Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Guwahati 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Guwahati 2022.

Guwahati is the only and fastest-growing city in Assam, situated alongside the Brahmaputra River. In terms of development and progress, the town has been the only heavenly city. The city is well-known for the amount of greenery and development it possesses. It features some of the most incredible and stunning scenery, along with some of the most incredible weather and contemporary culture. It has constructed some infrastructure. It has built structures and highways in the city in terms of development.

It has four lanes on both the east and west sides, making it easier to travel from Guwahati to the various state capitals in the Northeast. The Assam startup policy was created with a single goal in mind: to provide the greatest possible platform for new businesses and to provide the most possible benefits to the people of the state.

Public Holiday Declared On April 22 In Guwahati

It has made attempts to contact key mentors, experts, and entrepreneurs to launch the Guwahati startup policy. Assam has grown into a startup environment that has greatly benefited the people.

It has put in great efforts to make Guwahati the best place for entrepreneurs and welcome their ideas with open arms. From the aspect of adventure tourism and to the place for getting the best view, Guwahati is considered the best place for citizens because of the locality it has.

There has been much development in terms of companies or startups, mentioned below are the top 10 major innovative start-ups that have emerged in the city and have benefitted the people daily.

1. Digital Ant

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

It is the best e-learning platform for digital marketing and has been providing people with the best kind of learning. The courses provided on their platform are very much job-oriented and always the company has been working in intending to have the best kinds of modules in entrepreneurship. It is a proper digital marketing platform established in Guwahati which works for all the different types of enterprises in the city. Call a source for all the companies that are very much involved in digital marketing in Guwahati.

 It supports them whenever there is a need for any website designing or e-commerce website set up or any kind of mobile application development. It is a kind of a form that revolves around the Main purpose they have is providing the people with the digital marketing consultancy and also helping them in the different aspects of the digital marketing. It also deals with engine optimization, email marketing, and different types of content marketing strategies.

It has great professionals or experts in terms of website designing or any kind of activity that revolves around the aspect of digital. The platform of digital ant has three levels in the realm of the digital marketing circle.

The first one is called the “Foundational level” which is their first-month course, then it is the second course which is “Advanced Level” which is about having the course for six months and the last is the “Professional Level” which is the course for four months. Digital Ant was founded by Manish Choudhary and has been putting up its expertise for the last 15 years. It has fetched great reviews from the people and is continuing to make its reputation among the people of the city.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name            Digital Ant Pvt Ltd. 
                   Industries Web Designing, E-Commerce Website & Mobile App Development
                   Founder(s)             Manish Choudhary
                 Founded Date                     2014
           Total Funding Amount                  $22 Billion
                    Investors                  Acquired

2. Redlemon Communications

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

Redlemon Communications is the well-known name for the web development practices, the company has already made the three web-based projects – Poridhan, Eshopany, and Cellfisher. All of these three projects were about web development and have made a great place in the market after their performance. The first project for it wasn’t a project which was NGO based in Guwahati which was launched by the use of this startup, Redlemon Communications. Their second project was Eshopany which was about the e-commerce platform for selling ethnic products according to the taste and trends of the people in Guwahati.

The last project was Cellfisher, a well-known name in the realm of taxis. It is a taxi service provider for the people of the city which has been attracting customers by offering them lower prices as compared to any other companies. All of the projects handled by them are made in full collaboration with the company of Vodafone and plans to expand their services according to the marketplace company. Apart from all of these services, Redlemon Communications offers different services also like consulting, IT training, and also all the services related to web development applications. It was founded by Pankaj Gogoi and Rakesh Doley in the year 2011.

 It has a highly dedicated and the most affordable professional company in the field of website development and designing along with internet marketing. It is a company established in Guwahati, it is catering to all the international and local clients. It offers time-bound, value-added innovative kinds of business solutions. It even has telecom services that prove to be a great benefit for the people of Guwahati and has continued its work in offering creative solutions that are updated with the latest technologies and advancements.

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Company Overview

                  Legal Name  Redlemon Communications Pvt Ltd.
                   Industries Website Development & Designing
                   Founder(s)  Pankaj Gogoi & Rakesh Doley
                 Founded Date                      2011
           Total Funding Amount                       NA
                    Investors                    Acquired

3. Olatus Systems

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

It is a company founded in 2014 by Nilotpal Rabha and Parish Borthakur. This company is responsible for manufacturing the different Interfacing boards, connecting wires, Arduino boards, and sensor modules. It has the special automatic dawn to dusk sensor board activities along with the SMPS adaptor. It is completely backed by the best kind of sound infrastructure that is outfitted with all amazing tools and technology which is spread over a wide area.

