Top 10 drone companies in India soaring high: dos and don’ts

Top 10 Drone Companies in India soaring High: Dos and Don’ts

There are many applications and advantages of drone technology. Its scope will expand and significantly impact how we live our lives shortly.

The drone startup ecosystem in India is just getting started, so private players would provide it with the competitive advantage it needs to grow and thrive. India has many industries that can benefit from increased productivity, including agriculture, smart cities, building, and surveying.

The demand for intelligent avionics and the growing defence budget provides many opportunities for India’s top drone businesses.

The Indian government is assisting in developing more considerable drone companies growth by establishing a regulatory framework by 2020 and a more comprehensive strategy by 2025. So let’s look at some of India’s most intriguing drone companies.

1. Aotom Technology

The top drone companies businesses in India are listed below, along with details on their current and future drone technology initiatives:

Geophysical services, artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, data analytics, and facial recognition are just a few of the specialities of companies like Atom Technology.

To study a person’s face and the surface of the earth, the startup offers machine learning services, regression techniques, pattern identification, NLP text mining, and text captioning, among other techniques.

It can select the optimum method depending on the data structure, patterns, and desired outcomes because of its experience.

Due to its expertise in business, platforms, and digital technologies, the firm offers complete solutions and services for business and IT teams of enterprises to deploy AI/ML in numerous business lines.


2. Aarav Unmanned Systems

One of the largest drone companies in India, Aarav Unmanned Systems was created in 2013 and offered total drone solutions.

AUS provides a drone, an operator, and a cloud platform for data analysis as part of end-to-end integrated solutions for drone applications. The government chose it as one of the three companies to map India’s 600,000 villages.

Grip and Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) have agreed to an innovative, exclusive lease deal worth INR 3.75 Cr.

The grip will enable AUS to create new revenue streams as part of the arrangement by using lease finance for more than 50 drones. The company asserts to be successful, and during the past three years, annual revenue growth has averaged 25%.


3. Garuda Aerospace

Garuda Aerospace designs, build and configures drones for various applications, including event photography, agricultural surveys, reconnaissance, and surveillance.

Garuda is one of four drone companies Swiggy has partnered with for drone grocery delivery trials in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. More than 8,000 drones have been ordered from other countries, including Malaysia, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates.


4. BharatRohan

BharatRohan, a tech-enabled end-to-end agri-enabler, can provide drone-based advisory services to about 30K acre farms in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are home to 6K farmers.

The startup offers a four-part approach to increase profit margins, reduce crop losses, and improve input efficiency.

The startup also enables farmers to collaborate with other companies through contract farming.

Farmers can buy agricultural items directly from farmers’ fields, while FMCG, retail, and exporter enterprises can buy agricultural products through vendors such as insecticides and seeds.

Although BharatRohan is undoubtedly an agritech company, the use of drones in the product is its USP. The startup produces a precise farm map using a drone to identify particular agronomic issues, such as nutrient deficiencies, disease infections, bug and weed infestations, and more.

BharatRohan employs drones and satellite-based remote sensing footage of fields along with the corresponding historical climate and meteorological records to assist farmers in maximising their output.


5. Enercomp Solutions

Enercon, an artificial intelligence startup, provides services that use UAV “drones” and a variety of sensors for reliable and efficient data gathering and processing, as well as high-standard analytics to extract insights from the data.

Thanks to its unique technology, Enercomp’s solutions can benefit many industries, including agricultural, industrial services, and defence.


6. Optimized Electrotech

For security forces, national assets, defence companies, and the aerospace industry, Optimized Electrotech, a startup in the defence technology industry, develops domestic surveillance systems.

According to this firm, it uses autonomous, secure, field-upgradable devices to provide accurate, useable, and real-time information on the environment.

The business hopes to create cutting-edge surveillance systems, brand-new items, and prototypes for projects involving smart cities, intelligent borders, and the railroad industry.


7. Skylark Drones

Skylark Drones offers complete drone-based solutions that provide information to promote business success. Businesses can use the Spectra and Drone Mission Ops products from Skylark to access geospatial insights.

Spectra makes platform connectors, API access, and workplace intelligence feasible. On the other hand, allowing large companies and individual operators to plan and execute drone missions, Fleet and project management are offered by Drone Mission Ops.

Skylark’s computer vision programme analyses aerial imagery to give its clients information specific to their industry.

The startup plans to create further insights from drone data to assist its clients and streamline better business decisions and strategies. It also intends to encourage the expansion of its drone data analytics-based products internationally.


8. General Aeronautics

The Indian Institute of Science was the birthplace of General Aeronautics, a drone-based solution provider for crop protection, farming, and yield monitoring services in the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, it offers healthcare services to both public and private companies. Its team members have years of collective experience working with foreign research and development organisations.

In addition to its Krishak agricultural drones, an agro app, and a hub, General Aeronautics offers an all-encompassing crop security system that includes mapping and survey drones.

In a cash-only deal in May, Adani Defence Systems and Technologies, a unit of Adani Enterprises, acquired a 50% stake in General Aeronautics. Mela Ventures contributed INR 6.5 Cr to the drone startup’s Pre-Series A funding round earlier.


9. IoTechWorld

IoTechWorld is a drone Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that creates drones for agriculture, surveying, and surveillance.

IoTechWorld seeks to support the “Make In India” movement by promoting domestic products. In 10 states throughout India, it intends to expand the number of company-owned service stations it now operates.

There are currently about 25 dealers spread out across India, and 100 are eventually planned. The long-range drone models from IoTechWorld, which can fly 50 to 100 kilometres, will be unveiled.


10. IdeaForge

Plan for a drone manufacturing company IdeaForge manufactures UAV systems for mapping, surveillance, and inspection. Numerous industries, including defence, home security, mining, construction, agriculture, energy, and utilities, use its solutions.

On its website, ideaForge claims to have completed over 220K end-user missions and to be the holder of 20 patents. It aspires to expand in two markets: the Middle East and North America. It plans to create highly integrated solutions for its primary application domains, surveillance and mapping. As part of its agreement with the Indian Army, the drone startup must deliver 200 drones.

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