What is behind China’s crackdown on the construction of Super Skyscrapers?

If there is one country that is much ahead of its time, then it is China. A country that got independence only a few decades ago is currently on the top while other countries struggle to stay in the race. The development progress of the country is much ahead of its time and is very commendable. China has been playing a significant role in developing new technologies.

The infrastructure development of the country has been very significant too. Huge buildings, skyscrapers, advanced tech loaded types of machinery and what nit. All other countries have been taking notes from the development progress of China. Famous for its tall buildings, ahead of its time infrastructure and modern technology and whatnot, China has always been one step ahead in this game. However, what if I tell you that China itself is putting limits on the heights of super-high buildings?

Would it be tough to believe, right? Well, it is hundred per cent true. China is limiting the height of its super-high buildings, which is a part of the country’s larger crackdown on vanity projects. The government further claims that it also aims to reduce the energy consumption level of China, which is currently very high. We will be discussing all the projects and the reasons behind them.

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China, known as the home of some of the tallest buildings globally, has now decided to crack down on constructing super skyscrapers in smaller cities across the nation. As per the new law, there is a strict restriction on the height of buildings during the construction process, solely based on the population density in that area.

It is not the first time that the country has put restrictions on the height of skyscrapers. One such example is an incident earlier this year when the Chinese authorities decided against banning what they call ugly architecture. Along with this, there exists an existing ban on buildings taller than 500 metres in the country. However, no government wishes to destroy its architecture and infrastructure, which takes time and money. Therefore, killing them without any reason is solely a mistake. Let us discuss the reasons behind the restrictions being imposed on the height of these buildings are.

The decision has not been made without any reason. The latest guidelines to restrict the height of immense skyscrapers in the country are just a tiny part of the larger crackdown on vanity projects. The Chinese government has made significant claims that this vanity project will help reduce the level of energy consumption in the country, which is very high.

As per the reports published by the very well-known BBC, many cities have argued that massive skyscrapers are merely impractical of those vanity projects in low-density cities. The matter was taken to social media, too, where the people have massively hailed this decision of the Chinese government on the social media platform prevalent in the country, Weibo.

Let us now discuss all the rules published by the Government of China recently. 121246781 gettyimages 1348843962 1

As per the new rules of the country, which are stricter than ever, all the skyscrapers taller than the height of 150 metres will be strictly limited, while those skyscrapers whose size is more significant than 250 metres and are located in cities that have a population lower than 3 million. It means those giant skyscrapers will be permanently banned in towns with low density.

In cities with a population of above 3 million, the limits of skyscrapers have been set up to 250 metres high. According to the reports provided jointly by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as well as the Ministry of Emergency Management, builders of the nation will require a special exemption to construct a skyscraper that is higher than 150 metres in a city that has an urban population of less than three million. On the other hand, they will not construct towers with a height of over and above 250 metres under any circumstance.

There is no difference with urban cities with a population above the level of 3 million. However, special permission may be granted to some exceptional cases to construct buildings above 250 metres. Still, there is a hard ban on constructing skyscrapers above 500 metres, and it is now impossible to build one that big.

Yes, there will be consequences for those who do not abide by the new rules. As per the official statement, those violating the new rules will be held for lifelong accountability.

Has China imposed similar laws in the past too?gettyimages 1233733722 cropped

In July, China imposed a strict ban on constructing skyscrapers that exceed the height limit of 500 metres. Moreover, it set a severe limitation on the buildings, which have a height of 259 metres or more. The government claimed that exceptions would be made only in some exceptional cases that too after the government team goes through a comparative assessment of the building plan of the skyscraper.

The main aim, as per the government, was to protect those buildings. Authorities said that they were only concerned about the safety of buildings and the citizens of the nation. However, in summer, the regulator made tighter rules for buildings with more than a hundred metres. All these buildings are subject to anti earthquakes and firefighting abilities, and they should make building plans accordingly. All these buildings are also required to have adequate mechanisms for escape and rescue.

What is the reason behind this sudden introduction of new rules?

Well, this comes after several high heightened buildings in the country reported accidents in recent years. They should note that in March, a massive fire broke out in a notably high tower located in the northern Chinese city of Shijiazhuang, which caused a lot of damage. Moreover, a similar incident took place in the city of Dalian, where the fire broke out in a giant skyscraper.

However, these rules are particularly relevant in China. The nation is home to some of the world’s tallest buildings, including the 128 storeys Shanghai Tower and the 599.2 metres tall Ping An International Finance Centre.

Every building of the country aims to be a landmark, and all the city planners and developers aim to achieve this goal by going extreme in novelty and strangeness. The safety of the city and its citizens is the top priority of any country, and this is the one reason that China is introducing these strict laws.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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