Women Entrepreneurs in India: 13 Amazing Business Ideas

Women Entrepreneurs in India: 13 Amazing Business Ideas

The struggle for equality for women in India is long, but many female entrepreneurs are overcoming these challenges and turning their business ideas into realities. Are you interested in starting a business in India? Below are some great options for starting a business, from online ventures to traditional companies.

Women business owners have become increasingly entrepreneurial in India over the past few years, especially among women. As a result, many women have substantial experience before starting their own business. Women are recognized as hardworking and have a history of professional success.

Women are more likely than men to participate in the labour force. Several women own their businesses in India and contribute to the national economy.


Women Entrepreneurs in India: 13 Amazing Business Ideas

10 examples of businesses that could inspire your next business idea

  1. Start a home-based business.

As a means of generating additional income, many women own their businesses. 

Working from home is also an advantage for them, as it allows them more flexibility. It is easy and relatively inexpensive to start a home-based business. 

Women can get started quickly with certain businesses that don’t require much investment. The idea of making handicrafts and marketing them, teaching kids, baking customized cakes, etc., are a few examples of good business ideas for home-based businesses.


  1. Own a cake shop

Women tend to like the idea of opening a cake shop as a business idea. Neither one individual nor a group of women entrepreneurs cannot successfully run a cake shop. 

India is home to many women who have set up successful shops of this type. 

Several factors need to be considered while setting up a cake shop, such as the type of cakes to be made, the availability of ingredients, and the labour required.


  1. Market homemade products

Nowadays, many women make money by selling homemade products they prepare at home, a viable business option for women. 

The food you can make at home, such as pickles, jams, chutneys, and dry fruits, is endless, and it is healthy and organic to consume homemade products. 

This business idea is popular with women in India who sell homemade goods locally or online.


  1. Start a boutique or an apparel shop

An apparel business or boutique can be started by women passionate about clothing. Due to the relatively low cost of running an apparel store, women entrepreneurs can open one. A business of this type does not require extensive investments, nor is there a need to possess significant funds. A woman can set up her shop at a rented location if she has a small initial investment.


  1. Catering – Start a home-based catering business

Women entrepreneurs in India should also consider the catering business an excellent business idea. 

Women with experience in food management would benefit from this business opportunity. An entrepreneur can start this business from home or establish a mobile canteen or catering service. In some cases, women may hire others to do the cooking for them if they do not want to do the cooking themselves.


  1. Be a tour guide or a travel agent

Tourism is an industry that continues to grow, and women entrepreneurs are encouraged to start tour and travel businesses. To become a travel agent, women entrepreneurs can book hotels, arrange local transportation, etc., and cater to the needs of domestic and international travellers. Tour guide businesses are also available on their own or in conjunction with travel agencies.


  1. Make jewellery

The jewellery making business is an excellent idea for female entrepreneurs since it does not require much capital and is open to all ages. Jewellery is imported a great deal from other countries in India. Nevertheless, many women entrepreneurs make jewellery at home and sell it either in local markets or on the internet.


  1. Start an online business, e.g. make money blogging, affiliate marketing

Women entrepreneurs have access to several business opportunities through the internet. Blogs and affiliate marketing allow women to earn income from their websites by writing about their personal experiences or promoting other companies products/services. 

Online income is possible without much investment and time commitment because of the increased Internet use.


  1. Sewing School

Sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc., are all activities geared toward home. 

Women entrepreneurs capable of teaching others can be successful with this business idea. Female entrepreneurs can run part-time sewing schools at their homes or in suitable premises, where classes are conducted daily for a specific period. 

Several large companies operate sewing schools for interested students.


  1. Open up your spa or beauty parlour business at home

Women can profit from a lucrative spa and beauty parlour business in India. 

Women entrepreneurs can start this business idea at home with a small investment. 

Various treatments such as facials, waxing, pedicures, etc., are performed by experienced personnel at this business. Women entrepreneurs don’t need to create products and services, but they can buy products and services from other businesses.


  1. Take up freelancing work

Many women, especially those unemployed or seeking to establish their businesses, have turned to freelance as a way of earning a living. 

Professors, writers, bloggers, and other freelance positions are available for women. Large organizations can also hire them as content writers and develop content for websites and social media accounts.


