Draupadi Murmu named as the BJP’s candidate for the presidency

The BJP selected former Jharkhand governor Draupadi Murmu as the party’s choice for the upcoming Presidential elections. On the same day as the opposition nominated Yashwant Sinha as its candidate.

At a meeting of the BJP’s parliamentary board, the decision was made. PM Narendra Modi, along with other senior BJP figures including JP Nadda, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari, and others, attended the meeting.Who is Draupadi Murmu: Know Journey from junior assistant in Odisha irrigation department to NDA president candidate | Draupadi Murmu: कभी सिंचाई विभाग में क्लर्क की नौकरी करती थीं द्रौपदी मुर्मू, पति

Senior BJP figures including JP Nadda, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari, and others were present at the meeting.

Draupadi Murmu has dedicated her life to helping the underprivileged and marginalised members of society. She has extensive managerial expertise and a distinguished record as governor. She will make a fantastic President of our country, I’m sure of it Prime minister Modi said.

Who is Draupadi Murmu ?

Draupadi was born on June 20, 1958, in the Odisha village of Baidaposi in the Mayurbhanj district. Biranchi Narayan Tudu is the name of her father. She is a member of the tribal ethnic Santal family.

Shyam Charan Murmu was Murmu’s husband. The couple had a daughter and two sons. Personal traumas, including the passing of her husband and two boys, have impacted Draupadi Murmu’s life.

The political career of Draupadi Murmu

The first female governor of Jharkhand, Draupadi Murmu, took office in 2015. She is a native of the Santhal tribe of Odisha. Before entering politics in Odisha in 1997, Murmu worked as a teacher for many years. After serving as the vice-president of the BJP’s Scheduled Tribes Morcha, Draupadi Murmu was twice elected to the Rairangpur constituency, in 2000 and 2009.

Draupadi Murmu served as a minister in the BJD-BJP coalition government of Odisha from 2000 to 2004, first in the department of commerce and transportation and subsequently in the department of fisheries and animal resources.Vice President of India on Twitter: "The Governor of Jharkhand, Smt. Draupadi Murmu called on me in New Delhi today. https://t.co/aQv20OMi5O" / Twitter

Murmu, a native of the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, began his career as a teacher before going into state politics.

She served as an MLA twice for Rairangpur in Mayurbhanj on a BJP ticket (2000 and 2009).

When President Pranab Mukherjee was about to leave Rashtrapati Bhavan, Murmu was initially given consideration five years ago.

She held the portfolios of Commerce and Transport, then Fisheries and Animal Husbandry during the BJP-BJD coalition government that took office in 2000.

 Even though the BJP was outmatched by the BJD’s challenge in 2009, she was still able to win.

Murmu was inaugurated as Jharkhand’s first female governor in 2015.

Murmu has experienced great sadness in her personal life, having lost both her husband Shyam Charan Murmu and two sons.

Murmu served as vice-president of the BJP’s Scheduled Tribes Morcha before being elected as an MLA. She also served as a councilor in the Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat after winning elections in 1997.

Given that the NDA is anticipated to win with 48 percent of the vote, the BJP’s tribal campaign will benefit greatly from her expected victory as president.

Yashwant Sinha, a former Union minister, had already been selected as the opposition’s joint candidate for the presidency. On June 27, Sinha will submit his nomination paperwork.

 I am appreciative of Mamataji for the respect and status she gave me within the TMC. The time has come for me to leave the party in order to promote greater opposition unity for a more important national cause. I have no doubt that she approves of the action, Sinha said.

On Tuesday, TMC leader Sinha said it was time to put party politics aside and work for the betterment of the nation. The choice was made soon after the TMC declared him a joint opposition candidate for the top post.

During a meeting in the Parliament annex that NCP leader Sharad convened, opposition leaders chose Sinha’s nomination. Among the parties present at the meeting were Congress, NCP, TMC, CPI, CPI-M, Samajwadi Party, National Conference, AIMIM, RJD, and AIUDF.

What made BJP pic Draupida Murmu?

Murmu is a grassroots politician that has achieved a lot of firsts. She was the first tribal leader from Odisha who was also a woman to be appointed governor of a state. She was Jharkhand’s first governor to finish her tenure in office, holding the position from 2015 to 2021.

was also taken into account in 2017

In 2017, she was also a candidate for the presidency, but Ramnath Kovind ultimately won. Her political career began when she contested and won an election for councilor in Rairangpur, Odisha. Later, she won the Rairangpur assembly seat in 2000, and she was appointed a minister in the state’s BJD-BJP coalition. During her time serving the state as a minister and MLA, she gained a lot of respect.

Ahead of the assembly elections in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, the BJP decided to designate Murmu as their presidential candidate. The BJP only secured 35 of the 128 seats allotted for Scheduled Tribes in the four states during the most recent assembly elections.Meet Draupadi Murmu, BJP-led NDA candidate for race to Raisina Hills

The party can expect to increase support from tribal voters by running Murmu for president. Additionally, according to those with knowledge of the situation, the party is now confident in receiving backing from the state’s BJD government. Navin Patnaik, the chief minister of Odisha and the BJD leader, has endorsed Murmu by praising her candidacy.

Hemant Soren, the chief minister of Jharkhand and leader of the JMM, would also be in a bind as a result of Murmu’s candidacy. It would be challenging for Soren to reject a tribal woman, especially one who has served as the governor of his state, given his party is recognized for its tribal politics. It’s interesting to note that Yashwant Sinha, the UPA’s presidential nominee, is also from Jharkhand. According to the sources, the BJP can also count on backing from smaller parties like the Bharatiya Tribal Party, which has MLAs in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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