Top 10 Best Payment Gateways in India 2022

Top 10 Payment Gateways in India 2022

Are you looking for Indian payment gateways options? Are you uncertain about the best payment gateway in India? Consider integrating secure payment gateway solutions with your Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Prestashop enterprises for a better shopping experience.

Choosing an Indian payment gateway may be challenging when so many possibilities exist. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to locating India’s best payment gateways.

According to Statista, internet payments in India are predicted to expand with more than 20 per cent CAGR between 2019 and 2023.

However, due to the epidemic, online payment penetration has increased dramatically. There are several benefits to using online payment in a country with over 1.3 billion people.

Here is a list of the best Indian payment gateways for 2022, which will assist you in improving the online payment experience for your shop.


1. Razorpay

Razorpay is one of India’s most popular payment gateway companies. Razorpay is a payment gateway launched in 2014 and today has clients over eight lakh+.

In October 2020, the firm was named a unicorn startup in India, with a valuation of over $1 billion. Too far, the Bangalore-based finance startup has garnered more than $200 million in investment.

Razorpay is noted for its simple integration and speedy activation. You see a Dashboard if you use this payment gateway to see real-time purchase information. It is simple to use. Razorpay is preferred amongst small, medium, and large businesses, freelancers and self-employed persons.
Unacademy, UrbanClap, Zoomcar, Groffers, and BookMyShow are a few well-known companies that use the Razorpay payment platform.

RazorpayX is Razorpay’s business banking division, which facilitates end-to-end money transfers. It’s a safe approach for business transactions.

You can keep track of your marketplace and set up automated bank transactions. There are other options for collecting recurring payments, sharing invoices, and applying for working capital loans.

If you possess a Magento store, Meetanshi has a ready-to-use solution called Magento Razorpay Payments, allowing you to connect your Magento site to India’s Razorpay payment gateway and accept acceptance safe online payments in 92 currencies.

Aside from that, Razorpay provides the Razorpay Route API, which can divide incoming payments to individual accounts and control money flow—using the Magento 2 Razorpay Route extension to monitor marketplace money flow to integrate the Razorpay Route API with Magento 2.

-API-driven automation with no need for human intervention
-There are almost 100 different payment methods available.
-Real-time data may be seen on a dashboard.
-Integration is simple.
-Payments on invoices
-Payment integration with the website
-Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days
-facility to save money

-With minimal code, it’s simple to integrate.
-Payments are made quickly and safely.
-Payment options include credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and more than 100 more.
-Conversion rate is higher.
-All major credit cards from across the world are accepted.
-It is possible to convert currencies in real-time.
-India’s best payment gateway without initial fees

-International transactions have a high failure rate.

2. Paypal


Paypal, known globally as India’s most popular payment gateway, can be a good choice for your business. The payment software behemoth has clients over 325 million and a presence in over 200 countries.

PayPal provides world-class security while completing an online transaction. Almost all foreign-issued credit and debit cards are accepted. It provides for the settlement of international money transactions. Merchants can withdraw money in 56 different currencies. It delivers a whole purchase experience with an 82 per cent checkout conversion rate more than other payment options.

PayPal an+alyses transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to protect clients from fraud. There is also the option of making regular payments.

-Integration of an electronic invoicing with a website for international transactions
-Service for preventing fraud
-Multiple currency processing is possible, and customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
-Card data for recurring payments can be kept.
-Mobile payments are possible.

-For payment invoice
-Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days
-It is possible to make an international payment.
-Multiple payment options are easy to integrate with the website.
-Recurring payments made simple
-Safe and quick
-Paying using a QR code

It is not advisable for smaller transactions as they charge high rates.


3. Paytm


Paytm has become a household brand when it comes to online transactions. In addition to Paytm’s widely recognized consumer app, it offers a robust payment gateway for businesses.

The Payment Gateway is built on the same technology that powers the Paytm App and some of India’s most known firms. The payment gateway supports all payment methods, including domestic and foreign cards, net banking, UPI, Paytm Wallet, and Paytm PostPaid.

