Meet Cymatic, A Patna Based Edtech Startup Revolutionizing Education By Reaching Those Who Are Seeking An Affordable Education At Their Place And Make Them Stand For A Better Life In This World

Founded in January 2017, Cymatic is not just a conventional organization but a holistic concept of Disrupting and Democratizing Education with the most contemporary Social and Technological Innovations incorporating into Public Education Domain in India. Bridging Gaps of the Deficiency of Teachers on one hand and the Lack of Education Infrastructure & availability for students in Affordable prices. Cymatic intends to reach those who are seeking affordable quality education at their place and make them stand for a better life in this world.

What does Cymatic do 

Cymatic is an online tutoring company which enables students to learn LIVE with some of India’s best-curated teachers. Cymatic provides LIVE interactive learning between a teacher and a student and it offers both individual and group classes. 

Cymatic was incorporated with an objective to improve the learning of the student by offering advance technological solutions. Cymatic is committed to transform India’s GenNext into educated and competent individuals, with a strong character, thereby generating a real wealth of the nation. They have developed a high end platform over WebRTC Technology for “Interactive Virtual Classroom” and “Peer Learning using Synchronization” in India. Cymatic believes in large-scale impact and end to end solutions to improve the quality of education. For this, they actively collaborate with existing Educational institutions, Government and other Organizations/Individuals to achieve scale and synergy.

Cymatic’s mission is to help children increase their interest towards different subjects, their products have enabled thousands of students across the state to take classes from most qualified professionals around the globe with futuristic solutions. 


The First Initiative

Cymatic started shaping their idea into reality since they incorporated Cymatic EduTech Pvt Ltd in Jan 2017, they did their primary research by march and then indulged themselves with product development, .i.e. developing a platform that could help student connect with teacher in real time. By the year end, they were able to achieve the synergy to come with one beta version.

Founder-CEO Kaushik Sharaf says, “Everyone said it was madness – Startup in Bihar, Education Technology, lot said – you are going to fail and it would be big this time and will lose everything? it was 2016 post monsoon. We started one social venture named Prakash Academy to Examine the ground reality and test out our idea, and soon it gain momentum for us. Consequently, CYMATIC incorporated.”

In 2018, Cymatic tested out their product over 200 students, and found the momentum they were seeking for.

So far growth and Feedback: 

People who attempt on Cymatic’s products have returned remarkable feedbacks and tend to be satisfied by the service and quality of education provided.

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The most important factor which is influencing them is the teacher’s capability in explaining the basic to complex concepts of the subjects which is making their children grasp the clarity of concepts. 24*7 Doubt assistance program and availability of recorded lectures is also another talk among their students and parents, which is helping them to revise and clear doubts at any point of study, which has eliminated their dependency on physical availability of teachers to clear their doubts at the time of its origin.

Today, parents are feeling less concerned about the safety of their children as now their children need not go out for coaching. The only concern parents are having now is about the misuse of facility provided to their children like internet connectivity and laptop or smartphones, and to resolve it they are providing software to block several distracting sites used by children, so that education could not get hampered.

Immense Challenge:

Cymatic’s biggest challenge is the lack of information or misguided information about online classes or virtual live classes among students and their parents who are ultimately the decision makers of payment process.

In India, people do not yet believe in paying much for online courses and education and this require several behavioral changes from parent’s and student’s sides. When it comes to education, parents still believe in tried and tested brick and mortar model of teachings or home tuition. Reluctant to change, most of the parents want to follow mass trends besides adopting a new trend in the market as they feel that this would risk their child’s carrier. Even many students are not confident enough to try new things because of the highly competitive nature of the exams. Also, a significant portion of the parents believe that providing smartphones or laptops to children will lead to spending much of their time on distracting social media rather than utilizing it for the purpose of study. One of the popular misconceptions among parents about lack of personal touch in online teaching is also one of the deterrence in growth of the industry.

Another challenge on the horizon is about tailoring the teaching according to student’s needs. Increasing diversity of learning among students pose a great challenge to integrate AI and machine learning to assess the exact requirement of the students and to help the customization accordingly.

Availability of tech resources: 

Digital learning is not possible without accessible technology that is why a student must have access to a personal computer, a mobile phone, tablet and more to learn digitally. But as per Government data, only 9.5% of Indian household have the computer and 3.1% have computer along with internet. This data abysmal in Bihar and Jharkhand where they are operating currently i.e. 7.1% and 6.9% of households respectively are having computers and 0.9% and 1.5% respectively with internet connectivity.

The live virtual classroom provided by Cymatic to students has impacted the lives of students in many ways: 


  • Improved content knowledge and performance
  • Students who were shy earlier are now encouraged to ask doubts
  • A good understanding of basic concepts because of the use of various multimedia channel
  • Students feel that they cannot get the quality of teachers provided by Cymatic in their hometown.
  • Enthusiasm to learn has taken a leap forward. 


With the no need to travel to and from physical coaching classes, students are getting more time to socialize or pursue their hobbies on the other hand it can be seen in the present situation that most of the students in India does not have any hobbies or interest.


Now students do not need to spend a penny on travel to coaching centers and instead they are using this in some more productive work.

Parents Satisfaction:

Parents can now see what is being taught to their children, who are teaching them and how they are being taught. This is bringing a sense of satisfaction in children regarding academic concern. Safety concern of parents for child, while going out for tuition/coaching is also waning.

What’s Ahead For Cymatic:

Operating in an industry which is growing as fast as 60% CAGR according to the Google- KPMG report, requires delivery of value proposition which is customized for the students in order to grow rapidly.

Cymatic has launched their first ever regular e-classroom program for Class 9th and 10th of CBSE boards in July, 2019. Recruited e-Gurus(Faculty) themselves are from top- premier institutes of India like IIT,IIM, AIIMS, NIT, BIT, DU etc. so that they could make aspiring students of their streams achieve what they have already achieved. Currently Cymatic is launching several crash course program based on the difficulty level of chapters in a subject to enrol further students in last quarter of the year. In the month of January 2020, with the help of AI using adaptive learning method they are spanning to launch All India CBSE Board based mock test series for the class 10th students to prepare well for their board exams in this competitive world.

Regarding geographical expansion, they will be expanding their business in 2-3 states of north India including NCR region, which will cumulatively capture the one-quarter of the total CBSE market in the first quarter of 2020. This may surprise many players as market is open for everyone.

The Core Team Of CYMATIC has following team members.

  • Kaushik Sharaf CEO & Co-founder
  • Aakash Deep Head Operation
  • Ajay Ashok Head Strategy
  • Ranvijay Singh Head Sales
  • Mayank Jaiswal Head Product
  • Nikhil Ranjan Head marketing

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