Top 4 Nano Technologies which are making Life Convenient

Nanotechnology is the growing field in the market, and with the rise in trends, eventually, everything in your life is becoming smarter. Nanotechnology is helping you to charge your home applications to schedule your meetings and help you out on a functional morning walkout.

This is not the end. Nanotechnology has promised to do much more for the field of audience and users, and a realistic view is in which it will leave no practical aspect of lives untouched by the year of 2020. There are a lot of companies that are incurring this system for the production framework and increase in labor control as well. 

How Does Nanotechnology contribute to the current market?

Here is how Nanotechnology can help to accelerate the current lifestyle of people and even the companies which are on the run.

  1. Stronger materials help with carbon filled structure that helps in the production of stronger items and becoming increasingly evident in the production of cars, bicycles, sports equipment, etc. Nanotechnology helps in the management of the operational source and business so that the advancement of these ideas can reach the primary level of objective and support the people to live in a better future.


  1. Better speed means the work which is intended to be done will be completed right on time. Think of an instance. When you are traveling somewhere with the help of your car, then the transmission energy of your vehicle helps the fuel to charge up so that you can reach your destination. With the help of Nanotechnology introduced to your car, the process will be much faster, and you can contact your source of destination in just a little time. Ultra-smooth management by Nanotechnology helps in faster processing, lesser friction, and same-sized engine, which can kick start your car. 
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  1. Nanocomposite helps to travel more distance. It is being said that since by 2020, all the vehicles will be powered with the source of nanotechnology, the traditional materials which are used in your car will be obsolete. The manufacturing of Nanocomposite is lighter and stronger than the traditional ones. Nanomaterials which will be used inside your vehicle will help with the power and the accuracy by lowering all the weight of the car and distributing the load. This way, you can cover more distances that you need to do.


  1. Now tell us something. When you are wearing a piece of comfortable clothing, then are you bound to perform better? The same happens with Nanotechnology here. With the use of Nanotechnology, the performance will be smarter and at its peak. It will help you to manage all the production, hot and cold. With the use of sensors, Nano techniques will eventually know what it is to be done. It will be to accentuate all the functions in the right limit so that it can help you the materials to perform better than to what is needed.

Top Nanotechnology trends you need to look out now

Here are the top trends in Nanotechnology you need to keep an eye out.

  1. Smartwatches and wearable’s

nano technologies

Smartwatches are those who help to keep track of your lifestyle and activities happening in your system. These are fitness trackers that allow you to keep a record of your fitness like your pulse rate, your blood pressure, and come up with therapeutic solutions. There are carbon nanotubes, dielectric elastomers that are present in these watches so that they can track your fitness data and keep a record of them. 

  1. Self-Cleaning Glass
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the best self-cleaning glass to keep your glass clean [2020]

A company produces a product called an Activ Glass, which cleans on its own. This means that you don’t have to worry about the trouble of using a bar of liquid soap and a dried cloth to clean out your glasses anymore. It uses the nanoparticles which are present in them to make the glass enable with photocatalytic and hydrophilic. With the help of these effects, the UV radiation to the glass hits it, and then the nanoparticles are energized. This is when they break down, and the organic molecules are released to the glass and how the whole cleaning process is done.

  1. Clothing

silic : a shirt that cleans itself. by aamir patel — kickstarter

When it comes to the inclusion of Nanotechnology into a dress, then scientists are finding new clothes that can be used with nanoparticles for coating the fabrics. With a thin layer of zinc oxide and other nanoparticles, the whole clothing remains unharmed from the dangerous UV Rays of the sun. And for the new trend in the market, some of the clothes have nanoparticles in them, which ultimately makes them stain resistant. So the next time you are out and you have spilled the hot coffee on your lap then don’t worry. Your modern clothing won’t take a stain for it. 

  1. Antimicrobial bandages

study shows electric bandages can fight biofilm infection, antimicrobial resistance

When it comes to the introduction of Nanotechnology in the field of medicine, then it is not something new. Nanotechnology has been in this field for a very long time now because, for the further and descent medical progress, Nanotechnology is being even considered to be the cure for cancer. When it comes to the antimicrobial bandages, then these are produced with Nano metrics, which helps your stain or your injury to heal quickly, and the outside particles are blocked from entering. Silver ions that are present in these bandages help in the molecular healing methods.

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Final thoughts

There are around a thousand products every day, which is incorporating the style of Nanotechnology in them. With about the technological field rising upward in the market, these products are leading to the rank, and it is even penetrating deep into the cosmetic industry. The clothing lines, fashion, and apparels, utensils, etc. there are about dozens of other nanotechnologies that are being used at the market right now. While it is the tip of the iceberg, we are still very excited to know how Nanotechnology has been planned out for us and in our future. And since the rise of these trends in the market, 2020 will see a fantastic start with new hope in the technical field.


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