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Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups: Top 35 Low-Cost Surefires

Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups: Top 35 Low-Cost Surefires

Small business owners should place a high priority on promoting their business. When people are unaware of your products and services, you may lose customers to your competitors.

You probably won’t have much money to spend on marketing when you’re starting a small business. We can help. Here are 30+ Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses.

Marketing strategies today are creative and cost-effective. Internet-based strategies are especially effective.

To increase awareness of your business products, services or brand, you can select any one of our suggestions.


Top 35 marketing ideas for small businesses

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Create a Website and sell online

Having an online presence is beneficial to any business as its first and most important marketing tool.

Nowadays, it is imperative to have your website. All businesses need one. You can use the website for marketing and advertising.

To reach a far wider audience, you should also begin selling your product or service.


Start a blog

To grow your business today, you must have a blog. Getting started with a blog can be done using WordPress or another platform.

Additionally, blogging can be used to generate income.

As a guest writer, you can contribute to a niche blog relevant to your field. Including a backlink to your website can bring you, free visitors.


Advertise on Facebook

Building a Facebook page continues the idea from the previous post. Facebook advertising can be costly but also very profitable. Insights on Facebook can help you target your audience.

When advertising locally, restrict your ads to a radius of 15 to 20 miles. Social media advertising also helps improve the brand’s name, reputation, and value.


Build a referral network

A strong referral network is a powerful business strategy that is beneficial to any company.

You must attend business meetings, seminars, events, and other engaging activities to meet leaders in your industry.

The key is to build strong relationships with like-minded business people. Reliable is essential. Keep your promises.


Send regular e-mails to your list.

Regular e-mails can be sent to a group or your clients to keep them informed. Information about new arrivals or specials can be included.

Your brand becomes more visible in this way. Several free bulk e-mail tools are available on the Internet to automate the entire process.


Create a Facebook Business page

Maintaining an active Facebook page is an important marketing tool. Facebook enables you to reach a much larger audience. It has over 1.20 billion users. Further leads, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers, can also be collected.

Additionally, this is your most cost-effective option. Setting up an engaging Facebook page costs you nothing.


Set up Google Adwords

In addition to Google AdWords, the company also offers Yahoo! AdCenter, a similar ad platform.

Online marketing is highly measurable compared with traditional television advertising and magazine advertisements.

Among online platforms, Google AdWords offers the highest level of measurement.

This method allows you to show your ad to people who are already interested in what you offer.

A targeted advertisement of this type produces excellent results.


Selling on Online Marketplaces

There are several retail marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart to sell online. A larger audience will be exposed to your brand. You will also generate more revenue from selling your goods.

Enrolling in their program is very simple.

A good rating on online marketplaces enhances brand name and trust.


Advertise in local newspapers

Advertising in national newspapers can be difficult for small businesses. Local magazines and newspapers offer much better rates for these types of advertising.

Particularly if your business mainly caters to the local population rather than the national or international market. An advertisement must be compelling enough to reap the benefits of this method.

Small Business Marketing Trends You Need to Adopt | Campaign Monitor

Sidewalk Signs

The strategies are again low-cost. Advertisements on walls and sidewalks have been around for a long time. They are still very effective at reaching local audiences.

The materials cost is negligible, and they are super easy to make.

A catchy graphic or punchline would still require commuters to pay attention.


Use Facebook Marketplace

Advertising on Facebook or creating a page is not the same as this marketing idea.

However, you have to sell your products personally if you want to sell online.

Startups looking for funding will benefit from this.

Try browsing the platform to see how your offerings compare to those in your and related categories.


Create an Active Instagram Account

Among the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is multiplying. Your business must have an Instagram account. Your product or service can be displayed in pictures and videos.

Platforms like these allow you to reach a significantly larger audience. Expanding your audience is your goal as you gain followers.

You must keep updating your stories to do so.

In addition to engaging with your customers in the comments section, you should also participate in social media.

By analyzing responses, you can gain an understanding of market demands.


Create an active Twitter handle

Most marketers find Twitter a valuable platform since it has a young demographic and over 313 million monthly active users.

Once your company has a Twitter account, you can send out Tweets every time a new product is released or when an event is approaching.

Engaging your target audience and interacting with them frequently is also recommended.


Organize Discount and Sale

The most common approach small businesses take to increase sales is to offer a discount.

Discounts are suitable for your customers because they make them feel good. People become more relaxed and happier when they receive a coupon or savings offer.

Having positive feelings associated with your brand can be beneficial in the long run.


Start an Affiliate Program

Small businesses often refer to affiliate marketing as one of the best online marketing programs available.

Affiliate marketing presents no risk because you pay only after delivering the results.

The Internet offers a variety of affiliate programs.


Use Whatsapp As a Marketing Tool

Most smartphone users use Whatsapp at present. A platform such as this offers an exceptional opportunity to market your brand.

Clients and customers can be added to Whatsapp groups using their phone numbers. The brand can also have its own Whatsapp account.

Through WhatsApp groups, users can share news of new products, services, and gift cards. It is also possible to send those to specific contacts individually.

With WhatsApp, you can also develop a personal connection with your customers. The result is that your brand becomes more trustworthy and loyal.


Create a Youtube channel

Establish your own YouTube channel. With over 1.2 billion monthly users, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms. Add animation and graphics to the videos.

