Top 10 Best Sports Mobile Apps In India In 2022

Top 10 Sports Mobile Apps In India In 2022


Discover why the “new normal” of mobile sports consumption is providing a once-in-a-lifetime chance for sports brands to engage fans with memorable mobile digital experiences.

Since the global pandemic erupted in early 2020, the sports industry has changed dramatically. Empty stadiums, failed Covid-19 tests, and changing government regulations are all constant roadblocks.

Off the field, sports teams and events are being forced to pivot and adapt in order to stay competitive. Despite the decrease in ticket sales and merchandise sales, there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Professional sports teams and event organisers around the world are using sports mobile applications to capture and enhance their audiences.


Why do you need a mobile app for your sports brand?


  • Improve the user experience and build relationships with fans


Mobile content is king, especially streaming highlights and team news. With apps accounting for 90% of mobile internet use and mobile internet usage as a whole accounting for 52% of global web page views, having a sports team app has never been more crucial.

Fans may now access team or transfer news, match highlights, and club products on your website on demand thanks to the internet. However, this does not guarantee that they will always find it.

Because the internet has made everything so accessible, best SEO practises and optimised content can provide all of the answers and coverage a fan requires without requiring them to visit your site. Sure, it’s fantastic if your fans are engaged and enthusiastic about your sport or event. 

The media landscape has been advanced by Big Tech, leaving traditional right holders playing catch-up. The NFL’s recent arrangement with Snapchat to treble the number of highlights on the social media site is a good example of this. While this may provide a greater level of accessibility for NFL fans, it does not provide the exclusive and optimal experience that these fans seek.

The best sports team app will centralise all communications and provide fans with a complete digital experience.

You don’t need to pitch your brand to fans since you’re a well-known entity in the sporting world. They’re already invested. Sports fans aren’t the same as regular customers. They have an unbreakable bond with the team or sport they adore.

Your fans will feel more connected to the club if you have a centralised sports team mobile app. As a result, having all of the content they want in one place will satisfy this need and provide actual value.


  • Create a memorable digital mobile experience


The goal of the sports industry is to create an entertaining and unforgettable experience. Sport is ingrained in every culture and draws people together, whether they are watching in an arena, at home, or on the go. The capacity to create a superior digital experience in real-time is critical to reaching this demographic. Fans are looking for relevant and quality content on the sports and teams they care about now more than ever. While having a large social media presence is important for a sports company, having 3 million likes won’t tell you anything about your supporters.

A sports mobile app allows you to collect user behaviour data in a centralised, native environment and then utilise the information to adjust and tailor the experience for your ardent followers.


  • Interact with fans wherever they are


Trying to connect with fans from all around the world is one of the most difficult issues the sporting industry faces. Manchester United F.C., for example, is said to have over a billion fans and followers, but not all of them are from England. Many sports fans are unable to attend a game in person or watch it live on television. A sports mobile app, on the other hand, brings all of the fans together in one spot.

Original content and highlights quickly become yesterday’s news in today’s environment, and they’re simple to skim through on social media. By using a sports mobile app to digitise sports events and material, you can make them available on-demand and at a time that is convenient for your followers. All of the facts can be addressed in one spot.


  • Create a constant revenue stream

According to The Future of DCB, by 2023, 39% of smartphone users would use Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) to access sports content.

The epidemic has fundamentally altered how the world pays for goods. Despite the fact that the number of consumers paying to view content via their mobile phone bill or pay-as-you-go package had been increasing prior to Covid-19, the pandemic has simply accelerated the transition.

Fans are willing to pay for live events on a smaller screen as well as access to club or event-exclusive content these days. DCB is a more ubiquitous and faster method of payment. Long sign-up and payment processes are unappealing to sports fans. They simply want to go right to the point.

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Even when people return to the stadiums in droves, clubs will almost certainly need to rely on cashless payments and the most up-to-date protocol information. This type of unique capabilities and material can be found in a sports mobile app.

A sports mobile app can also help you maximise merchandise sales, with in-app purchases accumulating sales typically generated by fans attending events. It’s another advantage of having all types of content and revenue streams in one place.


The Top 10 Sports Mobile Apps for 2022 are listed below.


In this digital age, there are many different types of entertainment. When it comes to sports, youths and teenagers prefer them. Sports are divided into several categories. There are smartphone apps, sports games, and other similar things. Sporting activities are priceless because they have so many interesting elements.

Cricket, basketball, football, and other sports have a plethora of mobile sports applications. Mobile phones have become more powerful, allowing them to run sports applications with ease. You can watch live matches, read sports news, and play games with a smartphone and a good internet connection. The following are some of the top sports applications.



1. Bleacher report


Bleacher Report keeps you up to date on your favourite teams and provides you with curated sports content from around the web. Real-time updates, video highlights, live scores, and in-depth articles on the clubs, players, and leagues you care about are all available. Get real-time alerts for breaking stories and see the latest news for favourite teams on your phone. Never miss out on the latest transfer rumours or news again.

