Festive Season is Equal to Gifting Season: Shop Gifts for Diwali Festival

India, a country of secularism, where varied languages, religions, customs, traditions, cuisines and more exists here. Apart from all these things, India is also known for its varied seasons that it faces all over the year. The seasons namely- summer, winter, autumn, spring, monsoon and most lovely festive season. Yeah, you read it right, India is best known for the variety of festivals it has and moreover, for that time of the year when we have most of our festivities.

The festive season in India begins with full swing in around August and lasts up to mid of November for most of the part. During this time, we have festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Ramzan, Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Karwa Chauth, DIWALI, Onam, Pongal, Durga Pooja…huhhhh… the list is long and never-ending.

All these festivals got a different meaning and values to it. And what a festival would sound like without any gift for the guests who visit us during such festivities? Well, as we are near to one of Hindus’ biggest festivals of the, i.e. Diwali, why not discuss some gifts that can be given on the occasion.

  • Handmade Love- Diwali is a festival all about lights and decors. Beginning the list with some fun DIY’s has to be mandatory for the season. Gifting some handmade chocolates, decorated diyas, candles or a self-made Diwali gifts would be a perfect present for those who are close to your heart.

  • No Hamper- Ohh.. we meant that nothing can hamper your expression of love and care and blessings to those whom you consider as your family or friends. And now that they are close, why not go for a hamper that is again curated by you as you know what they might like to get as a gift.

  • Divine Members- Nothing can beat the magic and importance of God’s idols, especially when given on occasions like Grah Pravesh, Anniversaries, Baby Showers and obviously Diwali. Make sure you choose an idol that is not just pretty in looks but the one that your friends and family would adore to have.

  • Sweetly Sweets- What are celebrations without sweets? Nothing! Turn this nothing to something sweet and healthy this Diwali. Gift your acquaintances, family, friends, colleagues and more a nicely arranged sweet box. Go for sugar-free sweets or maybe some nutty delights to make it a healthy choice.

  • Green Gems- Well, by gems we exactly do not mean Emeralds but something more precious and the need of the hour, i.e. Plants. It has been an age-old tradition that we gift flowers on special occasions but this year, you can choose to keep the flowers some rest and give indoor and outdoor plants to whoever you want to.

Now, hoping that this list might be helpful for you to choose what can be a perfect give for those whom you love.

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