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Top 10 Most Promising Startups in Kerala in 2022

What is a startup?

The term “startup” is used to describe a company that is still in the beginning stages of business. One or more entrepreneurs start a business because they want to make a product or service they think people will enjoy. Most of these businesses don’t make much money when they start, so they look for money from venture capitalists and other sources.

What is a Startup: Types and Ideas - Definition | SendPulse

These are the most important things to remember.

  • A startup is a company that hasn’t yet made any money.
  • Usually, the founders of new businesses pay for them and try to get money from other people before starting.
  • Family and friends, venture capitalists, crowdfunding, loans, and loans are some of the sources of money.
  • Startups also need to think about where they’ll do business and how they’ll be run legally.
  • Startups have a lot of risks because they could fail, but they can also be unique places to work with great benefits, an emphasis on innovation, and many chances to learn.
  • Getting to know startups
  • Startups are businesses or ventures that are all about one thing the founders want to put out there.
  • These companies usually don’t have a fully developed business model, and, more important, they don’t have enough money to move on to the next phase of business. Most of these businesses start with cash from their founders.

Many startups look for more money from other people, like their families, friends, and venture capitalists. Silicon Valley has a solid community of venture capitalists and is a good place for new businesses to start, and it’s also thought to be the most challenging place to work.

Startups can use seed money to pay for research and make their business plans. Market research helps businesses determine how much demand there is for a product or service. A detailed business plan lays out the company’s mission statement, vision, goals, and management and marketing strategy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Startup

There are a lot of benefits to working for a small business, and more responsibility and chances to learn are two of them. Many startup employees wear many hats because there aren’t as many people as at more significant, more well-known companies. This means that they have more responsibility and more chances to learn.

Startups tend to be more laid back, making the workplace more like a group, with flexible hours, more interaction between employees, and more flexibility. They also have better benefits at work, like nurseries for kids and free food. Startups also work less and have shorter work weeks.

It can also be more rewarding to work at a startup because managers are open to new ideas and let employees who have good ideas run with them without much supervision.

One of the main drawbacks of starting a business is more risk. This primarily applies to how well and how long a startup will last. Before a new company can make money, it needs to show that it can work and get money from investors. Keeping investors happy with the progress of the startup is very important. The risk of shutting down or not having enough money to keep going before making money is always there.

A startup is a place where people work long hours to see their company succeed. A lot of stress and not getting paid enough for the hours you work can happen because of this. Also, there is always a lot of competition because there are usually a lot of startups working on the same thing.

TYPES OF STARTUP COMPANIES: Companies that can grow

To name a few, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are some of the internet platforms that people use to communicate and share ideas. Such startups require the owners to believe that the company will grow and become a big business one day. Besides making money, they also hope that affluent investors will see the value of what they’re doing and want to help them grow. The principles that these businesses are built on are usually powerful.

  • Startups with scalability

This type of business is for people who like to make money, spend it, and then go back and make more money. People who make websites and apps are examples of these businesses. With very little money, the founders start small businesses, grow them, and then sell them to big companies like IT when their value rises. It’s not very often that these people make billions, but they can make a lot of money.

  • Small businesses startups.

These Small businesses or startups are the heart of any country’s economy, and they’re easier to start because they don’t need a lot of money start. Their main goal is to make money and take care of their families. As a result, they are afraid to invest a lot of money because the businesses rarely make money. Most of the time, the people who work for the company are family members or close friends. Hairdressers, travel agents, plumbers, and carpenters are all examples of businesses that do this work. However, these entrepreneurs don’t make the news very often when it comes to important people in business stories.

  • Large corporations fund startups.

Big corporations have a short lifespan, and their lifespans have been getting faster over the last few years. Most big businesses are at risk because of the need for new ideas. A business model that hasn’t changed in a long time isn’t a good idea anymore because it has led to a company’s demise over time. Innovative ideas help fight against the ever-growing threats from other large organizations that are imaginative and innovative. This means cutting back on costs to add efficiency and new skills and organizational structures.