You can read all of the newest news on any sport you want using the bleacher report app. If you enable notifications, you will receive frequent changes without having to open the app. You will be kept up to speed on the progress of your favourite team, as well as the most recent transfer news.

The mobile app for Bleacher Reports can be readily altered. All you have to do now is choose your team and the type of news you want to receive. It may be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


Unique features

  • You can choose your favourite clubs using the customization feature.
  • Scores are updated frequently, and the latest news in all sports is available.
  • Bookmark your favourite sports pages for quick access.
  • Easy access to the top sportswriters’ stories
  • On your home screen, a carousel of your favourite team appears.



2. theScore

NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey, WNBA Basketball, English Premier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions League Soccer, PGA Golf – and every major league and competition – are all covered by theScore.

You will have access to game analysis on theScore in addition to keeping you up to date with the latest sports news and scores. The calendar is another excellent feature of this programme. You can quickly find out when your favourite team is playing and stay up to date on all of their upcoming activities. All of the finest sports apps combine to provide you the best virtual experience.

Google Play and the App Store both have theScore accessible for download. It can be used on almost all smartphones due to its modest size and simple UI. You must keep updating the app in order to keep up with the most recent features. Once an update is available, you will be alerted.


Unique features

  • News feed that can be customised
  • Live scores for various matches and sports are displayed on a dashboard.
  • Fans can communicate in a group chat.
  • Players and teams can tell their own social narrative.



3. SofaScore

The most comprehensive sports app for live soccer scores, results, and statistics. Choose from over 20 sports, 5000 leagues and tournaments, millions of events, and a variety of esports competitions.

Almost any live score and statistics on the planet can be analysed. Try their fantasy football and sports quiz if you want to learn more. Join the millions of people who have already discovered why SofaScore is the only sports app you’ll ever need!

SofaScore not only provides live information, but it also allows you to watch live matches. All you need is a steady internet connection. SofaScore broadcasts live matches from up to 25 sports. It can run on some Android smartwatches because it can run on smartphones. Small movies showing how a goal was scored are included in the live updates. The app receives updated on a regular basis.

Players’ ratings on SofaScore are modified because they don’t keep stable throughout the season. You may always use the ratings to determine a player’s current form. It can be installed on Apple devices in the same way that it can be installed on Android devices.

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Unique features

  • Runs on strong Android smartwatches with ease.
  • Use the chat feature to interact and discuss with other fans.
  • Seasonal statistics and team performance data
  • Battle draught feature with quizzes to promote engagement.



4. BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app provides the most up-to-date sports news, scores, live sports, and highlights. It’s the most convenient method to keep up with all of the current sporting events!

Olympic Games, UEFA Euros and FIFA World Cup football, Wimbledon, Six Nations, Premier League football, cricket, golf, rugby league, the NFL, and much more are all covered by BBC Sport.

BBC Sport is one of the greatest sports applications for people who are new to a certain sport. You’ll get access to the latest information, highlights, and news. Because it contains privacy features, all of its users’ data is kept safe. It is well-suited for use on mobile devices.

The home screen will appear when you first open the app. You can personalise the home screen’s features to offer you news about your favourite sports. BBC Sport, like all other top sports apps, is available for Android and iOS. You don’t need a high-end smartphone to operate the programme because it has a simple interface.


Unique features

  • Matches are streamed live, and highlights are shown frequently.
  • The home page can be customised.
  • Streams are compatible with Chromecast.
  • Pages for several sports that can be customised
  • Users can share their most recent updates with others.



5. MSN Sports 

The MSN Sports app on your smartphone is required for instant updates and scores. You may learn more about your team, opposing teams, and new leagues by joining one of the 150 leagues available. You should use the following option in the app to acquire regular information about a team or league.

You can simply navigate while reading articles by swiping up and down on your device. MSN Sports provides users with in-depth pre-game information. The information you obtain from the analysis can assist you in placing wagers on football matches and other sporting events. MSN Sports is available for download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Unique features

  • Follow your favourite teams
  • Scores and sports news from across the world are updated often.
  • Showcase the locations of popular sporting events.
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward to use.
  • Analysis and statistics for both the pre-game and post-game periods



6. Yahoo sports

It’s the quickest way to keep up with your favourite teams and leagues’ latest scores, stats, and highlights. Yahoo Sports keeps you up to date on all the latest football, basketball, baseball, and soccer news.

Yahoo Sport is the quickest way to get live scores, stats, news, and standings for the leagues, teams, and players you care about.

Get personalised and real-time coverage of every major football league:
• Premier League
• Champions League
• Scottish Premier League
• Europa League
• Copa America
• Eredivisie
• Brazil Serie A
• Ligue 1
• Bundesliga
• Italian Serie A
• La Liga
• And many many more

Yahoo Sports is available for free. You will get full access to information and updates on football matches even if you do not pay or subscribe. MLB and NHL news is also updated on a regular basis. You can even watch their matches in real time. Cricket, boxing, cycling, and tennis are some of the other sports available on Yahoo Sports.

