Title- Past Life Regression Certificate Workshop


Karma Conceptz is organizing a past life regression workshop of two days in Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703 at her clinic. The workshop will be about the concept of past life regression, the benefits and the healing powers that get a direction through these workshop sessions. This Past Life Regression Two-day Workshop is deeply fulfilling, revealing and can literally change your life!
In a skilled and gentle manner, become aware of your thoughts and beliefs, trace their origin, and see the connection between them and your present reality.

Workshop Module:
Basic concepts in Regression Therapy – history & current relevance of therapy beyond time & space
Past Life Regression
Understanding Karmic patterns
Past Life Therapy
Major safeguards for Past Life Therapy
Reframing critical past life memories
Patterns from the Past
Addressing Present Life triggers
Utilizing the benefit of the Death experience
Higher Self Therapy.

Inclusion-Light Snacks, Tea/Coffee, Notes & Certificates.
Price- 9999/- per person
Date-23rd – 24th, March 2019)
Timings- 10-5pm
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For any queries or questions you can also directly reach us out on +91-9820942932.


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