It has been divided into different specialized units like quality control, warehousing, packaging unit, processing, and RND. All of these units work in cooperation and coordination by helping each other to have the best kind of products with the purest quality. The name Olatus Systems has acquired a great level of appreciation for working with so many kinds of units and all of the units giving different benefits to people. It is making more improvements to fulfill the more needs of the people and always ends every project with a great level of satisfaction.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name Olatus Systems Private Limited.
                   Industries Interfacing boards, Connecting wires & Sensor Modules
                   Founder(s) Parish Borthakur & Nilotpal Rabha
                 Founded Date                      2014
           Total Funding Amount                        NA
                    Investors                     Acquired

4. MotoHut

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

It is a startup that was launched in 2015 and specialised in the services of selling motorcycle parts, different vehicle accessories, and gears. It was founded by Glen Grimmett And offers a wide range of different products for bike lovers and for other vehicle lovers which they can easily explore with this company. This start-up has quired great success in the last few years and it has continued to help a lot of vehicle and bike lovers by helping them with their bike parts or their other vehicle parts.

It has surely made a great reputation in the city as many people driving on the roads have had any experience with this name of MotoHut and they recommended to the other people in the city to keep their motor looking very fresh and fantastic and also running smoothly on the roads. It helps the car people many proud to get the best kind of detailing and all of the important workshop-related accessories.

It has the majority of people who love traveling and who love to explore the nearby places this startup is very much beneficial for the majority of the people of the city as it provides them the best kind of experience which they can get from their gears or their motorcycles over the vehicles.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name                   MotoHut
                   Industries Motorcycles Parts, Gears & Vehicle Accessories 
                   Founder(s)               Glen Girmett
                 Founded Date                     2015
           Total Funding Amount                      NA 
                    Investors                  Acquired

5. Dawai Lo

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

Dawai Lo is name of Guwahati which has been serving the people and online platform for the delivery of the medicines from door to door. Founded by Pankaj Maheshwari and Abhimanyu Modi in 2016 started this started with a vision of providing easy access to people and getting the most complicated medicines online with their delivery services.

 It is a rare start-up or unique start-up of Guwahati as it has been successful Medicine in the city. It even offers different properties like a reminder from the telephone, Street doctor prescription-based orders, discount on different medicines, proper billing procedures, and a proper find that contains all the details of their clients.

A proper medicine vendor or services is a must in any city to provide ease to the people and support them during any kind of health issues either caused to themselves or their family members. This is one reason why this startup grasped so much attention from the people of the city and it is still making more steps toward a better future for their startup.


Company Overview

                  Legal Name                Dawai Lo
                   Industries           Medicines Delivery
                   Founder(s)  Abhimanyu Singh & Pankaj Maheswari
                 Founded Date                  2016
           Total Funding Amount                   NA 
                    Investors               Acquired

6. nDimensions

Ndimension Labs | LinkedIn

It is a management company that was founded in 2017 by Ahjit Kumar was started with the vision of offering courses on different perspectives of entrepreneurship to the different school students by making them partner with the school.

It is the one platform in the city which has been targeting the school students to make them aware of the operations of processes of being an entrepreneur and how this kind of initiative is providing so much benefit to the people of the city.

Entrepreneurship of being an entrepreneur is something starting something on your own which is for the welfare of the society of the city. nDimensions is the one place that works with a B2B model B2B model directly makes partners with the different schools to offer them services and also offers them an online platform to openly bring up their ideas and also discuss those ideas with the team of this company.

Many startups in different cities are growing to provide different aspects of benefits to the people of that city but this one startup is about educating students on the aspect of entrepreneurship. Making them aware of the duties and responsibilities of this word and making them understand the major needs of being an entrepreneur. It is a free kind of company which welcomes all kinds of ideas and even advice the students with the best kind of suggestions that would help them in the future.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name   nDimensions Private Limited
                   Industries Education on Entrepreneurship
                   Founder(s)                  Ahjit Kumar
                 Founded Date                      2017
           Total Funding Amount                       NA 
                    Investors                    Acquired

7. PriceBoard

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

It is a startup that was founded to benefit the marketplace in the city. The behind price board was somewhere similar to Snapdeal as this is the one platform that compares the prices of the different products which you found on the different websites. It will easily help the customers to compare those prices and then find the best product for them. It was founded by Samiran Raj Boro who started this startup with this idea only to provide them access to people who can compare the process of the different items and then make their final choice.