Your reputation as a brand will grow as a result. This will also provide your customers with more information about your business.

First, you should know that YouTube accounts are linked directly to Google accounts.

An existing Google account can be linked to a YouTube account to create one from scratch. You will automatically be given a Google account.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses: Everything You Need To Know

Sponsor a local team or band

You can promote your brand locally by sponsoring local events or teams. Typically, businesses use Adwords or Facebook to market their brands locally.

Marketing ideas like this take time to yield results. However, sticking with local sponsorships is the most reliable way to attract local customers.


Regular Customer Reward Program

Regular customers are shown that you value their business by offering points, discounts, and unique buying options. This incentivizes them to visit you regularly.

Cumulative discounts can be offered, or loyalty cards can be created.

Maintaining a steady stream of customers for your business will increase brand loyalty.


Text & Mail campaigns

You can keep your customer’s attention by using text and mail campaigns.

The cost-effectiveness of this idea is another benefit. You can also communicate with your customers through online messaging applications like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Offers, deals, and new arrivals may be included in your text and email campaigns. You don’t want to irritate your clients by going overboard.


Build a referral network

Referrals are trusted recommendations from another person. Every business, regardless of size, values referrals. Whether you own a hair salon or develop software.

Providing exceptional products and services is the best way to gain referrals.

You’ll be happy to get referrals from your satisfied customers when your services impress them.


Have a Google+ Account

You should utilize Google’s social media platform since almost everyone has a Google account. Facebook and Twitter are more popular than Google+. There are also fewer competitors.

Google+ users number in the millions. Your brand can be advertised by creating Circles.

It is also possible to customize circles in order to include only those people who you know are interested in your product.


Get associated online partners

You might consider incorporating partners into the design and messaging of a promotional tab on your Facebook page, for example.

Your business will be exposed to a broader audience this way. Additionally, it will build a sense of trust over time.

It helps to mention your partners on Twitter so they can retweet. Post your communications to Facebook to give them an extra boost.


Use the Help of Influencers

Marketing your business properly can be made more accessible by leveraging influencers. An influencer is someone well connected. These people help establish your brand on social media. Usually, they have a large following on their social network as well. They may be willing to collaborate. They also provide a much larger audience for your business.


List your business on Google Places.

Local businesses are searched online by 97 per cent of consumers. Data released by Google shows that 73 per cent of all online activity is related to local content.

Registration for Google places goes without saying.

A free Google Places account is relatively easy to setup.


Use holidays as a promotional tool

Discounts or holiday offers are a great way to bring in new customers. A busy street is a great place for this, especially if your business is close by.

Both your online advertising and email marketing strategy should include a holiday campaign. Increasing sales through these channels are essential during the holiday season.


Promote your brand by hiring local or Internet celebrities

One of the best ways to market your product is to hire an Internet celebrity that will not charge much for a mention. Take advantage of their large following and support network.

Another option would be to pay a local celebrity to showcase your product or service. This can help boost brand awareness and image.


Collaborate with other brands

Affiliate programs are different from collaborations with other brands. Collaborations may not involve monetary transactions.

The purpose of this strategy is to enhance or grow your brand’s reputation. In the end, it may not be the sale that matters but the word of mouth.

Youtubers, for instance, collaborate with other YouTubers to raise awareness. Additionally, you reach out to a larger audience with the same interests.


Host a giveaway

Giving away something will almost certainly boost your sales for a while to come. Especially when you are starting, this is also a perfect way to promote your business. Host giveaways regularly or on occasion.

The idea of offering a giveaway on the opening day of a new restaurant is an excellent marketing idea.


Set up booths during fests

Booths and stalls can also be set up at events, programs, or concerts. Your brand will receive great exposure in these areas due to the high footfall.

You can sell your products or services there. In addition, your brand will be associated with positive emotions.


Holiday e-cards are a great way to send a holiday greeting to clients

Being on your clients’ good side can be accomplished by sending them e-cards. Brands are also associated with fond memories. By doing this, your clients will feel appreciated.

Customer loyalty, brand value, and trust in your company increase with these actions.


Use Groupon

There are over 20 million people on Groupon’s email list. Including your business in the “deal-of-the-day” is possible if you contact Groupon. It is possible to spread the word about your business to millions of people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

A huge discount is often offered (50% or more) to entice buyers.

They take 50% of your revenue if you use their service. This is not explicitly stated.


Customer satisfaction survey

Brand awareness and image can be improved through surveys. Audiences feel more respected towards your brand.

The reason for this is that surveying your customers shows that you value them.

At the aggregate level, you can also diagnose possible problems. Moreover, it lets you make improvements over time.


Make Cold Calls

The most traditional way to market a product is by making cold calls to customers. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of conversion to prospects continues to rely heavily on the ability to convert strangers. However, even though the success rate is low, it is still the most popular way of reaching and acquiring new customers.


Network Chamber of Commerce

As much as possible, join business associations and clubs. There are plenty of business owners and professionals to be found on chambers of commerce platforms. Through their networks you will not only be able to gain access to key industry players, but also promote your company effectively.



If you choose to pursue any marketing idea, we suggest you make sure you continue what you begin.

Listed below are a few marketing ideas that will surely get you started if you aren’t sure how to promote your business.

Last but not least, include great content in your marketing efforts. This is what your customers want.

The future of content is short, high-value, and backed with data.



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