Vikas Dubey Encounter Scam: Several Reasons to understand well now Why Supreme Court also said that It is “Jungle Raj” in Yogi Uttar Pradesh!

On July 2, the police officers who went to encounter the gangster Vikas Dubey in Kanpur got themselves encounter. Vikas Dubey, the nefarious history-sheeter whose attempted arrest led to brutal gunfire in which eight policemen were murdered in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), on Thursday night, had received a tip-off hours before the police raid, his accomplice Daya Shankar Agnihotri exposed.

 It is another proof of  “Gunda Raj and Jungle Raj” in the U.P.


How strong the network of Vikas Dubey is, which shows that even during absconding, Vikas has all the information about the police. Police reached very close to arrest Vikas Dubey and his gang late on Tuesday night. But Vikas came to know about the police plan and escaped. In this way, Vikas was once again fled from the police arrest.

 It clearly shows how some policemen are doing help and work for the gangster Vikas Dubey instead of helping their own Kanpur police officers.

Furthermore, last year, in response to comments of the Uttar Pradesh Police chief that the chief of the Hindu Samaj Party, Kamlesh Tiwari, was killed probably due to a controversial comment he made in 2015, Congress leader Kapil Sibal, stated: “A state for which the country’s apex court said there is ‘jungle raj’, should we believe the Supreme Court or DGP?”

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Sibal also pointed out the alleged custodial death of a farmer in Hapur and stated it is the illegality in the state that “parents are being killed in front of their children at police stations and people are being killed in broad daylight”.

Last year, when the farmer, Pradeep, was arrested at the Chhajarsi police station in the Pilkhuwa area of ​​Hapur for asking about the murder of a lady relative almost a month and a half ago.

His family had claimed that during the interrogations, Pradeep was ruthlessly beaten by police. Therefore, his condition worsened critically, even when his 1-year-old son was waiting outside the police station.” In this Jungle Raj everything is possible,” Sibal reiterated.

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Not only that, but also in last year’s Unnao rape case, the Congress stated that BJP was expelled from the Unnao rape, accused MLA of acknowledging that he had “empowered criminals”, and questioned the Modi government, asking why the “Beti Bachao Beti padhao gang” kept silent about it.

“CM Yogi Adityanath should be saluted for the prevailing illegality or violations of the law, “Congress also said sarcastically.

Even Priyanka Gandhi stated that the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Unnao rape case is a “stamp” on the failure of the state government and prevailing “jungle raj” in UP.

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On July 3, 2020, Congress leaders Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rahul Gandhi attacked the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh for the murder of eight police officers in Kanpur.

Gandhi called it another example of “Gunda Raj” in the state, while Vadra, who is the secretary-general of the party in charge of the state, stated that as Jungle Raj is prevailing in the UP, all criminals in the state became brave and fearless.

When expressing condolences to the police officers’ families, Ms. Vadra said that Mr. Yogi Adityanath himself was in charge of Home’s portfolio dealing with law and order, thus it shows that he is responsible for the illegality in the state.

In another tweet, “Shortly after the horrifying incident in Kanpur, four members of a family were murdered in Prayagraj. A father and daughter were killed in Ghaziabad. In U.P, it is not an unusual thing for gangsters to rule the perch this way. In light of such a jungle raj, responsibility must be set,” she said.

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As the Uttar Pradesh government was still alert during the massacre of eight policemen in Kanpur, last week by gangster Vikas Dubey’ and his men, on Tuesday, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, blamed the state government of failing to control crime and modify statistics.

  “In terms of crime, UP state has been at the top of the list for the past three years. An average of 12 murders occurs every day. Between 2016 and 2018, crimes against children in UP increased by 24%. In addition to covering these numbers, What else have UP’s Home Ministry and CM done?” she tweeted.


In another tweet, she stated that the letter that killed police officer Devendra Mishra wrote to the SSP was a wake-up call to the ambush incident which happened last week where seven policemen and Mishra were killed.

“Today there are several reports that this letter is missing. All these facts raise serious questions about the work of the UP Ministry Department” Priyanka Gandhi said.

The UP government, which often publicized a zero-tolerance policy on crime, has come out in poor light and looks offensive after this encounter.

We can now understand well why the Supreme Court said last year that Jungle Raj prevails in Uttar Pradesh. The state government doesn’t seem to want any laws there. We are fed up and tired of the UP government. – The Supreme Court declared.

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