How to Keep Employees More Engaged in Today’s Work Environment: most important assets

Using Technology to Keep Employees Connected is Essential

The move of many companies to send employees home to work has created challenges, but building a positive work culture is still successful in this environment.

Over the last 18 months, a growing number of companies have moved a number of, if not the vast majority of their employees to their homes to work. They are finding that this presents a safer environment for all employees by allowing them to stay home. Plus, many have been surprised by the overall performance of their employees, figuring that productivity would go down with all of the distractions that are available, but this is not proven to be the case. Productivity has soared, making many employers happy.

Communication Has Not Lapsed


One of the biggest concerns that employers had was the feeling of isolation that would develop. Most enjoyed the experience of going to the office to meet with coworkers to discuss things going on around work, their life, or their relationships. So, it was figured that this move to home would lead to a number of people finding the new environment dissatisfying because of their inability to communicate with their coworkers.

This has not been the case at many companies. Because of video conferencing software coworkers have still been able to maintain their relationships, not only able to communicate but to see each other as well, an important element in maintaining these relationships.

Creating the Right Culture Is Essential

How to Create Good Workplace Relationships

It is not just about providing a means where employees can still communicate with one another. A culture related to the work environment is essential as well, and this is one of the most important elements that researchers have been stressing with employers. There must be an environment where employees not only feel valued in this hybrid environment, where they are still able to feel connected with coworkers in a way that helps add value to their lives.

According to researchers, this comes through three things: employee connection, employee empowerment, and employee motivation. When these three factors work together, employees are destined to succeed, even in this unusual environment. This is where the smart company has succeeded while others have tragically failed. They have been able to help employees achieve these three factors, and that has helped them to thrive which has brought out the best from their employees.

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It is Mandatory You Do This

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The truth is that it is absolutely essential that employers build a culture where employees are able to thrive, especially in this challenging work environment. Failure to do so will mean that employees will become dissatisfied, angered and frustrated. A dissatisfied employee is one who will not perform to the standards the company needs, which will inevitably lead to the failure of the organization. This is why they must take the essential steps necessary to promote success in building a culture and learning how to accomplish this goal.

Employees Have Become a Company's Most Valuable Asset'

For those looking to develop this culture, what is essential is that there is a promotion of trust and psychological health. This is where technologies such as video conferencing has helped to keep channels in place so that employees stay connected. This not only helps promote the health of the individual, but the business as a whole. Employees still feel like they are a part of something, and that is one of the most important things that a company can do in maintaining its success, even in this unusual environment.

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