With this company and services, it has made a name or a mark in the customer’s minds as they can easily compare different gadgets through their price comparison process and the startup has allowed the customers to get the best deals after using this platform. It was founded in 2014 with the vision of making lives easy for the people of Guwahati. If you want an application where you can compare prices of anything be it any gadget or any household item then, PriceBoard is the one destination for all of these.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name      Priceboard Private Limited
                   Industries  Compare prices from different websites
                   Founder(s)             Samiran Raj Boro
                 Founded Date                   2014
           Total Funding Amount                    NA
                    Investors                 Acquired

8. PicknDel

PicknDel Guwahati Food Delivery - YouTube

It is a famous Food delivery application in the city which offers a complete process of delivery and also different options in the food delivery solutions. You can get their services from any area of the city and have the delivery just in a few minutes. It provides food from the best urban restaurants situated in the city and brings much more appreciation to the people.

Till now the company has made more than 10 thousand downloads across the city because of being a very fast and powerful application. It is very simple to use and can be used on any device. You just need to log in with your details along with your home address and select the restaurant and the food item.

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Choose from the different payment options given and then enjoy your food in just a few minutes. It was founded by Tullika Batra in 2016. PicknDel is receiving amazing kinds of feedback and now it is more steps toward the improvement and betterment of the startup. It is including more easy ways to make online ordering easy and flexible for people.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name  PicknDel Food Delivery Solutions
                   Industries                Food Delivery 
                   Founder(s)                 Tullika Batra
                 Founded Date                     2016
           Total Funding Amount                      NA
                    Investors                   Acquired

9. BlueWhale

List of Successful Startups in Guwahati (Assam)

This is the one startup that aims to make the import and export process of goods very easy and hassle-free for the consumers. It is very reliable and easy. It helps or carries out all the local and the international trading process in the country and helps the customers to easily get their items. Guwahati has always been the best city for international trading when it comes to export and import. The application of BlueWhale easily lets the consumers and the customers understand the terms and conditions of the trading.

It keeps everyone aware of the latest on-going in the shipping industries and brings all the news related to it. It was founded by Kunal Agarwal who is also the CEO of the company. He is a graduate of IIT Bombay and started this startup in 2013. International trading is the one part of trading that is the most complicated as it involves imports and export from far-off places. But this startup has made this complicated process very easy by bringing out the flexible ways to have hassle-free trading.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name           BlueWhale Solutions
                   Industries        Import & Export of Goods
                   Founder(s)               Kunal Agarwal
                 Founded Date                     2013
           Total Funding Amount                      NA
                    Investors                  Acquired


Startup News: What Are The Pros and Cons Of Website Builders? - IndiaWest

It is a well-known software company in Guwahati which is specializing in information services and technologies.  It was founded in 1999 by Atreyee Borooah Thekedath who has been serving the people of the city for more than 20 years with their experience. It is serving best in the software domain because of its expertise and has been known as a trusted and reliable startup partner to thousands of different organizations.

 It is known to be an empaneled vendor of the government of Assam and has worked for the standardization of the people of the city by offering different services. It has website designing, web app development, SMO services, e-commerce website development, customized software development, and digital marketing strategies. This startup names started to make different web applications and processes and help the different ventures. It offers complete technology when it comes to information services and has an upper hand in web-related issues.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name   Solutions
                   Industries              Software Domain
                   Founder(s)    Atreyee Borooah Thekedath
                 Founded Date                    1999
           Total Funding Amount                     NA
                    Investors                   Acquired

The economy of Assam is largely based on the agriculture process and therefore the majority of its citizens are involved in the business that is somewhere linked to the field of agriculture. Guwahati is the kind of city in Assam and it is majorly known for the kinds of temples and places the city has.

 This city is home to a large number of one-horned rhinoceros and brings some of the best places for the people to visit in the city. It has the essential river port which flows through the mountains of the city and therefore maintains a fresh environment most of the time making the place beautiful. It is known to be the largest city in the northeastern states and has a population of over a million. If you want the essence of the northeastern region, then Guwahati is the best city to experience that.  

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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