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Top 10 Best Cleanroom technology companies in India in 2022

Top 10 Best Cleanroom technology companies in India in 2022

With today’s advancements in technology, the concept of a cleanroom has taken on a new meaning. In the modern era, a cleanroom is defined as an environment that has been carefully controlled to contain airborne contaminants, microbes, aerosol particles, and chemicals. This technology developed when several fields, including manufacturing, medical care, and military requirements, converged.

Manufacturing high-tech products require cleanroom technology. We wouldn’t be able to make the incredible advancements in electronics and medicine we have today without cleanroom technology. Consequently, the cleanroom technology industry has a bright future.

Did you ever get nagged for not cleaning your room in elementary school? Modern-day concepts of clean rooms/cleanrooms are no longer confined to household contexts, and new technologies have revolutionized the idea of a cleanroom. A wide variety of industries uses cleanrooms, and Cleanrooms are critical for the industry – medical devices, biotech pharma, semiconductors, or food processing and packaging.


What is cleanroom technology?

Cleaning is the process of controlling the environment of a room to prevent contamination from contaminants such as dust, microbes, airborne particles, chemicals, and water. Temperature, pressure, humidity, and other environmental parameters are controlled by technology in these rooms. Therefore, cleanrooms are in high demand in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical treatments, biologics, food packaging, and semiconductors because of these reasons.



Top 10 Cleanroom manufacturing companies in India in 2022


  1. LuxMed ® Healthcare Redefined.

Cleanroom technology

If you are searching for high end stainless steel clean room equipment and furniture – we assure that you have arrived at the right place.

Within a decade the name LuxMed ® has emerged as a one stop solution provider for superior quality stainless steel fabricated industrial cleanroom equipment’s, furniture, and pressure vessel equipment’s both nationally as well as internationally.

We are a well-known name in design, manufacturing, installation, and validation of cleanroom equipment’s.


LuxMed ® Products

We create customized solutions for applications specific industries in pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Biotech & Hospitality and Microelectronics sectors.


LuxMed ® Vision

To be integrated player in Cleanroom Solutions offering world class products and services to be among the leading global suppliers of turnkey Cleanroom solutions


What makes them unique?

  • A full-service provider of repair, preventative maintenance, calibration, and safety inspections.
  • Ensure unique product supply and customer protection with registered design technology.
  • Support for manufacturing, distribution, and last-mile supply.
  • Provide continuous technical support to customers for installations, inspections, and product approvals.


As part of their contribution to Covid 19, they have also helped test and biomedical research equipment, set up rural healthcare facilities, established a biosafety cabinet, a CO2 incubator, a UV sterilization cabinet, a PCR workstation, and a laminar flow cabinet. The latter system is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory work area for safely handling materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens that require a defined biosafety level.

For details visit :


  1. AART Thinking Global

Various market segments can benefit from AART’s comprehensive construction and MEP solutions in cleanroom technology. AART is now an integrated solutions provider, and AART provides turnkey solutions to various market segments in the building and MEP sectors. Several experts make up their team. A common motivation binds them all: building an international organization. Customer satisfaction and customer success are their goals.

Their goal is to stay up-to-date with global technology trends and work globally. Their domestic and international projects benefit from an available knowledge pool, and customers tend to stick with them naturally! Their Domain Knowledge practices, reliability, creativity, integrity, trust, and confidentiality, contribute to the project’s success.


  1. ABP Engineering and Consultants

Manufacturers of cleanroom products, ABS Engineering, produces high-quality products. Additionally, the company provides cleaning, testing, and validating services for cleanroom garments and HVAC and other services. In addition to fire doors, the company also offers cleanroom garment manufacturing, testing and validation, and HVAC services. Project management is provided from conception to completion. They provide you with high-quality products for a very competitive price.

ABP Solution | Home


  1. Air Miracle

From Pharmaceutical companies to Biotech companies, Air Miracle has handled HVAC & R projects for over two decades. They comply with the regulations and requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


  1. Alfa PEB

Including Modular Cleanroom Wall, Ceiling Panels, and Clean Room Door Solutions of the highest quality and standards, Alfa PEB offers innovative state-of-the-art cleanroom products. Alfa was established in 1992 and has grown into the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings. Alfa manufactures pre-engineered steel buildings, sandwich panels made of PUF/PIR, Rockwool panels used in fireproofing, fire escape doors, and Z&C purlins, as well as insulated roofs and cladding solutions for Cold Chain solutions, Clean rooms, Cold rooms, and prefab shelters.

