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1 MILLION BAR CROSSED: India becomes the third country to cross the bar of ten lakh COVID-19 cases!!!

On the 17th of July, India became the world’s third country to jump on the mark of 1 million coronavirus cases. On this day the nation witnessed a singe day spike of around thirty-five thousand cases and an increase in the tally up to 10,03,832. The nation did try to flatten the curve of cases but eventually had to lift the restrictions because at the end of the day how long can a nation freeze its economic workings. But due to this ease in the restrictions, the nation reported an increase in the number of new cases on a daily basis. 

Some analysts predict that the current doubling time of twenty-one days is capable of rising the tally up to 2 million by the beginning of August month. Most of the states in India were worst hit by the virus and among them, only the national capital Delhi reported the slowed growth in new cases. More than twenty-five thousand five hundred people have died due to the virus so far in the nation. 

The coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing cycle of lockdown and relaxations have devastated lives across the nation. The nation has tried to fight against coronavirus at its level best. 

The curve flattening

India is witnessing a higher and higher single-day spike in the number of confirmed cases. On the 16th of July, the total tally of the nation increased by a record of around thirty-five thousand cases. The nation decided to lock itself up on the 25th of March and since the 1st of June, the nation has started relaxing restrictions even when the continuously increasing.


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By the 17th of July nation reported more than 25 thousand deaths and this put the mortality rate for cases with a known outcome at 3.9%. It is believed that the recovery rate is better and that is somehow balancing the death count but how much accuracy it possesses no one knows.

COVID-19 Testing

The testing capacity of India has increased rapidly since the beginning of the coronavirus. Now over three lakh samples are being tested daily. But none can unsee the increase in the amount of positivity in the samples. It has been reported that more than 10.2 % of the total samples tested resulted to be positive in the month of July. 

The statistics of testing:~

  • India tested 8.99 samples per thousand people
  • Russia tested 164.8 samples per thousand people 
  • South Africa tested 38.4 samples per thousand people
  • Pakistan and Bangladesh  are somewhere on the comparable platform equivalent to India

Hence the statistics clearly show that India needs to perform better on the grounds of testing because it is lagging. Apart from this, most of the states are not contact-tracing adequately. 

But the favorable point is that even the healthcare workers are too being tested widely. On the 25th of June, the nation has revised its testing strategy for the 6th time and additional guidelines were added for the testing groups through serological surveys. Reliability of data, affecting measures of disease spread, and its growth is impacted by the extent of testing.

The prediction of 2 million cases by the beginning of August

 On the 16th of July, around thirty-five thousand new cases were reported in India, and with this nation crossed the 1 million mark and became the third country to do so. This took place within 126 days since the confirmation of the hundredth case. The United States hit the million mark in fifty-seven days since the hundredth confirmed case Brazil took ninety-seven days for the same.     

Countries like Spain, Italy, the UK, and France which were recognized as the early epicenters of the global pandemic, efficiently flattened the growth of the new COVID-19 cases. On the other hand, countries like India, the US, and Brazil saw a huge rise in new cases. 

It somehow analyzed that in the current status of growth rate in coronavirus cases in the country, it is doubling in the span of every twenty-one days. And if this rate is keenly followed, the country will set the record of 2 million cases by the beginning of August month and that will be doubled to 4 million by the end of the same month. But the terror must not be allowed to strengthen its roots because the doubling time can be proved misleading.

Lockdown Again!

The gradual unlocking started on the 1st of June. But not every state was capable of following the same because many of them were severely hit by the virus with a huge increase in new cases ad lower rate of recovery and less availability of facilities. So those states chose to extend their period of staying shut for example 7 day lockdown in West Bengal, Bihar lockdown till 31st of July, Uttar Pradesh lockdown extension, and many more. The localized lockdown was an individual step taken by states concerning the worsening condition there. The biggest question is, will the country again witness lockdown? will everything go shut again after witnessing the rapid growth in the new cases every day?

Shreya Roy
Shreya Roy
I am currently doing my Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication. I have a deep passion for writing, specifically analytical. I believe in learning and this platform turned out to be the best for the same.
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