Twitter haults its newly introduced $8 blue tick verification feature

On the social media network, some users have complained that there isn’t a way to sign up for Twitter blue tick on the website.

It has been seen that the Twitter Blue subscription feature has been removed from the social media platform. It has been reported by some of the users that the option for signing up for Twitter Blue has been removed from the website.

Twitter has created a lot of confusion among users by creating new features every day and removing them.

Earlier this month, the platform only made the Blue Tick subscription available to iOS users. Users using Android don’t have access to the option.

Several people have been complaining about the disappearance of the subscription in the morning. Many users have reported that if someone tries to sign up for the subscription, then the application shows a message stating that thank you for the interest. Twitter Blue will be available in the country in the future. The app has asked the users to check back later.

The Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has reported a similar problem on Twitter and has experienced that the signup API as well as there are no longer any in-app subscription in the platform.

The users could subscribe to the blue tick option from the sidebar section of the iOS application.

It is not known why Twitter has removed the Blue tick feature from its platform. There was news that the company wants to put a halt to the bogus accounts.

Why has Elon Musk paused the blue tick option on Twitter?

A lot has happened since Twitter announced the blue tick option. People bought Twitter Blue subscriptions and made fictitious, verified profiles of famous users. It resulted in a lot of chaos on the social media platform.
The move resulted in an increase in the fake accounts on the platform after the new boss Elon Musk allowed the users to pay 8 USD for the blue tick that was reserved for politicians, actors, and other major personalities.

blue tick

Fake accounts for several prominent companies have appeared with the blue tick, including Tesla, SpaceX as well as Nestle, and others companies.

Twitter’s support account has mentioned that the social media platform has added an official label to some accounts to prevent impersonation, which has the official tag.

Musk tweeted on Friday that he had killed the new label within hours he has created it.
Twitter has not responded to the issue about the disappearance of the blue tick.

Elon Musk has stated that his company will gain a suitable position in 2023 despite the chances of a rough economy. His Tweet was made public after there were allegations that Twitter will face bankruptcy shortly.

Elon musk

In his first company-wide email, Musk warned that Twitter might not be able to cope with the upcoming economic turmoil if the social media platform fails to increase the subscription revenue due to the decline in advertising income.

It was brought into account by the employees working for Twitter.

Since the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, he has made several extreme decisions to restructure the business. He sacked Twitter’s chief executive, Parag Aggarwal, first, then the head of finance.
Currently, nearly 50% of Twitter’s workforce has been let go. According to Elon Musk, the choice was essential for survival.

Within a week, Twitter revised Blue Subscription and introduced a moderating mechanism as part of the redesigning process. While announcing that the social media platform will charge users to preserve their verification badges, he even redesigned the application’s user interface. The subscription would cost USD 20 per month.

A lot of marketers are severing their ties to the company. Yoel Roth, the director of safety and integrity, has been comforting users and advertisers about the layoffs.

Elon Musk tweeted that activist groups’ pressure on advertisers is the reason why Twitter has seen a sharp fall in revenue. They did everything they could to aid the activists, but little has changed in terms of content moderation.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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