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Background Verification for servants and maids

In the busy world where both husband and wife work for the better lifestyle and good education of their children, maids and servants handle entire house and are counted as the members of their family. With their honesty and dedication they complete the house. But it might hurt when you come to know the hidden face of your maid and servants. It might give you shock when you get to know about the dishonesty of those people who were counted as your family members. Before hiring them to take care of home, children or family you might take hours of interview about their personal and professional life but you can’t verify each and every aspect of their life, you can’t identify what they are hiding or lying to get that job.

In situation like this, you don’t need to get worried because many intelligence services do background verification check for maid and servants.

What is Background Verification check for Maids and Servants?

It is impossible to know everything about a person in a day and you should be more careful when it comes to get a maid or servants. It may also be that they have some criminal records or mentally unwell. In this case, Intelligence services helps to find each and every aspect of their past, present, social and personal life. They investigate from the root and stops at the tip of the plant. They investigate in a given time and find all the information related to his/her life.

Why is it necessary to have background check for Maid and Servants?

  • It reveals the real face of Maids and Servants.
  • They may have a dark hidden past which made them mentally unwell.
  • You should have background check to know whether he/she is a drug addicted or not.
  • It helps to find about their behavior or how they behave with children or old people.
  • It helps to find about her loyalty with previous families or office.
  • It helps to verify his/her character.
  • It helps to find whether she/he is dealing with any disease that might affect the family.
  • Working style will be verified.

What are the Consequences of not having background verification?

Consequences of negative things are always terrible. It might leave some marks on the life. Consequences of not having verification are as follows:

  • The maid could beat your little child behind your back.
  • She/he could disrespect your parents when you are not around.
  • She/he could call anyone and ask her/him to come home when you are at office.
  • She/he could put blame on you of sexual harassment and ask for money to close the case.
  • They may plan to rob you because they know every corner and security system of your house.

As the points mentioned above are not meant to be ignored. It is very important to choose a hand that can hold you and show you the right path. So, count on us because we are always there for you. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

Contact Number:
– +91-9234466631

Email ID: [email protected] 
Website: www.nidaancorporateservices.in

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