Top 10 Billing & Invoicing Software in India in 2023

Every business, big or small in today’s fast-paced world, needs excellent support in the form of Billing and Invoicing Software.

Gone are the days when a paper invoice or a ledger book was used; we have come a long way from those days.

Billing and Invoicing Software, as the name suggests, is an application or software program that is intended to take care of billable products and to manage invoices of customers.  

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The tool is both online/offline that comes in handy to create bills (or) invoices, follow payments, bookkeeping (or) accounting etc., in an easy and convenient manner. It simplifies things by keeping track of all bills and invoices generated with easy access to dates and relevant information.

Importance of Billing & Invoicing software·      

Billing systems automate time-consuming and error-prone processes like invoice generation, tracking of products, accounting documentation etc.      

Such Software automatically calculates and levies the tax on taxable products or services; hence the whole process is systematic, and one need not worry about tax at every billing. These software also provides the ease of fast billings and helps in easy and error-free giving out of bills to customers.

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What do Billing and Invoicing software do?  

Every business is defined by how professionally it handles its operations; another sign of a good business is to note the customer satisfaction index.

Keeping the above parameters in mind, these software help in –   

Professional Invoice Generation – – it helps in quick and easy invoice generation, thus cutting time spent manyfold. One can also look to customize the invoice using predefined templates and or put the company logo.      

GST Compliance – is perhaps one of the most important aspects. These software can apply GST to the billable products automatically hence generating GST-compliant invoices.

They also generate complete financial reports and GSTR reports.     

POS – the billing or invoicing software also offers a POS option which helps as a solution to everyday billing-related issues one might face in billing and inventory. It is a great tool that helps in managing one’s inventory, orders, sales and customers.

Barcode Generation & Scanning – Barcode generation and scanning have turned the way sales were made into something so simple. It not only avoids physical writing of bills that are both time-consuming and cumbersome. At the same time, it avoids long queues of customers and makes life simpler for customers as well.

Automatic Discount calculation (Rate Sheets) – as the name suggests, one can easily bill discounted products without manually applying or calculating discounts on discounted items.

Sending Receipts/Bills to emails – technology made communication easier via emails, so why not apply the same tool when it comes to sending receipts or Bills to customers.

Create Invoices from anywhere – the ease with which the invoices are generated has helped in making sure that one does not need to be physically present at the office or workplace at the time of generation of bills. One can easily operate through back channels or even while travelling.  It saves time from the long process of manual invoice generation, tax application, sending invoices etc.

Send multiple invoices simultaneously – this is perhaps the best feature, the fact that one need not send one invoice at a time. The invoices to be sent to particular parties can easily be accomplished by sending them to multiple parties at the same time.

Access at any time – time is of the essence; today, we don’t just have fixed hours of work, some are working as per their convenience, or if geographies are to be catered to, then time differences in different zones need to be factored in. The ease of access feature nullifies this limitation.

No more paperwork – Imagine having to store tonnes of files over the years! Also, the amount of paper used for doing so and to also make sure that the storage of these files is safe so as not to be destroyed by unfortunate circumstances such as natural calamities or fire. Since all work is stored online, these factors, if were to happen, they do not have an adverse impact on your business since all data is safe and can be accessed at any point and from anywhere.

Track your expenses – Another ease that is a plus point is that businesses can track their expenses. It helps in knowing and gives a clear picture of the surpluses that the businesses have at the moment and what the areas that need to be addressed.      

Organized billing data – the key to a successful business is not only careful strategizing but also organization. Having an organized operation helps streamline business and its daily operations. It saves later having to scratch one’s head and figure out which entry where, when and at what day. Organizing billing data helps in proper calculation and avoiding any fallouts at a later point in time. 

Get your payments faster – another aspect here is that it shortens the time span (which earlier could span out for days or even months) to a smaller period.