  1. Become a wedding planner

Women entrepreneurs can make money by becoming wedding planners since weddings are one of the most important events of a girl’s life. Women entrepreneurs will have to build relationships with various suppliers and vendors involved in wedding arrangements to succeed with this business idea. 

Women can also start this business online by connecting with customers over the phone or by email.


  1. Work as a Fashion Designer

Become a full-time or part-time fashion designer by realizing your passion for fashion design. 

Entrepreneurs looking for a business idea that can start without much investment and manage it according to their schedules and preferences can turn to freelance work.


Women Entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurship in rural india: some critical issues - sheatwork

Indian women entrepreneurs are experiencing a revolution in this golden age of globalization, digitalization, and start-ups. Today, women entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and all regions of the country, not just the traditionally established business families or the higher-income segments.

Women are dabbling in fields traditionally dominated by men, such as sports media, construction, security, and detective agencies.

Our society has changed dramatically for the better in the last few decades regarding the role of women. Many female executives now hold positions once viewed as masculine, and they have outpaced men in some areas. Historically, there were more gender stereotypes in society decades ago, but these are slowly changing.

A woman’s perspective can enhance the quality of a solution to a problem because she brings a different set of views to the table. A woman’s unique perspective can improve the quality of the decision by getting a fantastic collection of issues and experiences to the table.

Entrepreneurship among women has gained attention in the past decade as a potential source for economic growth. The female entrepreneur creates new jobs for herself and others while providing a unique approach to management.

The recent financial crisis that hit countries has impacted women’s minds in today’s Indian scenario, where India is turning out to be an economic powerhouse. Women have seen and understood the need to earn more in these tough economic times.

Currently, women in India face many difficulties in carrying out economic activity or entrepreneurship. Women as entrepreneurs face many socioeconomic and other issues despite social and cultural traditions.

Since the present world has drastically changed, there has been an increasing trend in women-owned businesses in recent years. Women in a large number dominate the current world of business.


Entrepreneurship among Indian women – Importance

india: major brands & supplier respond to protests by 800 women garment workers over wages, harassment & working conditions - business & human rights resource centre

Kitchen activities are part of it. Even women entrepreneur are outperforming their male counterparts in certain businesses. Not only do women excel in law, science, medicine, aeronautics, space exploration, and law enforcement and military services, but now they are proving themselves as business and industry leaders as well.

As long as they are given proper scope, they have established that they are no less efficient, hardworking, and intelligent than men.

A woman entrepreneur is typically highly motivated and self-directed and possesses a high sense of achievement and internal locus of control. The researchers point out that specific characteristics of women business owners enhance their creativity and come up with new ideas.

Entrepreneurship among women has gained attention in the past decade as a potential source for economic growth. The female entrepreneur creates new jobs for herself and others while providing a unique approach to management.


The story of Indian economic growth revolves around women entrepreneurs.

In India’s economic growth story, women entrepreneurs have a lot of potentials. It would be much faster for the economy to grow if women were employed. According to McKinsey, creating equal opportunities for women could result in an increase of $770 billion, or 18%, in the country’s GDP by 2025.

In addition to seeking employment, women can also create jobs by entrepreneurship, which is a popular place for them to take up across India. Women in small businesses are helping drive growth in this area by leveraging the internet and using digital media to reach millions of customers.

The largest women’s platform in India, SheThePeople, says that women go beyond social responsibility to contribute to the economy. More jobs are created by women-owned businesses and significant revenues and business growth. SheThePeople.TV organizes the Digital Women Awards and Summit to recognize the contributions of women in the economy through talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation.

a day in the life of a woman entrepreneur who is empowering many by making masks at home - gaonconnection | your connection with rural india

“Indian women make up half the country’s population and 10% of the world’s population,” says Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople. This talented potential workforce must be employed and meaningfully engaged as a country, and encouraging entrepreneurship among women is one integral approach.”

Chopra further adds, “COVID has pushed people to think about disruption, while women have shown agility and flexibility by changing to digital, and using it for enterprise and small business growth.” She says that with half of our population, Indian women can contribute significantly to a robust economy in the future.

SheThePeople.TV stands for leadership, excellence, and entrepreneurship, which women demonstrate. To achieve that goal, the Digital Women Awards are one of the critical steps in building a platform for the future leaders who will shape the Indian digital ecosystem.”