Thanks to the payment gateway’s design, customers of different types may simply use it to make a payment.

Paytm is the only payment gateway in India that accepts UPI payments at a 0% transaction cost and with a T+1 settlement time.

-Activation is immediate.
-Integration is simple.
-There are more than 100 payment options available.
-Success rates among most acceptable in the industry
-The most extensively used checkout in India

-Dedicated support
-All domestic credit and debit cards are accepted.
-Excellent graphical user interface
-Transactions that are completed faster
-Creating invoices
-Through links, payments may be made without using a website or an app.


4. CCAvenue


In South Asia, including India, CCAvenue is one of the most prominent payment gateway providers. The payment gateway is simple to use and quick and safe.

This payment gateway accepts about 200 payment methods, including six credit cards, 58+ net banking, 97+ debit cards, 14 Bank EMI, and so on. It allows websites and applications to be integrated. The mobile-friendly transaction page and the checkout is quick and easy.

The business has developed FRISK for security purposes (Fraud and Risk Identification System & Knowledge). This ensures that payments are made safely. The best part is that there are no withdrawal fees with this payment gateway.

CCAvenue is used by Air Asia, Lakme India, Myntra, and other companies that have had success in their enterprises. Meetanshi’s Magento 2 CCAvenue plugin may link CCAvenue with Magento 2.

-Payments through a mobile device
-Integration of the website with international transactions
-Allows for the processing of several currencies
-200+ payment methods Invoice generation Fraud detection system
-Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days
-Payments made regularly

-Within one hour, the account is activated.
-International transactions are possible because of the simple connection.
-More than 200 payment options are supported.
-Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days
-For fraud detection, high security is required.
-Payments can be made on a recurrent basis because there is no startup cost.

-Security is a problem.

5. Cashfree


Cashfree has grown in popularity as the lowest payment gateway in India, according to the list of Indian payment gateways. This payment gateway offers a fast payment service and a speedy return option.

The company has expanded to service over 15,000 businesses since its beginning in 2015. Cashfree accepts credit and debit cards, credit and debit cards, net banking, and UPI. There’s also the possibility of collecting funds from abroad. “Cashgram” is a payment service offered by this payment gateway. It creates a web connection that businesses may give to customers and collect money.

BigBasket, Dunzo, Xiaomi, HDFC ERGO, and other well-known brands are Cashfree’s clients.

-There are no startup fees.
-Creating invoices
-Checking for fraud
-Configuration is simple.
-Transaction fees are low.
-High-level security
-Facility for recurring billing
-Integration of a website
-Payments are automatically collected.
-Refund is given right away.

-Payments are automatically collected.
-Refunds are available right away.
-Accepts payments from throughout the world
-Multicurrency processing is possible.
-Creating invoices
-Integration of the website and the application

-Cashfree likes to partner with companies that are registered with the government.


6. Atom

Atom is also one of India’s fastest-growing payment gateways, with over 150,000 businesses using its services.

The payment gateway offers over 50 banks and 256+ payment choices, including credit cards, debit cards, IMPS, and more. Atom includes an accelerated checkout page that speeds up the process.

It has a high-security encryption mechanism for security reasons. Retrying a payment is also a possibility. Customers receive an invoice after purchasing goods using Atom.

Merchants use merchant Consoles to keep track of all payments and traffic. It has a multicurrency system built-in. Integration with websites and applications is possible.

-Console for merchants
-Integration of the website and the application
-High-level security
-The ability to generate invoices is accessible.
-There is an express checkout option available.
-Option to retry payment

-There are more than 256 payment choices available.
-The use of an express checkout page boosts conversion rates.
-Using the merchant console, you can keep track of real-time payments.
-Allows for the processing of several currencies
-Integration is simple, and there is always someone to help you.
-Allows for international transactions.

-Recurring payments are not supported.
-It has a yearly software upgrade fee.
-There are also one-time integration fees.