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Now that we know the importance of Billing and Invoicing Software let us take a look at the top 10 best billing and invoicing software in India that will enable us to make 2023 a better year for Business.

TallyPrime – is a software by Tally solutions Pvt Ltd which is a technology & innovation company primarily catering to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) by delivering business software. Today the company has an impressive network of more than 28000 partners. It prides itself on delivering unparallel customer experience in sales, support and services.

The company, which has its Head Office in Bangaluru, has its presence in multiple locations in India that cover most cities. The company also has its operations in international markets such as UAE and Kenya.

USP – TallyPrime, inventory management and integrated business management software makes business owners’ accounting operations efficient and error-free. Business owners also have the option of the customized version to suit their requirements.

TallyPrime Features – ·      

Invoicing and Accounting

Inventory Management    

Insightful Business Reports   


Credit and Cash Flow Management      

Multi- task Capabilities


Access Business Data Online      

Secure Data

The company introduced the upgraded versions of Tally Software called TallyPrime.        


Vyapar – Accounting and Invoicing – the company prides itself on being specifically built for Indian small businesses and helps deal with invoicing, inventory, and accounting needs etc.

As a Business Accounting App, the same is available on both Android and Desktop App. It also works offline, and hence even if one is facing unreliable internet issues, things can still work! The application helps in getting the right inputs – what a business owns (assets), How much a business owes (liabilities) and what may be the business values (equity).

As of this date, Vyapar, which started out in 2016, is looking towards 1 million installs on the play store.

USP – Vyapar’s software is focused on providing smooth GST billing operations. The software is said to be easy to use, especially tailored for businesses to strengthen the billing system.    

GST Bills creation for customers and sharing them online.      

Manage Inventory seamlessly

Send payment reminders to recover dues

GST filing made faster and simpler 

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Busy Accounting Software – from Busy Infotech Pvt ltd is an exporter and IT/ Technology services, provider. The company is a leading GST Ready Business Accounting Software Company dealing both in software development and marketing. 

The company has sold over 600,000 licenses in over 20 countries, making it is one of the leading business accounting software in India, South Asia, Middle East Asia, and Africa.

BUSY accounting software covers complete financial accounting or Bookkeeping, Advanced Inventory Management, GST Billing and GST Return Filing, MIS, Operations Management, Payroll, Customer Management, multi-location inventory, multi-currency, multi-tax capabilities, multi-branch management, order processing, payroll, MIS, Invoicing and many other segments.  

BUSY can be used in almost all types of Business Segments and Industry Verticals like FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, and Services. BUSY is sold and supported through its network of over 500 Channel Partners, thousands of Resellers, and Solution Partners all across India and abroad.

USP – BUSY provides one – stop solution for the financial and payroll needs of businesses/ organizations. It offers many services ranging from multi-location inventory, multi-currency support, and order processing capabilities, thus making it simpler for any business to take an informed and best suitable decision for their business. The software is best suitable for businesses related to FMCG, retail, manufacturing, trading and distribution businesses.


Zoho Inventory – this is cloud-based inventory management software that helps businesses manage both sales and purchase orders, as well as track inventory. One has the option of integrating it with online sales channels such as Amazon, eBay etc., as well as shopping carts.

Zoho has an impressive clientele ranging from different corners of the world. It provides services under the following categories – ·      

Item Management      

Customer Lifecycle      

Vendor Relations·      

Integration solutions·      


Smart Features.

USP – The software helps manage multi-channel orders, warehousing, packaging and shipping. It also helps in tracking inventory and integrating with many applications all from a single inventory management software.

The great thing about Zoho is that it is both it is available as a MobileAPP and API.

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RedBook – aims to provide intelligent business software for pharmacy businesses. Since it is primarily catering to making operations easier for pharmacies or even pharmaceutical distribution businesses. When it comes to pharma retailers, the software provides a one-stop inventory and order management solution and is a complete browser-based application for this business.