Its mission is to provide high-quality building envelope and insulation solutions. It enhances building performance, construction methods, and storage locations to fulfil customer needs.


  1. Beardsell Ltd

As a packaging products manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated buildings and insulation materials, a turnkey solution provider, and a supplier of HVAC and GMP/cGMP panels for a cleanroom construction company, Beardsell Ltd. Their business is diversified, and they manufacture a wide range of industrial products for different segments of the market. By producing innovative, high-quality products, they are committed to customer satisfaction. Due to their presence across India, they are well-positioned to meet all of your needs. If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact their salespeople.


  1. Bio Breeze

Bio Breeze specializes in providing high-quality cleanroom equipment to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in India. Its expertise lies in offering a wide range of cleanroom equipment and designs for customized clean rooms. They are based in a fully industrialized area in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Manufacturers and suppliers of sterile garment cabinets, storage cabinets, static pass boxes, air handling units, wet chemical benches, and PCR laminar airflow, Bio Breeze Medicare Engineering Solutions.

Their infrastructure is well organized, with all the facilities they need for hassle-free operations. Providing product selection assistance to their clients takes a great deal of experience. Furthermore, they also provide cost-effective services such as ISO Certification & Audits, Validation of Clean Rooms & Equipment, and Turnkey Projects for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.


  1. CleanCon

Providing the latest technology for cleanrooms and other industries at risk of micro-contamination, CleanCon specializes in delivering cutting edge solutions of global technology. Their products are Cleanroom shoes, shoes covers, gloves, mats, rubber mats, wipes, face masks, clothes, and antistatic products. The best use is for cleaning both in the domestic and industrial sectors. The best service is for cleaning both in the domestic and industrial sectors.


  1. Lennox

Lennox Clean Room Technologies provides customized cleanroom solutions, a provider of cleanroom systems. Clean Room Solutions, turnkey HVAC projects, and cleanroom solutions are all of its expertise. Lenox Clean Room Technologies has been a trusted name for years in the market. A partnership-based firm was formed in 2014 as a private entity. Hyderabad, Telangana, is where their organization is headquartered. Their products include Air Handling Units, Modular Operation Theaters, Clean Rooms, Pass Boxes, Laboratory Work Tables, Dispensing Booths, Laminar Air Flows and Clean Room Doors.

Their quality is widely acclaimed. Apart from this, they also offer Modular False Ceilings & Clean Room Validation. It is a company that provides customized cleanroom solutions. There are countless successful project executions that Lennox has completed across a wide range of industries, including industrial, commercial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech.


  1. Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Providing quality in Cleanrooms at a competitive price, Pharmatech Turnkey Solutions Pvt Ltd is a technology-based and knowledge-driven organization. Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions Pvt Ltd is a technology-based and information-focused company that offers the best cleanroom solutions at the lowest possible cost. They are committed to innovating the Cleanroom Industry with new technology.

Focusing on quality throughout our entire Cleanroom product line guides us to achieve excellence. Cleanroom manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pharmaceutical products to contractors around the globe with the highest quality and international standards. Various pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and food industries worldwide deliver defect-free and flawless products.

The core team consists of highly motivated and professional individuals with academic degrees, exposure to technology, and business development. Their company manufactures pharmaceutical cleanroom doors, providing services to the pharmaceutical industry from production to quality control to development.

By identifying customers’ needs and following safety controls, they aim to fulfil them. They have continuously improved products and services.


Cleanroom technology’s top 5 benefits

  • Zero Contamination

The semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries are plagued by contamination, especially airborne contamination. One human hair, for instance, can ruin a $400 CPU. Contamination can only be eliminated by controlling everything that touches the device. The cleanroom technology precisely controls airflow rates, direction, pressure, temperature, and humidity to accomplish this.


  • Customized Solutions

Cleanroom technology also has the advantage of being customized to fit different industries’ needs. Cleanrooms offer highly customized solutions for all sectors, whether they belong to the medical device sector, food processing systems, or biotech pharma.


  • Enhanced Product Portfolio and Superior Ranking

A company can ensure that its products meet the usual manufacturing standards and surpass them by switching to cleanroom technology. Ultimately, this affects a company’s standing in the global market because it enhances its product portfolio. Cleaning equipment is not only crucial to producing technically superior products; it provides companies with an economic advantage as well.


