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A Beginner’s Guide to Play Online Solitaire Games and Win Big

Solitaire is a classic card game that we have been playing since childhood. The rules of this game are very simple and easy to understand. This game is not only used as a means of entertainment but also to exercise one’s mind.


Ever since applications such as Solitaire Gold have been engineered, playing solitaire card games has become more fun and entertaining.

Online apps, like Solitaire Bliss and Tripledot, allow you to practice unlimited solitaire games, and apps like Solitaire Gold take the fun to the next level by allowing you to participate in leagues and win money!



If you are new to this game and wondering how to play solitaire online, you will be happy to know that the rules of this game are easy to understand and follow. With a few practice games, you can get the hang of the rules, hone your skills, and win money. If you want to use your skills to indulge in productive entertainment as well, here are a few tips to help you make the right move each time.


Strategic Thinking


Winning a game of solitaire requires skills. Since it is a skill game, strategic thinking will help you get better in the game. If you play a league without a strategy, your chances of winning will be very slim. This is why you need to ensure that you have a strategy in mind before you actually start playing the game.


Having a strategy will help you assess the risk and make the right move. Like early in the game, you can afford to take risks, but when you only have a few cards left, you will try to avoid them. With the right strategy, you will be able to prioritize your moves according to the need of the game.


Aim for Bigger Stacks


Try to aim for bigger piles first as it will help you score higher and gain an advantage in the game. If freeing cards is the need of the game, try to liberate them from a greater pile of face-down cards first.


Keep an Eye on Kings


Since solitaire is a skill game, you need to follow all the rules if you aim to win the tournament or a competitive round. The rule about the open space is that it can only be filled with a king. So don’t pull out a card and make a spot empty if you don’t have a king in your hand to fill the space.


Many players make the mistake of moving their king too quickly into free space, but if you choose the right king, you will gain an advantage in the game. So try to move a king that will help you free up the longest pile of face-down cards. Try to think ahead and prioritize your cards accordingly.


Draw Cards From the Stockpile as Your First Move


This is a common tip for solitaire game play online. But many players often forget or ignore this advice. When starting a game, you must draw a card from the stockpile. This will increase your available cards, and you will be able to stack your cards efficiently.


When you choose a card from the stockpile, the chances of making a better move will be increased as well. So you will start your game on a strong note and will have a better chance of winning big.


Playing Aces and Twos


The online game can be won in two ways, by scoring high or getting a time bonus. If you want to score high in solitaire, this tip will help you accomplish that. Try playing aces and twos from the stack as soon as you get them.


These cards will work as your foundation and will help you reveal the next cards as well. This will automatically reduce the number of cards on your hand. Klondike solitaire can only be won when you move the cards in the shortest time.


Moving your aces and twos instantly will not only help you score higher but will also free up your time, helping you finish your game in the shortest time. This move will be a major plus point if you are playing competitively and will help you win money in both tournaments and head-to-head games.


Keep Checking the Stockpile


When playing on Solitaire Gold, the stockpile will contain the same cards minus the cards you have picked up from there. If you don’t get the required card the first time around, you may get it on the second or third attempt.


So whenever you are short of cards and can’t decide the next move, glancing at the stockpile may give you the card you need to get back in the game and complete it in the shortest time possible.




These are some of the most effective tips to help you master the game and win big in every tournament. Using these tips effectively will need some time and practice. You can play practice games on Solitaire Gold to hone your skills before competing in a tournament. Solitaire Gold is one of the best apps to play this classic game and indulge in productive entertainment. Download the app today, and put your solitaire skills to use!



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