  • Businesses in the “lifestyle” field startup

The words “talent” and “lifestyle businesses” come to mind when I think of them. Owners of these businesses are often driven by a strong desire to succeed. In this case, someone who likes to draw might decide to start an animation company, which would allow them to improve their skills while also making money. Another example of a lifestyle company is a dietitian who opens a gym to fulfil her passion for health while also making money. It’s also not very common to see skydivers teaching other people.

Anyone who owns a small business can start a company. What does this word mean?
You can’t be all of these things simultaneously, and it doesn’t make every small business owner a startup entrepreneur. On the other hand, many small businesses don’t call themselves startups because their operations are very different from those of a startup.

One, two, or three people start a small business to use their skills and resources to the fullest. Joining forces with other people makes the venture into a career or even a lifestyle dream that they want to pursue.

Because small business owner thinks of their company’s equity as their own, they don’t think about getting money from outside sources. As a bonus, they are long-term means they can’t even think about leaving.

It’s more likely that a small business will not grow as quickly as a startup because they are less likely to use content marketing and social media right away than startups. After all, there is no money from outside sources, and it will, of course, take time before they get there.

Finally, while a startup is usually defined as looking for more money from outside sources and being willing to give up some of its stock, small businesses will instead grow in proportion to their money.

What’s the difference between a startup and a small business, and how do they work together?

Startups need to have a growth mindset and get money from outside sources to increase.
Small businesses have a more long-term mindset and try to grow slowly through internal means.
An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and makes money from it.

The word “entrepreneur” is used a lot when we talk about businesses that are startups. On the other hand, entrepreneurship refers to the mindset needed to start a business in the first place, not the structure of a business.

A Journey into entrepreneurship

“What is an Entrepreneur?” 

An entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem or shortfall and decides to do something about it. They do this because they think the solution is feasible, desirable, and economically feasible.

A startup requires an entrepreneur, but you can be an entrepreneur even if your business is small. If you fit our definition of “small,” you can be an entrepreneur without being a startup.

What is the process for getting money for a new business?
Usually, a startup has two main goals. One way to change the world and meet a market need at the same time is to come up with new products and ideas. Another way to get more market share and make money for shareholders in five years is to increase.

From a financial point of view, startups get money from outside private equity investors rather than from the entrepreneurs’ credit cards and collateral agreements (as in small firms).

There are three groups of people who are the first investors: the FFFs (Family, Friends, and Fools). They help the founders because they believe in their business and the people who run it.

Businesses or Angel Investors who see a chance for growth and development quickly take over for FFVs. In most cases, outside investors invest between $50,000 and $500,000, and they hope to get more money from bigger fish when they sell their shares.

There are venture capital firms that take over when this happens. Still, by that point, the company’s structure has changed a lot. Venture capitalists now own most of the company, and the startup founders now own very little.

What do you think about startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs?
People who start businesses are called “entrepreneurs.” Where do you stand on this? Unfortunately, this question can’t be answered with a pre-made answer, mainly because it depends on the person’s mindset and what they expect from it.

Thank you, and welcome to the club. A person who comes up with an idea and business model that can work might be an entrepreneur.

If you think of your business as a job or a long-term job that lets you do what you want to do at your own pace and grow with the resources you have, you could be a small business.

If you want to be a startup entrepreneur and start a business quickly, grow your team quickly, and get a lot of market share soon with the help of outside investors and funds, you’ll thrive in a startup environment.

People who live in Kerala, a state in southwest India, know it for its backwaters and beautiful beaches, but it’s also becoming one of the best places to start a business. Kerala is the state with the most well-educated people and has a strong economy. This year, the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) ranks the world’s best places to start a business. The state is in the top 20 in the world for affordable talent. This article will show you how the startup world works in Kerala and which businesses are the best.

A list of the best startups in the state of Kerala. A list of the best startups in the form of Kerala.

Ecosystem for startups in Kerala With more than 3100 startups, Kerala’s startup ecosystem is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to start a business. When it comes to progress and growth, Kerala is one of the best places in India. The state has been able to help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses by giving them resources like incubation programs and government money.

