BSF Jawan & Social Media Help In Reuniting A Daughter With Her Mother Who Got Lost 2 Yrs Back

It is heart-wrenching to get separated from your loved one. It is worst to not able to see them for years and not know how they are or where they are. This is exactly what happened to a 71-year-old mother and her 34-year-old daughter. However, two years after their separation the two were reunited by the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel, who found the mother in Assam. The reuniting of mother-daughter was nothing short of “a scene from a Bollywood movie”.

Social media reunited them

Old mother, Jayamma a native of Karnataka’s Mandiganahalli village went missing on December 26, 2016. After almost two years, on October 18, the woman was found sitting alone near a border outpost in Sutarkandi in Karimganj, Assam. The BSF jawans saw her mumbling to herself in a different language that they could not understand. However, they understood that she was saying something in a south Indian language. “Our men had difficulty in communicating with her. Sahil Zabiulla, a constable from Karnataka, spoke to her and got some information,” said J.C. Nayak, DIG of BSF, as reported by The Hindu.
The Company Commander Chotu Lal made a short video of the woman and posted it on the social media. In just matter of time, the video went viral and a resident of Mandiganahalli, Santhosh, saw the video and identified the woman. He then reached out to woman’s daughter, Sunanda. Meanwhile, the jawan also reached out to the state local police.

She left home as she was worried

Her only daughter, Sunanda who is a transgender told The New Indian express that her mother used to worry a lot for Sunanda’s life and career. She said that she did not have a job then and was also tired of hearing criticisms from people.
“My father would always blame my mother about this. There used to argue over this. That day she said she was going to the market and after this, she never returned till we found her today,” said Sunanda, as reported by The New Indian Express.
Sunanda tried searching for her mother everywhere but all in vain. She says that they thought that she might have gone to some religious place so they started their search in Dharmasthala, Kukke, Tirupati and other similar cities but could not find her. Meanwhile, Sunanda’s father who was reeling from illness died some eight months ago. Sunanda again started her search but got only disappointment.

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Mother was robbed and beaten

On October 20, when Sunanda got the information about her mother she reached a local police station. A video call was arranged so that the mother and daughter could speak to each other.
“It was like a scene from a Bollywood movie. Both of them were crying inconsolably. We were also in tears looking at them crying,” said jawan Tahil. The BSF jawn asked Sunanda to pick her mother up from Guwahati.
Sunanda said that she doesn’t know how her mother reached Assam but she is happy that BSF jawans helped her mother. She also said that while leaving the house, her mother has some 120gm gold on her which was robbed. Reportedly, Jayamma also told her daughter that after she was robbed in Bengaluru someone made her sit on Hamsafar train, that runs between Bengaluru and Agartala. Jayamma is now under shock and is very weak state as she has not eaten properly for the last 18 months, reported by The New Indian Express.
Sunanda said that her mother begged at several places.”She has also been troubled by a few people who cut her hair and beat her up. But thankfully today I found her,” she added.  Sunanda told The Hindu that she had collected some Rs 85,000 from family and friends for the trip.
On Monday, Sunanda, travelled to Guwahati to take her mother who was accompanied by Constable Sahil Zabiullah. Sunanda then brought Jayamma back to Bengaluru on Tuesday late night. Sunanda says that she is extremely happy to meet her mother after so long. she says that she is grateful to the BSF personnel for taking care of her mother.
Source: The Logical Indian
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