Zomato’s stock is trading at a 65 percent discount to its all-time high. Will there be more suffering in the future?

Following Paytm, Indian multinational food delivery service Zomato is consuming financial backers’ wealth like no other stock. Due to a 65 percent reduction in the stock’s value from it’s all-time high, Zomato’s investors have lost about Rs 88,000 crore.

Zomato inventory touched an all-time low of Rs 57.65 during early trading hours, a sharp drop of another 6%. Following this decline, Zomato’s market capitalization has dropped to Rs 45,381.69 crore, the lowest since the posting. This was Rs 87,732.69 crore less than its peak market capitalization of Rs 1,33,144.38 crore in November 2021, when the stock reached an all-time high of Rs 169.10.

According to financial change experts, Zomato is having profit problems because its useful profits could be quite big. Zomato’s strategy is primarily based on volume not shared by its partner. Zomato employees around the world are having a similar problem, and tech stocks like Google, Netflix, Amazon, Nykaa, and seeing selling their shares to the public largely. They anticipate that Zomato’s stock should stay harsh, with further declines possible if it breaches its current support level of Rs 50 per share.

However, the current two-day drop in Zomato offerings can be attributed to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) to raise the repo rate by 40 points (basic). It achieved the raising of the money saving piece to 4.5 percent, up 50 points (basic).

In the country’s private market, things give off an impression of being correspondingly disheartening. Some of the investors, like Tiger Global and Canada Pension Fund, have scaled back their bets. According to the situation that a person is aware of, Tiger Global, which was a great player in India’s unicorn story last year, is now focusing on early-stage projects in the country and has become more careful with its cost changes.


Swastika Investmart Ltd.’s Head of Research, Santosh Meena, said: “The rate-increase force has a significant impact on IT associations; financial partners have realised that benefits and pay are more important than pay advancement, and their astounding valuations are unfeasible. In India, Zomato dropped to a record low, losing more than 70 cents from its lifetime unreasonable. The organization continues to be a loss-making one, and it’s far anticipated to deteriorate even in terms of working profit through method of method for FY24, the organization was distressing an FY21 P/S two or three of 29.9x eventually of its IPO, which changed into excessive in comparison to its overall friends, as a result, a reality test has caused such serious modification,”

Moreover Sandip Sabharwal, an impartial marketplace reporter, stated of the inventory’s accident, “The beauty (or, should I say, repulsiveness) of a record-breaking low in stock is that everyone who bought at a lower price is now amazed.” 

The counter’s decay happened when all technology stocks, including those in the United States, were falling. Experts are optimistic about those counters in the long run, but they are aware that instability will continue to plague them for the time being.

For a 2.82 percent stake, domestic mutual funds sold 83 million value shares, or 1.1 percent of the company. FPIs have sold 68 million value shares, or 0.9 percent of the company, totaling 10.17 percent ownership.


zomato ipo: invest for listing gains, say analysts - businesstoday

Are you debating whether to purchase Zomato stock?

As per me it’s difficult to defend the new tech stocks because losses have been compounding quarter after quarter, and stocks like Zomato, Nykaa and PolicyBazaar are bucking the trend. Nykaa and Zomato, two of the more recent IPOs, have promising ambitions, but their stock is great to buy. It is because the stock prices are not too high for us. 

As a result, it is completely vulnerable to your venture targets:

1) Short-Term Vision (1-6months)

The global economic situation is currently unfavorable, and inflation rates in the United Kingdom and Europe are both unexpected and high. Similar situations could occur in India. As commodity prices rise, so do the prices of everything we eat and use on a daily basis, affecting the businesses of several companies, including Zomato.

2) Long-Term Vision (at least a year)

The war situation will eventually end, and Zomato will benefit because it is a growing company that has recently started its operations in Canada. Furthermore, with the new cloud kitchen concept, Zomato and Swiggy may benefit if people in India accept these concepts. As a result, in my opinion, it will be an excellent opportunity to invest for the long term.

Given the losses that have happened in the past and the expected continuation of the usage of money in the not so distant future, we believe that the company can expand its incomes by 10x more than 10 years with unobtrusive productivity and money age. As a result, the DCF valuation is relied on as a great way for valuing actual long-term potential.

Long haul financial backers should remember a pro Zomato, which is a long haul play in the rapidly expanding out-of-domestic meals utilization market, for its long haul esteem creation. With its market position, areas of strength, balance sheet and spotlight on productivity we accept that it will compensate the investors in the long-run.

But we can’t know what will happen in future because recently the company is facing a lot of issues in maintaining their position in the stock market after the great fall of 8000 crore. Individual investors’ holdings in Zomato, on the other hand, increased by 2.07 to 9.07 percent.

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