Meet the young author Jaspreet Kaur and her book “The Secret Tales”

“Don’t keep your feelings sheltered – express them. Don’t ever let life shut you up.” says Dr. Steve Maraboli.
It’s true. Most of us just keep our feelings bottled up. Be it happiness or sadness, we do not express it. Most of the problems we face in life like stress, tension is due to this. Why don’t we let out our feelings and say or what we exactly feel? We are not able to do so because we are conditioned by our society and traditions not to reveal our feelings.
Here’s Jaspreet Kaur who is a blogger turned author who reveals to us how her journey of writing about her feelings in a blog has eventually turned her to a writer. Jaspreet always wanted to be a 3d architect then graphic designer. So this sudden development in her life, becoming an author is a pleasant surprise. It all started with her blog, The Secret Tales. It was the number of followers she got on her Instagram account and the encouragement of her cousins that got started with her blog. Once she started writing, there was no stopping her.
She is happy about having a platform to express her feelings. At the same time, she sometimes feels that her feelings and emotions are so intense that “millions of words fall short to write about how I feel.” There is a purpose to her blog and her book. She wants to help as many people as she can to heal themselves in their bad times.
With just 15 months of writing behind her, it is a great feat that she has been able to get her own book published. It is her way of expressing her feelings and her stories through “The Secret Tales” that has brought her to this height. She is an inspiration to all those wannabe writers who are still scared to put themselves out there.
So let us meet Jaspreet Kaur and get to know the secret behind her success!
1. What is the name of your blog?
The Secret Tales.
2. What is the idea behind your blog name?
The idea behind my blog name is I never wanted to tell the audience about the person behind those writings so I named this as “THE SECRET TALES”.
3. Who is your target audience?
I had not decided any target audience for my blog. I write about feelings and according to me, there is not such target audience if I talk about feelings. According to me, every person in this world feels millions of emotions and I want to spread my thoughts all over the world so that people can find themselves in my thoughts.
4. Share the story behind your blog. How did it come to existence?
I still don’t know how the idea of making a blog account came into my mind, but I would like to share one small incident. After I made my Instagram blog account I had more than 1k followers in 15-20 days, so I decided to share my passion with my cousins. My granny was in the hospital and I was sitting with my cousins in the cafeteria and I showed my account to my cousins and one of my cousin brothers, he really took the initiative to read what I wrote and suddenly an emergency occurred so he was about to leave and he started his car and at that time I had just one thought: how would he have felt after reading my writings and suddenly he came back and appreciated me and said that I am doing so good. So, maybe that indirectly support made me strong enough to make this blog an existence where it is today.
5. Do you remember the first story that was written by you?
Yes! I do remember the first story I wrote. I wrote this for my sister when she got married and after she left our home I started missing her so I started writing about the bond we carry for each other but we never shared the feelings. I would like to share a few lines from that poem.
“The moments we used to fight about sharing our clothes will be missed,
That’s all right! You’ll always be with me in those clothes we wove our fights around.
That’s all right! Because this is not the end!
You’ll always be my sister first!
6. Is being a writer a gift or a curse?
I would say being a writer is both, gift and curse. It’s a gift because being a writer, you are able to express your feelings but sometimes being a writer is a curse because when you feel like your world is drifting apart from you and you start writing about your pain, you just can’t write about it while writing even you feel how intense it is. That’s my personal experience, most of the time it happened with me when I felt pain in my heart sometimes I don’t find words to tell how intense it is.
7. How long have you been writing?
I have been writing for the last 15 months.
8. How do you think your writing helps your followers?
Let’s talk about the major problem these days. The major problem these days is people keep themselves so busy in settling their life and they lose themselves and their feelings about what their heart feels for their loved ones. They have kept themselves so busy in their life so they are hiding their pain from themselves. I want to help people recover from their pain and realizing the value of emotions they’ve lost somewhere. I want to help people to heal themselves in their bad times.
9. Where do the ideas come from while writing something?
Most of the ideas come to mind from my real life. I always write what I feel and what I observe about the people around me.
10. What made you sit down and actually start something?
I always feel like writing only at two phases of my life. One is whenever I felt like I am so much happy and second one is whenever I felt like my world is drifting apart from me. So, these happiness and sadness of my life make me ready to write, whether it’s 2:00 am or 2:00 pm.
11. What does your family think of your writing?
To be honest, very few people in my family have read my writings and my first book, but my cousins and my sister have read my book and they really liked it because of the fact they had seen me in my writings.
12. Did you ever think that you’d become an author?
No! Never! The thought of being an author never came to my mind. I always had a dream of writing a book knowing the fact that I don’t have interest in writing. But I would say this is the magic of the time that made my dream come true and made me an author.
13. How has being a writer affected your family & Social life?
Being an author I have faced so many vibes around me whether it’s positive or negative through my loved ones. There was a time when most of the people demotivated me when I started writing and vice versa.
14. How has your personal experience affected your writing?
My personal experience has never affected my writing. I would say if I am able to write today, it is just because of my personal experience. What I believe is that god has gifted us the most beautiful things and that is to feel something very deeply and just because of these feelings I got from personal experience I am able to write today so many things whether it’s about happy moments or sad moments.
15. What is the most difficult thing you always find to write about?
Yeah! There are some things I always want to write about, but I never succeed, but for sure one day I will write about those too. Most of the times when I felt like I am abandoned by my loved ones or something worse happens in my life I just felt like I don’t belong to this world and this is the hardest thing to write about because while thinking about this I just feel intense pain and millions of words fall short to write about how I feel.
16. Whom do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?
My family
17. Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?
Let’s talk about the time before 5 years. I had thought of becoming a 3d architect then graphic designer. I never thought of becoming a writer, but it happened with time, so yes, I can say that now I am not going to stop my writings, but I would love to go with the flow of time where this time will take me. To be honest, I want to write the short stories of my family. I belong to a joint family so every person in my family is my idol in their own way so I want to write the stories or thoughts from which my heart got inspired and I want to inspire other people also what we look outside for seeking peace and solving our problems but if for a single minute if we sit with our loved ones and tell them about our problems than no other person in this world can help you like our loved ones whether they are your cousins, brother, sister, granny etc.
18. What are your hobbies?
I love watching storyteller videos, stand-up comedy in my free time.
19. Do you want to share any quote in which you believe?
What I believe is “A writer is a person who is trapped in a cage of someone’s feelings”
20. Any last thought for our readers?
Thanks for reading this interview and I hope you’ll check my blog on Instagram THE SECRET TALES because I know they will find themselves in my writings.
21. Can you share with us the best way to reach you?
Instagram Handle : the_secret_tales
E-mail id :

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