  • Compliance with Stringent Government Regulations

Globally, all governments have taken strict measures to ensure food processing and packaging units are hygienic, environmentally safe, and of the highest quality. Companies can be assured that their products conform to government regulations by using cleanroom technology. Investing in cleanrooms for your business will help it survive the competition and meet worldwide government regulations.


  • Superior Image

Superior images and cleanroom technology go hand in hand. By operating cleanrooms in an advanced manner, we can take advantage of highly profitable business opportunities, which ultimately leads to long-term loyalty among our customers. Cleanroom technology is used by all major players in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors.

Cleanroom technology offers a variety of advantages. Cleanroom technology will become more important across all industries as research and technology increase.


Challenges faced by the industry

Cleanroom manufacturing in India is also facing several challenges. Comparing the same products in the European market, our products have very competitive prices and quality. However, China is giving us intense competition, especially for standard/mass-produced products. For manufacturers like GMP, promoting better value products in the market is even more difficult because the general public is unaware of the differences between pre-engineered and standard systems.

We’re facing several challenges today, including the ongoing slowdown of the global economies and the saturation of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. As a result of the slowdown, it will be possible for Indian manufacturers of cleanroom partitions and equipment to reduce waste, reducing the costs associated with competing with Chinese and other global producers. Additionally, domestic markets have opened up new potentials for cleanroom partitions and equipment manufacturers in recent years, which is expected to continue shortly.


The govt initiatives are needed.

The pharmaceutical industry is the primary customer of cleanroom partitions and equipment, and the cleanroom industry will benefit from any incentives given to the pharmaceutical industry. Because Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are well respected around the globe as quality producers, government incentives must be increased for new HUBS and SEZs in the pharmaceutical industry.

According to GMP, the government should also develop labs and facilities devoted to material testing in the industrial clusters. It will be helpful for small manufacturers of cleanroom equipment and materials who do not have their testing facilities for testing their products and for evaluating and improving them. A second advantage is that the end-user can get the material tested before or after it’s delivered to avoid inferior products that are inexpensive.

Cleanroom partitions and equipment appear to have a bright future, incredibly shortly. Besides meeting the needs of pharmaceutical projects, Indian cleanroom partition and equipment manufacturers may be able to tap into a vast market for replacements, revamping, and modifications. But price pressure and rising competition will be a significant challenge. Insulators will become increasingly popular over the next decade, and India’s cleanroom and equipment manufacturers will find the third world an excellent market.

Manufacturers that are technically advanced and strong will have an advantage. Competitive companies have a more remarkable ability to cut costs and a strong purchasing department. It will be more critical for companies to design and manufacture tailor-made and innovative products in the coming years because the demand for these products will increase.

Overall, based on GMP’s assessment, the industry’s prospects are up-and-coming. Given this, we have set up a new unit near Mumbai to manufacture isolators, and by FY 2016-17, the capacity of its unit near Baddi will double.

Increasing competition domestically and internationally is today’s most significant challenge for the industry. One challenge is that clients lured by lower prices accept inferior quality products. There is a lack of knowledge about the materials and testing facilities, which are mainly responsible for this. To help clients make the right decisions, GMP constantly interacts and educates them. Nevertheless, it is a continual process that will take time to show results.


Indian cleanroom industry prospects

Cleanrooms for India Healthcare Markets - Clean Room Company Directory

Indian cleanrooms have very bright prospects. The manufacture of tailor-made partitions, pre-engineered panels and GRP partitions makes India a leader in cleanroom partitions. Europeans came up with all of these concepts, which Indian industry has very successfully adopted. Because of the lower price advantage, China still favours mass-produced progressive type panels.

As customers become more aware, tailor-made pre-engineered partitions aren’t challenging to get due credit for when explained well to their project. Despite this, the European suppliers still enjoy some price advantages due to the “made in Europe” tag attached to their products. Indian companies are expected to complete more and more quality projects within the next few years.


Cleanroom equipment made in India has a good reputation as far as quality and functionality are concerned in the global market for cleanroom equipment. The low prices of Chinese products, primarily due to inferior raw materials and cheaper production costs, make China the leader in standard product sizes and bulk production.


As demand for tailored products increases, quality and reliability will be significant contributors to propelling India into a new position on the world stage as a manufacturer of cleanroom equipment.



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