7. PayU


PayU is a fintech firm established in the Netherlands that provides merchants with online payment technologies. The company operates in 17 different countries. Due to its exceptional features, it ranks among the top payment gateways in India!

Net banking, cards, wallets, EMI, UPI, and purchase now pay later are among the company’s more than 100 payment options. Because it accepts more than 100 different currencies, businesses may take payments from worldwide.

Another fantastic feature of PayU is that it allows consumers to personalize their checkout page. The organization displays all transactions in the dashboard after getting started with PayU. The payment gateway offers a simple and attractive user interface, and businesses may also connect a website and a mobile app.

-Creating invoices
-Integration of the website with mobile devices
-Recurring billing facility
-Processing of several currencies
-Account manager who is dedicated to you
-Payments made internationally
-More than a hundred different currencies

-On the dashboard, you may keep track of your profits.
-There are more than 100 payment options available.
-Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days
-Faster payment and a higher success rate
-Customization is possible on the checkout page.
-Setup is free of charge.

-Payments have been delayed for specific consumers.


8. PayKun

PayKun is a new payment gateway that offers safe and secure transactions and quick transactions.

All payments processed by PayKun are protected by PCI DSS Level 1 security. PayKun has a payment settlement time of fewer than three days, quicker than other payment gateways. This payment gateway accepts over 100 different payment methods.

Integrating a website and an application may be accomplished in simple steps. Customers can be sent payment links via a feature. There are no setup or maintenance expenses.

-Integration with mobile devices is simple.
-Integration with your website is simple.
-Allows for the processing of several currencies
-Creating a payment invoice
-Card storage is available.
-There are almost 100 different payment methods available.

-Strong security
-Payments are processed more quickly.
-Supports over a hundred different payment methods
-Customer management is possible.
-There are no startup costs.
-Refund policy is simple.
-Option for a payment connection
-Accepts payments from throughout the world

-Does not support transactions at the point of sale


9. Instamojo

With over 1 million active users, Instamojo is another popular Indian payment gateway startup.

This payment gateway has grown in popularity because of its ease of use and easy user interface. Instamojo also accepts over 100 different payment methods, including. It has a recurring billing feature that allows retailers to make monthly payments. Integration with websites and mobile devices is possible.

The fantastic thing about Instamojo is that NEFT/RTGS and bank transfers are free. It does not accept payments in several currencies.

Instamojo’s major customers include Shriram Properties, Zepo, Adani Realty, and SpringBoard.

-Payment of invoices using electronic means
-Integration of the website and the application
-Payment regularly
-Process of Onboarding is Simple
-Analytics on payments
-There are more than 100 different payment methods available in an online business.
-Live chat service is available.

-There are no startup costs.
-Allows for the free storage of digital files.
-Allows you to share payment links.
-Effortless user interface
-Integration of websites and applications is simple.
-There are almost 100 different payment methods available.

-Payments in multiple currencies are not supported.
-The live chat option might be better.

10. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is among India’s rapidly rising payment gateways. As of 2016, this payment gateway was used by over 1.5 million firms for online purchases.

This payment gateway is mainly concerned with creating a pleasant mobile experience. It features a function that automatically recognizes OTP (One Time Password). The payment gateway also displays website metrics.

Credit and debit cards, wallets, foreign cards, UPI, and EMIs, are all supported by MobiKwik. It’s possible to combine it with websites and apps. It doesn’t have any recurring billing options.

MobiKwik’s most famous customers are Zomato, Uber, and Business World.

-Payments over the web and mobile
-Card is saved.
-Credit and debit cards, wallets, foreign cards, UPI, and EMIs are all supported by the auto-read OTP.
-Analytics on a website

-Has advanced security
-There are several payment options available.
-User-interface and user-experience optimized for mobile devices
-Conversion rate is high.
-It helps with international transactions.
-To check data, use website analytics.

-There is no option for recurring billing.
-There is no multicurrency processing capability.
-There is no payment invoice generated.

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