Kerala Startup Corpus Fund

For people who want to start businesses with technology, the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is a government agency in Kerala that helps people learn how to start businesses and set up businesses. As long as people have lived in Kerala, they have been some of India’s most intelligent and skilled people. The state has a lot of schools, colleges, incubators, government institutes, and startups that work together so well. This is an excellent chance for new ideas, investment, and entrepreneurship to grow.

The most promising startups in Kerala are shown in this list.

Trivandrum-based robotics startup Genrobotics raises Rs 2.5 cr in  pre-Series A funding round |

  1. Genrobotic Innovation

Genrobotics is a new way to make things that can do things that. A list of the best businesses in Kerala that are making things like robots and cars.

A list of the best businesses in Kerala that are making things like robots and cars. Genrobotics is a robotics company founded in 2015 and is based in Trivandrum, India. Its main goal is to design and build robots to help solve the most critical social problems. Genrobotics has been working with the central and state governments to eliminate manual scavenging from the whole country. It has deployed its Bandicoot robots in 11 states.

Farefirst - Kerala Top Startups

2: Fare first.

People in Kerala making the most money are called “Farefirst.” FareFirst is a Kannur-based company that was started in 2018. When you use Fare first, you can look at many different online travel agencies at the same time. This is called a metasearch engine, and people who use it can search, compare, and book flight tickets quickly and easily.

Agrima Infotech - acquired by Bigbasket | LinkedIn

3. Agrima InfoTech.

It is one of the best new businesses in Kerala. Agrima Infotech is a company based in Kochi that was started in 2011. Agrima came up with the world’s first food vision API for recognizing and understanding food items. Use: They have used this technology in one of their apps called “Recipe Book.” There are a lot of apps in the “recipe space” that uses deep learning and computer vision, and this app is called Recipe Book.

Entri App മലയാളം - YouTube

4. Entri App

Entri App is a top startup in Kerala. When the Entri App was founded in 2017, it was based in Kochi, India. It helps people who want to get jobs in the government and the private sector. More than 500 courses in eight languages: Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Hindi, Marathi and Bengali are some of the other languages.

SurveySparrow - YouTube

5. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a top startup in Kerala. For the first time in history, SurveySparrow came out with chat-like surveys that combine the best of both worlds: surveys and chat. SurveySparrow was founded in 2017. It is easy to use SurveySparrow because it has a conversational user interface. Users can manage customer experience surveys, employee pulse surveys, and market feedback surveys.

Desintox Technologies - Kerala Top Startup

6. Desintox Technologies 

Desintox Technologies is a top startup in Kerala. Desintox Technologies is a company based in Thrissur, India, started in 2016. Its goal is to help people with disabilities and the elderly through assistive technology. They make patient transfer hoists, standing/reclining wheelchairs, patient transfer chairs, and walking aids for children with cp.

Sastra Robotics - YouTube

7. Sastra Robotics.

It is one of the best new businesses in Kerala. In 2013, Kochi-based Sastra Robotics started making robots that can be used in various industries. Sastra Robotics is a company that creates intelligent robotic platforms for industrial product testing automation.

8. Infusory.

Infusory is a top startup in Kerala. Infusory is a Thirssur-based company that makes next-generation immersive solutions for businesses and industries that use the most up-to-date tech. Their product, TutAR, is an AR platform that allows teachers and students to have better learning sessions with the help of great visuals.

9. Nava Design and Technology

This is one of the best businesses in Kerala. Nava Design & Innovation is a Kochi-based agri-tech startup started in 2016. It aims to use AI and robotics to improve the agriculture industry. There aren’t enough skilled people in the global coconut sap tapping industry to manually tap the coconut sap (Neera / Toddy). Their machine solves this problem. It helps people who make Neera, Coconut Honey, Coconut Sugar, Toddy, Coconut Arrack, etc.

10. Strava Technologies

It is one of the best businesses in Kerala. It is a Trivandrum-based company called Strava that is at the forefront of space technology and cybersecurity in India with its customized solutions that meet the needs of its clients.



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