This groundbreaking initiative rolls out for the seventh time from November 21st to 23rd, 2021. The industry participants will hear from speakers like India’s Minister for Entrepreneurship and Skills Rajeev Chandrasekhar, former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Sapna Chadha of Google, Harsh Mariwala Marico, Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople and Rajiv Anand of Axis Bank.

During the summit, critical issues related to the challenges facing women in building businesses will be discussed and digital technology’s role in achieving a more significant contribution of women to the Indian economy. The presentation will focus on how women entrepreneurs drive innovation in a post-pandemic world.

Award categories for the 2017 competition are Leadership, Disruption, Digital Marketing, Impact, Ecommerce, Content, COVID Pivot, and Solopreneur. According to India’s National Sample Survey Office, according to India’s Sixth Economic Census of India, women own approximately 8.05 business establishments across the country.

By using the digital medium, women in India have been able to do business more efficiently. Still, they have also been able to develop innovative ideas and solutions that have changed the entrepreneurial landscape.

We believe women are bringing ideas for a new India with breakthroughs in digital and tech, transforming their own lives and the nation’s potential during the pandemic. Women entrepreneurs have even developed specialized masks to aid frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. With this new entrepreneurial energy, women can be put at the forefront of Indian society.


Women entrepreneurs are needed in India.

how women, who return to a second career, deal with technology-led disruption - the economic times

Both developed and developing countries need entrepreneurs to initiate the process of economic development, as it is the backbone of any economy.

Entrepreneurs catalyze change, and entrepreneurs also sustain the process of economic development. For the prosperity of its people and a better standard of living, every country seeks economic development.

Approximately half of the world’s population are women, so the story has economic, social, and political dimensions. Women’s contributions to economic activities are vital to a healthy nation.

Long-term relationships are a vital characteristic of women entrepreneurs. Females are better communicators, organizers and networkers than their male counterparts.

They do so because they are fiscally conservative, which reduces the risk of their organization failing. Entrepreneurship among women contributes to the development of the economy, and other women are inspired to start businesses by women entrepreneurs.

In turn, this leads to a reduction of gender disparities in the workforce since more women can find employment. Women are more likely to emulate the successes of their predecessors if they have achieved success in a field.

Researchers have observed that women are excellent entrepreneurs because they can balance work and family. No matter the size of an economy, women entrepreneurs are essential for its growth, and there is no difference between a large or a small economy.

In today’s corporate environment, it is evident that women entrepreneurs have demonstrated muscular strength. Despite balancing the responsibilities of mom and entrepreneur, a majority of businesses are owned today by women. Even though a woman can pick up a job any day, becoming an entrepreneur gives her the potential to provide a livelihood for at least ten more women!

Women with high levels of education, technical knowledge, and professional qualifications must be encouraged to manage their businesses rather than work for another company. A wide range of untapped talents among young women can be identified, cultivated, and tapped for different types of industries to boost industrial production and national productivity. Indian women are becoming educated and economically independent now despite many obstacles.


Features of women entrepreneur

  1. Sense of Responsibility: Female entrepreneurs take responsibility for their ventures’ outcomes very seriously.
  2. Entrepreneurial women possess a vivid imagination, a sense of fantasy and a great deal of creativity. They remain continuously innovative and always look for new opportunities.
  3. Women entrepreneurs are persistent in achieving their dreams. The goals they set for themselves are their goals.
  4. High level of Optimism: Women entrepreneurs tend to succeed in their ventures because they believe in their abilities and are optimistic.
  5. Attribute to work hard: Female entrepreneurs work harder than men. Creative ideas have to be treated fairly. Building up an enterprise requires hard work.
  6. Flexibility: Due to their nature, female entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage when adapting to changing market and customer demands.
  7. Organizing Capacity: Managers are usually women. That is why women entrepreneurs can bring together the right people and resources to accomplish projects and achieve goals.



top 8 small business loans for women in india

Various ways are available for women to use the above business ideas. Their passion for entrepreneurship can be realized by starting their businesses, joining existing organizations, or taking up freelancing. 

Additionally, they require less investment and are less time-consuming. To contribute to their family’s income, women entrepreneurs should strive to identify new business opportunities suitable for their time, skills, and budget.

Women in India will find many great business ideas in this article. These ideas have helped women become independent and empowered.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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