Why Cricket is One of the Best Sports for Betting

Why Cricket is One of the Best Sports for Betting

Whilst soccer is the most popular sport for betting globally, the growing popularity of online sportsbooks has seen punters look to cricket as another sport to bet on.

Cricket is a game that relies heavily on strategy and with variable formats including test cricket and Twenty20, there are betting sites offering a range of bets that will have you looking at the game from a whole new angle, with updates from experts that help with details in the longer games.

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In this way, betting on cricket will improve the experience of the game irrespective of whether you win or lose.

Whilst soccer is likely to be the most popular sport on a betting website, there are usually other sports that punters can bet on.

Melbet has a lot of sports to bet on and cricket is popular on the site. They also have betting opportunities with smaller sports such as handball, polo, martial arts, snooker, and skiing.

Easy way to make money fast

Placing a bet on a One Day International (ODI) means that you can make money fast.  In the game between England and Sri Lanka on 1 July 2021 at Twickenham, the match prediction was that England would win the match.

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England’s Sam Curran took five wickets for England in a game that was won by eight wickets with 42 balls remaining.

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Several bets can be made on a match, and with the ODI already mentioned, there was the chance to bet that England would make more than 300 runs (they made 244).

The International Centre for Sports Security, a Doha based organisation has ascertained that over a series of five ODIs, bettors around the world were able to earn almost USD1 billion.

This is largely due to the ability to place bets online from the comfort of home, or a mobile device wherever you are.

Online betting possible in restricted areas

In some countries, sports betting is banned. However, bettors can access online sites via an alternate link shown on the sportsbooks main page, or via a VPN to access betting platforms anywhere in the world irrespective of where you live.

The ability to bet using secure payment methods including cryptocurrencies that anonymise transactions yet keep them secure has led to a significant increase in cricket betting.

Little effort to win bets

Betting on cricket is easy and effortless once you understand the game. There are several reports online from expert pundits who offer advice about what odds to take on a game.

Over time your own knowledge and expertise will see you win bets more than you lose. Some sportsbooks have free demo sites where you can test your strategy before investing real money.

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A fun hobby

If you already play cricket, placing bets on the game can extend your hobby into another realm.

Once you start betting on cricket, you may feel you want to take up the game as a leisure activity or take a vacation to watch some exciting games.

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With the possibility of in-play betting, your role of spectator can be taken to another level and make the outcome of the game more exciting. 

Betting odds are simple

Understanding cricket betting odds is easy which makes the sport perfect for beginners as well as experienced bettors.

Betting tips will help with understanding the value of the cricket odds so that you can choose the odds offering the best value for money.

It is suggested that punters sign up with more than one site so that odds can be compared and the best odds chosen.

Several cricketing events to bet on

The world cricket calendar attracts fans from all over the world. The ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious cricketing event held every four years, with the next event in 2023 and will be in an ODI format, with 10 teams playing a match of 50 overs.

The women’s Cricket World Cup tournament is also held every four years with the next event in New Zealand in 2022.

There is also the ICC Twenty20 World Cup, the Ashes Series between England and Australia, the Asia Cup, the Indian Premier League, and the Australian Tri-Series.

The Best Cricket Betting Apps For Android and iOS in the UKIn Summary

It is possible to enjoy cricket on sports streaming services and some betting sites every day as they show from domestic and international matches.

If you want tips on how to win your online cricket bets some factors can change the outcome of a match that you need to consider.

Much of this information can be found on cricket betting sites and help bettors enjoy advantages that an average punter may miss.

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