content you can make, whether for social media, YouTube ads, or your website.


Videos are an essential element of your audience’s decision-making process and aid in long-term brand memory.


Due to the high expense of video marketing, most companies and marketers are still hesitant to use it. Even though various solutions are accessible, marketers still find it challenging to choose one owing to the complicated video-making process.


InVideo is a cost-effective one-stop-shop for creating outstanding films for your business in less than ten minutes. It features premium customizable templates that will guide you through creating a movie, even if you have never done it before.


Here’s how InVideo can assist you:

  •  Make videos for social media.
  • Advertisement Videos for Social Media
  • Meme Generator To Make A Poster
  • Make a promotional video


InVideo is free to sample, but it costs $10 per month after that. Sign up for InVideo to get started with your video marketing campaign right now and reach a bigger audience.


9. Loom


Personalizing your communications with your audience can help you impact them, which will lead to them becoming loyal consumers. Sending a typical email or chat message to your audience after they connect with you on the website or social media lacks the personal touch and will not satisfy them adequately. On the other hand, a tailored video message is an excellent way to communicate with your audience.


Loom is a fantastic solution for nurturing leads through individualized video messaging contact. You may use it to manage questions from prospects regarding a specific solution or demo requests, for example. This is also a terrific way to keep your current consumers.


Marketers may use this tool for the following reasons:

  • Throughout the customer journey, create high-impact product marketing films.
  • To educate and inform your audience, provide compelling content.
  • With buttons, you may share customizable calls-to-action in your video.


For a limited number of films and durations, Loom is free to use; however, more features require a paid membership, which starts at $8 per month. Start using Loom now to leave a memorable impact on your audience.



10. SentiOne 


Most businesses use social listening to secure consumer loyalty. Companies must monitor, evaluate, and respond to brand-related social media conversations. This will aid in determining what their clients genuinely require from their brand.

SentiOne is an AI-powered online listening platform that promises conversational voice bots and chatbots as the future of customer care automation.


Marketers can use SentiOne for the following purposes: 

  • Online listening and analytics can be used to provide online customer service.
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Sign up for a SentiOne demo and receive online insights on your customers so you can make data-driven choices.

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