You will be exposed to material from many sources because various sport blogs contribute to the site. You can even catch up on highlights from significant matches you may have missed. The app runs smoothly on almost all smartphones due to its small size.


Unique features

  • All of the major soccer leagues are represented.
  • Updates on different teams that can be customised
  • Exceptional stuff from a variety of sports blogs and news sources
  • The user interface is simple to use.
  • Look for movies and articles on sports that you enjoy.



7. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is your one-stop shop for breaking sports news, scores, and videos. With one app, you can watch all live sports events from CBS, CBS Sports Network, and Paramount+! The CBS Sports app gives you front-row access to games from the NFL, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, the Masters, PGA Championship, SEC on CBS, March Madness, PGA Tour, WNBA, and more!

The CBS Sports app should be downloaded if you want personalised updates on various sports. On your favourite sports, you can find stats, analyses, and reports. You can watch NCAA basketball games on the app, just like you can watch the PGA Tour live.

You can always visit CBS Sports Radio if you want to listen to live broadcasts. The CBS Sports channel also has videos available to watch. CBS Sports is available for free on all smartphones. If you have an Apple device, go to the App Store and download the app. Android users, on the other hand, can get CBS Sports from the Google Play Store.

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Unique features

  • Updates and analysis tailored to your needs
  • CBS Sports news is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Expert betting advice and tips are provided on a daily basis.
  • Highlights from major sporting events
  • The interface is simple to use.



8. LiveScore

LiveScore keeps you up to date on the latest sports news and scores. From soccer goals to cards, matches to final results, they’ve got you covered. For every sports enthusiast, LiveScore has everything they need.

“I’ve used the LiveScore app to keep up with the latest scores for many years,” Cristiano Ronaldo, LiveScore’s Official Global Ambassador, said.


Notifications in real-time

Get real-time information on scores, goals, and red cards for several events and sports at the same time, including all MLS and Premier League details. In your options, you can choose which match events you want to be notified about.



Hundreds of your favourite contests from the most popular sports are available to search. The Premier League, MLS, and LaLiga are among the major tournaments and leagues covered, with comprehensive match details on the Premier League, MLS, and LaLiga.

In 1998, Livescore was created. It is one of the most popular sports apps for cellphones. If you want to keep track of the results of live matches, livescore is the app to use. The app includes tennis, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer matches and games.

You can even use the app to listen to live commentary of your favourite matches. You won’t have any trouble scrolling through game highlights thanks to the sleek style. LiveScore is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. You should download the app even if you can visit their website. It allows you to access live matches and updates more quickly.


Unique features

  • Matches can be marked and you’ll be notified when they happen.
  • Important matches should be placed in the favourites section.
  • Investigate several options for locating favourite sports.
  • In pitch view mode, you can keep track of games.
  • Find the dates of forthcoming matches by scrolling through the calendar.



9. 365Scores

If you’re a sports fan, 365Scores is a must-have app. The app makes it simple to discover more about your favourite sport. 365Scores covers all of the matches and updates from about ten different sports. You can look up scores, statistics, schedules, and videos in the same way that you can look up scores. You can also read about the history of teams and learn more about them.

The app also contains information about the players. You may learn about your favourite players’ current form, numbers, and fitness. To take advantage of new features, you must keep your 365 scores up to date. Users are now more engaged as a result of the implementation of a multi-age football game.


Unique features

  • Keep up with your favourite football team’s news and updates.
  • Keep track of live games.
  • Check out the player ratings and status in this fun football game on the app.
  • Notifications are sent out on a regular basis to keep consumers informed.



10. FlashScore

Live scores, stats, and other information from more than 30 sports and over 6000 contests around the world. You’ll never miss a goal again if you use Flashscore. Simply choose your favourite matches, teams, or players, and our notifications will keep you up to date on all of the game’s key moments.

Fast and accurate sports scores

  • Extensive Coverage: This app features football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and 33 other sports. They cover over 6000 competitions from all around the world, including over 1200 football competitions!

  • Speed: You’ll know when a goal is scored, a red card is issued, a set or period ends at the same moment as the live audience.


You may monitor around 6000 matches and events on Flashscore since it gives information and updates on roughly 30 sports. Scores and standings have their own sections. Because they provide live updates, you may stay as up to date as if you were in the stadium watching the game.

On the app, you can choose from the following options. You will receive notifications about any team’s recent news and matches if you follow them. Visit the app store on your smartphone to download and install flashscore. If you’re using an Android smartphone, you’ll need to go to the Google Play Store. Users of Apple devices can also get it from the App Store.


Unique features

  • Push notifications are used to keep you up to date on live matches.
  • On all devices, it runs smoothly.
  • Almost all sporting events have live text commentary.
  • Pre- and post-match evaluations
  • News about your favourite teams

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