The following are the features that one can use

GST enabled software

Prompt alerts and reminders

Friendly UI Compatible with online and off line modes

Demand book offers

Auto Order Feature

Vigilant customer support feature

Quick Inventory update via email

USP – Handling over-the-counter and online prescription order is made convenient with its user-friendly interface that saves both time and effort.

Sunrise Tailoring Software – offered by Sunrise Software Development offers its services in several industry verticals such as pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Diamonds Manufacturing, Jewelry Design & Manufacturing, Retail, Manufacturing, Services and Products Development.

The following are their field of expertise

Payroll Management Software

Billing Software for Retail (POS software)

Accounting Software & Inventory Management  

Tailoring Software

ERP Software

Document Management Software

Hospital Management Software

School Management Software

SMS Sending Software (Bulk SMS Solution) 

The Tailoring Business Management and is one of the most trusted and successful in this segment.


Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software – MARG Billing is specific software designed to give support to Individuals or Chain Businesses like Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, ERP, Accounting and Payroll. 

It offers solutions under the category of –·      

Retail software      

Distribution Software·      

Manufacturing Software·      

ERP Corporate solutions ·      



DMSxpert ·      

Payment and Reconciliation·      

GST Billing & Return Filing·      

Barcode Management·      

Online Import Purchase

Bills, outstanding on WhatsApp

Shop QR Code

The customer base as of now is more than 1 million and continues to grow.

 USP – The fact that all business has their own unique requirements hence it came up with billing the software which is capable of performing the requirements of users.


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JustBilling – JustBilling is the most comprehensive Modern Retail and Restaurant POS Billing Software for point of sale to inventory reconciliation, digital payment to GST Invoicing, customer loyalty to real-time online growth analysis.

It primarily caters to segments such as restaurants, Retail, and individual professionals by providing Mobile Billing App and Windows POS Software. Just Billing GST Invoicing Software lets you conveniently  –   Generate invoices, run a customer loyalty program, manage and monitor sales, and procurement activities, optimize inventory, manage accounts, taxes and reports at the store level or consolidated analysis at the cloud back office anytime.

USPJust Billing Mobile is a unique billing app for micro, small and medium size business. It is an intuitive business solution, which does not require you to have any technical knowledge and simply automates your business entry with which you generate a bill, a host of other things like Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Expenses and Customer Loyalty is taken care of

Just Billing invoicing app sends invoices to your customers via SMS and Email, or you can simply get it printed. Check your business reports from anywhere, anytime with real time updates on your mobile. Moreover, it works with or without internet.

Windows POS Software – is great for multi- chain stores as it runs on cloud, hence making it easier to monitor multiple stores at the same time.   It also helps that one can check their business reports from anywhere and at any time, this enables operations to be more streamlined and very convenient. It also provided real time updates and one can easily view the same from back office portal.

Horizon ERP Simple Billing software with complete inventory and accounts modules. It’s fast, reliable and easy to maintain. Ideal for businesses that have a large number of invoices and deals in 100’s of SKU’s. Typically used by distributors, retailers and small manufacturers. The company provides Business solutions, ERP Packages, and Social Media Marketing.  

USP – GST Invoice, E – way billing, GST Return Filing, Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Business Management Functions.


QuickBooks – QuickBooks is an online accounting software for business owners to make stay on top of their finances. Easy to use interface, 100% data security and features such as Online bank connect and WhatsApp integration helps business owners to focus on growing their business.

USP – QuickBooks has made things simpler by introducing a easy to use interface that can be used by just about anyone. It has also assured that your business data is secured and safe. Another feature that makes business so much easier is its Online bank connect option which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Allowing to integrate with WhatsApp allows for business owners to spend less time worrying and more time on important matters.

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Conclusion: Conclusion: In today’s day and age, irrespective of which segment one might own a business, small, medium or big organization, one cannot move away from the fact that Billing and Invoicing Software have become the need of the hour and one of the critical elements that contribute towards a successful business.







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