Twitter’s blue tick relaunch comes on a pause as Musk lacks confidence in the $8 service.

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk announced on the micro-blogging site that he has postponed the relaunch of Twitter’s revised $8-a-month Blue tick verification, which was earlier planned to begin on November 29. The cost of a Twitter Blue subscription in the United States will be $7.99, while it is likely to be roughly Rs 719 in India.

This development comes after the subscription plan was launched but had to be withdrawn due to multiple impersonators taking control and trolling on the platform. This development can be attributed to excessive trolling on the network since various impersonators took over after the subscription plan was implemented.

Stated arguments by Musk for such a move.

  1. Musk claims that the relaunch of Blue Verification would be delayed until there is strong assurance that impersonation will be stopped.
  2. It is to be noted that he will most likely employ a different color check for organizations than for individuals.

According to Musk’s post, it seems that he wants to make certain that not a single fake or bot remains on the network.

What prompted the blue tick subscription plan available to customers on the microblogging website?

As Musk battles to keep advertisers, this option was introduced earlier this week to help Twitter increase revenue.

musk losses revenue and introduces blue tick as savior

At this juncture, the apparent picture on the microblogging site.

The Twitter Pay-for-blue-tick plan was banned earlier this month after several verified users polluted the site with hate speech while impersonating prominent businesses, celebrities, and politicians.

The significance of the highly valued blue tick.

Previously, the esteemed blue tick was designated for verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists, and other public people.

The worth of a blue tick!

Anyone willing to pay $8 per month for a Twitter Blue subscription will gain access to premium features and a blue tick. 

The subscription Blue would prioritize people in replies, mentions, and searches. Furthermore, they would receive half as many advertisements as a non-paying user. Long-form videos and music will also be available to paying Twitter users.

This blue subscription Service will allow users to see half as many advertisements compared to non-paying users. The blue mark would also give users preference in answers, mentions and comments, and searches. Additionally, paid Twitter users will be allowed to publish lengthy videos and audio.

power of blue tick

Points to keep in focus by the users.

Users are unable to change their username once they have received the ‘blue tick.’ If someone tries to change their username after receiving the verification tick, they will miss the check mark until it is verified that they meet Twitter’s terms of service. To obtain the Blue check mark again, the user must go through the company’s terms and conditions yet again.

Also, Elon Musk has launched a grey ‘Official’ mark, that has already been available to organizations. One such check mark will distinguish legitimate businesses from imposters.

Musk’s efforts to keep the microblogging site alive.

Musk is taking genuine efforts to keep the acquired business high, and for the same, he has been regularly tweeting “Twitter is ALIVE” posts and highlighting that the network is seeing high usage. On Tuesday, the billionaire proudly noted that Twitter, which has been questioned about its survival, has acquired 1.6 million daily active users this last week, which is supposed to make another all-time record.

efforts of musk to save twitter

The recent case proves the blue tick offer is worthless.

Twitter has been offering blue tick marks to any user for $8, including Blaire Erskine’s and Senator Ed Markey’s test fake accounts. As a result, it is basically worthless. This is a recent case from this month, which proves that the blue tick offer is seamlessly worthless.

On Twitter, now there are two Blaire Erskines. One is a well-known comedian who has a picture of a cat and a blue tick mark beside her name, indicating that she has been “verified.”

Another Blaire Erskine does have a cat photo and a blue check mark that says she’s “verified.” However, this is the real Blaire Erskine. So Erskine accepted when she was asked if the concerned person may imitate her on Twitter. 

So, the fake Blaire account took approximately 15 minutes to get certified with a blue tick mark— and demonstrated that Twitter’s “verification” doesn’t confirm much at all. A blue check no longer indicates that someone is who they appear to be, making Twitter a considerably less trustworthy source of information.

Twitter Blue Tick Madness for Useless

Potential side effects of blue tick plan!

The blue tick beside a person’s username indicates verification. According to Twitter, the goal is to let “people realize that a profile of public interest is authentic.” However, enabling anyone to buy verification is a wrong and backward step in terms of eliminating falsehoods and fake accounts. 

The privilege of potentially causing an international disaster will now cost $8 per month for anyone who wants it. This is a minimal price to pay for someone with a plan, but an annoyance for anyone who just wants to appear semi-notable online.

The blast of the so-called blue tick is expected to produce three groups of people.

  1. There can be users who say they need a blue tick for their profession, and if not provided will be irritated as they will think they can’t establish it’s their “official” account while tweeting.
  2. Then, there are the great scammers and weirdos who get a tick to make themselves feel better, sarcastically, or to conduct fraud.
  3. And at last, there will be normal users, both with no and pre-existing-tick backgrounds, who will avoid verification and simply go around their life.

The last words.

Have you seen the latest Twitter saga? Elon Musk had asked users to pay $8 per month in lieu of the platform’s blue tick verification. The most disgusting is that he has instructed half the staff that they must complete this update by a stupidly short deadline or they will find themselves at risk of being fired. The other half has already been removed. However, the irony is that Musk is now reportedly trying to re-hire some of them as he realizes the company requires them. Twitter is already a mess both internally and publicly, but the blue tick controversy has outraged people in all possible ways.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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