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World’s biggest crypto exchange just signed up the most famous TikToker alive as the new face of Web3

The world’s biggest crypto exchange just signed up the most famous TikToker alive as the new face of Web3.

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is teaming up with famed Tiktoker Khaby Lame to promote Web3.0 services abroad. Khaby is the most well-known Tiktoker of all time. The Senegalese lad has over 143 million TikTok followers while he has 78 million. He has worked with some of the greatest in the field, including Hollywood celebrities and sports figures. He also promotes some of the world’s most well-known companies.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has appointed TikTok’s most popular creator, Khaby Lame, as its worldwide brand ambassador. Khaby Lame has been recruited on board to assist Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, in dispelling misunderstandings about digital currency and Web 3 which is being billed as an evolutionary stride forward for the internet.Funniest Khabane Lame TikTok Compilation 2021 | New Khaby Lame TikTok #3 -  YouTube

According to James Rothwell, Binance’s global vice president of marketing, there is a lot of intricacy and misconception concerning Web3. The relationship with the new brand ambassador will help boost crypto education, create unique NFTs, refute crypto fallacies, and expand the industry, according to the business.

“Having Khaby on board to help clarify some of the assumptions around this sector was a natural match,” he continued. “Khaby has become a cultural legend and one of the world’s most entertaining artists.” We adore his charm and sense of humor, and believe it will add relevance and relatability as Web3 use grows.”

Claude Lame, a former factory worker from Italy, grew to celebrity quickly during the epidemic, amassing over 143 million TikTok followers and 78 million Instagram followers. He is well known for his quiet #learnfromkhaby films, in which he replies stone-facedly to difficult “life hack” videos and displays a simpler, generally apparent, method to complete the activity.

This video usually finishes with Lame’s trademark “Khaby Move,” in which he shrugs and gestures with his hands as if to say “duh.” According to Binance, Lame will continue to employ his unique video style to make bite-size content segments that “address some of the misconceptions around Web3” during the relationship. They also want to work together on the debut of NFT collections in order to increase engagement with their followers.Famous Tiktoker Khaby Lame becomes Binance Web3 global ambassador |  Cryptopolitan

On Thursday afternoon, Lame released his first wordless TikTok with Binance. Lame appears on TikTok, leaping from a couch and swirling into a Binance-branded superhero suit. “WTF is Web3?????” an angry user enters into a web browser. Lame then swipes the laptop, opens the Binance website, and executes his “Khaby move.” As the video ends with the statement “To be continued,” he winks at the camera.

The video has nearly 400,000 views with the caption: “Having trouble starting your Web3journey? Let me introduce you to @Binance Superhero! Tag your pals that are in need of #Ibinanceman. This is not trading advice. For danger warnings, see the website.

“I consider my fans to be my family, and I am constantly seeking new challenges and intriguing stuff to share with them,” Lame said in a statement released by the firm. “I’ve been fascinated by Web3 for a while and leaped at the opportunity to collaborate with a leader like Binance since it connects well with what I normally do: making difficult stuff simple and exciting for everyone.”Here's How Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Are Responding To The Crash

Iron Corporation, Binance and Lame’s agency, did not reply to Fortune’s requests for comment. Binance announced a multiyear NFT relationship with football player Christiano Ronaldo last week. They will collaborate to produce a series of NFT collections that will be available exclusively on the Binance platform later this year.

Binance engaged celebrities like J Balvin and Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler to take part in its Super Bowl commercial earlier this year, reminding consumers that celebrities are not crypto experts and to “do your own homework” before seeking financial advice from anybody.

For quite some time, the whole crypto ecosystem has been in disarray. The latest frantic meltdown harmed new investors and destroyed many people’s lives. The crypto market is still reeling from the crash’s ramifications.

Even while the traditional stock market has been negative, heralding the return of the big bear, the market has remained volatile. With global political instability, a continuing conflict in Ukraine, collapsing equities, decreasing natural resources, rising poverty and unemployment, many were flocking to the promises of cryptocurrency. However, it fell short.

Khaby Lame: Italy is home to king of TikTok & More News Here - UpJobs News

However, there is still hope as long as the entire community is not a capitalist cult wagering on the lives of the naive who know nothing about the myriad ponzi frauds and schemes that exist in the ecosystem. The emphasis should be on technology and how it may revitalise and fill the lives of ordinary people rather than damage them or the environment.
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